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Howard of Castle Rising Collection

  • HOW
  • Arquivo
  • 1294-1922

Title Deeds: burgages, HOW 1-89; other properties, HOW 90-142
Settlements etc., HOW 143-205
Estate Papers, HOW 206-602
Legal, HOW 603-613
Manor, Borough, Parish, HOW 614-660
Church and Peculiar, HOW 661-670
Rising Hospital, HOW 671-716
Correspondence, HOW 717-808
Miscellaneous, HOW 809-841

Howard family; 1294-1922; Castle Rising, Norfolk

Windham and Batt Papers

  • MC 19
  • Arquivo
  • 1540-1954

Col. R.C. Batt was an executor and residuary legatee of F.H.L.B. Windham; the bulk of this collection consists of Windham family title deeds, and manor court books and papers of former Windham manors.

Windham family; 1440-1987; Norfolk

Norwich Family Scrapbooks

  • MC 218
  • Arquivo
  • 1890s-1985

V.E. Page; fl 1892-1964; Norwich, Norfolk

Title deeds

  • MC 220, 1075X8
  • Arquivo
  • 1697-1910

Bargain and sale and release from Stephen Gaze to Clement Worts [Surname given as either 'Worts', or 'Woots' on subsequent documents but signature on 1719 indenture gives the name as 'Woorts'] , 1697
Admission of John Catt to property in the Manor of Ingham, 1705
Lease amd release for land in Mundesley from Nathaniel Life to Clement Worts, 1707
Indenture between Clement Worts [written as 'Woots'] and Richard Primer re marriage settlement between Robert Worts and Elizabeth Sexton, 1719 [Signed 'Woorts']
Probate of the will of Thomas Claxton of Briston, 1730/1
Assignment of a mortgage from Jacob Kemp and William Catt to Sarah Appleton of estate in Ingham, 1747
Copy of Clement Worts' will, 1751
Probate of the will of William Catt of Ingham, 1751
Bargain and sale between George and Alice Curtice, Elizabeth Woodrow, and Edmund Rice, of estate in the Manor of Happisburgh, 1751
Letter of administration to the effects of James Jackson, late of Briston, 1765
Copy of the will of William Watson of Potter Heigham, 1775
Assignment of a term for an estate in Ingham, from John Crow, Sarah Sidney, and William Catt, to Messers Rust & Rust, 1780
Paper re Manor of Ludham relating to James Appleton and Thomas Savory, 1790-5
Mortgage of land in Mundesley and Paston from Robert and Elizabeth Worts to Joseph Cock and William Stone, executors of Meddow Lane, 1796
Assignment of mortgage from Joseph Sewell, under the direction of Robert Catt, to John Palmer, 1796
Copy of the will of William Creasy of Downham, 1799
Conveyance of the Rectory of St Julian, St Edward and All Saints in the City and Diocese of Norwich, 1806
Purchase agreement between Richard Knights and Philip Horey of property in Palling, 1808
Appointment and release, plus assignment of the term of two pieces of freehold land in Mundesley and Paston, Robert Worts to William Barham and William Stone to William Footer the younger, 1809
Tracing of plan of Wroxham, 1910 [fragile, unfit for production]

Clement Worts; 1697-1751; Mundesley, Norfolk

Papers of W.G. Weston

  • MC 223
  • Arquivo
  • 1937-1985

Smallburgh Rural District Council, North Norfolk District Council and other Council papers.

Loddon and Miscellaneous Surveys

  • MC 197
  • Arquivo
  • 19th century-20th century

C. J. Hornor; fl late 19th century; surveyor; Norwich, Norfolk

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