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Title deeds and executorship papers of the Terrington family's estate in Dersingham

  • MC 3603, 1077X7
  • Fonds
  • 1866-1956

Terrington family executorship papers and deeds relating to Douglas William Terrington's title to a messuage, cottages and land (1a 27p) , and four cottages, gardens and land on Manor Road (previously part of plot 88 on the Dersingham Enclosure plan) all in Dersingham, the former property was mortgaged to John Rolfe and then reconveyed back to William Smith in 1876, who subsequently mortgaged it several times before selling it to Frederick Terrington of Dersingham, butcher. After his death, his estates passed to his son, Douglas William Terrington. The latter property was conveyed by John Harpley to Robert Culyer of Swaffham, merchant's clerk in 1869. In 1947, the trustees of trusts under Culyer's will, sold the premises to Douglas W Terrington, and a memorandum of this conveyance with a marginal plan is endorsed on the 1869 conveyance from Harpley to Culyer. Douglas died in 1956 and his estates passed to his widow, Ruth May Terrington. Documents include an abstract of title of William Henry Smith to a messuage, cottage and land (1a 27p) 'for Mr F Terrington' 1879-1893, Douglas Terrington's copies of executorship accounts re his father, Frederick Terrington's estate, 1929-1931 and Inland Revenue estate duty statement 1937.

Douglas William Terrington

Files: W

  1. Wacton Wesleyan Methodist
  2. Walpole Cross Keys Primitive Methodist
  3. Walpole Highway Primitive Methodist
  4. Walpole St Peter Primitive Methodist
  5. North Walsham Society of Friends (Quakers)
  6. North Walsham Wesleyan Methodist
  7. North Walsham Wesleyan Methodist
  8. North Walsham Primitive Methodist
  9. North Walsham Evangelical (ex Independent)
  10. North Walsham Gospel Hall
  11. North Walsham Salvation Army
  12. South Walsham Primitive Methodist
  13. Great Walsingham Russian Orthodox (ex Wesleyan Methodist)
  14. Little Walsingham Wesleyan Methodist, including leaflet re history of church.
  15. Little Walsingham United Free Methodist (ex Congregational)
  16. Little Walsingham Roman Catholic
  17. East Walton Primitive Methodist
  18. Warham Primitive Methodist
  19. Watlington Wesleyan Methodist
  20. Watlington Primitive Methodist
  21. Watton Methodist
  22. Watton Assemblies of God (ex Congregational)
  23. Weasenham All Saints Primitive Methodist, including press cutting and photo of conversion of chapel buildings, 1995.
  24. Welllingham United Free Methodist
  25. Wells Society of Friends (Quakers)
  26. Wells Congregational
  27. Wells Wesleyan Methodist
  28. Wells Primitive Methodist, including press cutting re renovation costs, 1990.
  29. Wells Roman Catholic
  30. Welney (Tips End) Baptist Zion
  31. Welney Primitive Methodist
  32. Wendling Primitive Methodist. Demolished. No photographs.
  33. Wendling Primitive Methodist
  34. Wendling Primitive Methodist
  35. Wereham Wesleyan Methodist
  36. West Acre Primitive Methodist
  37. West Beckham Methodist
  38. West Dereham Primitive Methodist
  39. Westfield Primitive Methodist
  40. West Rudham Primitive Methodist. Demolished.
  41. West Lynn Wesleyan Methodist
  42. West Raynham Wesleyan Methodist
  43. West Runton Methodist
  44. West Somerton Primitive Methodist
  45. West Walton Primitive Methodist
  46. West Winch Primitive Methodist
  47. Weybourne Primitive Methodist
  48. Whinburgh Primitive Methodist
  49. Whissonsett Primitive Methodist
  50. Whittington Wesleyan Methodist (form missing)
  51. Whitwell Primitive Methodist
  52. Wickhampton Wesleyan Methodist
  53. Wicklewood (High Oak) Primitive Methodist (Morley High Oak), including copy letters from former organist reminiscing of his boyhood at the chapel.
  54. Wicklewood Primitive Methodist
  55. Wickmere Primitive Methodist
  56. Wiggenhall St German Wesleyan Methodist
  57. Wiggenhall St German Primitive Methodist
  58. Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalene Baptist (general)
  59. Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalene Primitive Methodist
  60. Wiggenhall St Mary Virgin Wesleyan Methodist
  61. Wiggenhall St Mary Virgin (St Mary's End) Primitive Methodist
  62. Wighton Primitive Methodist
  63. Wilby Primitive Methodist, including copy of old postcard showing chapel, nd
  64. Wimbotsham Primitive Methodist, including copy extract from centenary booklet, nd
  65. Wimbotsham United Free Methodist
  66. Winfarthing Wesleyan Methodist. Demolished. No photographs.
  67. Winfarthing Primitive Methodist
  68. Winterton Primitive Methodist
  69. Witton Primitive Methodist
  70. Wiveton United Free Methodist
  71. Wood Dalling Primitive Methodist
  72. Wood Dalling Wesleyan Reformed Methodist (ex Congregational)
  73. Wood Dalling Salvation Army
  74. Wood Norton Primitive Methodist
  75. Woodton Wesleyan Methodist
  76. Woodton Primitive Methodist
  77. Wootton, South Primitive Methodist
  78. Wormegay Primitive Methodist
  79. Worstead (Meeting Hill) Baptist (strict and particular)
  80. Worstead Primitive Methodist
  81. Wortwell United Reformed Church (ex Congregational)
  82. Wortwell Roman Catholic (ex Baptist)
  83. Wreningham Primitive Methodist
  84. Wymondham Society of Friends (Quakers), including detailed plan of meeting house interior and extract from 'The Quakers of Wymondham' by Judy Hawkins.
  85. Wymondham United Reformed Church (ex Congregational), including detailed notes re history of cause.
  86. Wymondham Baptist, including press cutting re building extension, 1993.
  87. Wymondham Baptist
  88. Wymondham Wesleyan Methodist
  89. Wymondham (Spooner Row) Wesleyan Methodist
  90. Wymondham Primitive Methodist
  91. Wymondham (Suton Street) Primitive Methodist
  92. Wymondham (Silfield) Primitive Methodist
  93. Wymondham Primitive Methodist. Demolished.
  94. Wymondham Methodist
  95. Wymondham Salvation Army
  96. Wymondham (Rattle Row) Salvation Army
  97. Wymondham Plymouth Brethren, including biographical notes re architect and designer of chapel, Thomas Jeckyll.
  98. Wymondham Roman Catholic
  99. Wymondham Jehovah's Witnesses

Whinburgh Primitive Methodist Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Whinburgh, Norfolk

Files: T

  1. Tasburgh Society of Friends (Quakers), including plans of meeting house
  2. Tasburgh Primitive Methodist
  3. Taverham Methodist. No photographs.
  4. Terrington St Clement Wesleyan Methodist
  5. Terrington St Clement Primitive Methodist
  6. Terrington St Clement Salvation Army
  7. Terring St John Wesleyan Methodist
  8. Themelthorpe Primitive Methodist
  9. Thetford Baptist (strict and particular), including copy of printed fund appeal leaflet, 1860, and copy assignment of church site, 1861.
  10. Thetford Baptist
  11. Thetford United Reformed Church (ex Congregational), including copy leaflet re history of church, 1980.
  12. Thetford Wesleyan Methodist
  13. Thetford Salvation Army
  14. Thetford Assemblies of God
  15. Thetford Church of the Nazarene (Croxton Road Estate)
  16. Thompson Primitive Methodist
  17. Thornage Baptist
  18. Thornham Wesleyan Methodist
  19. Thorpe Market Methodist
  20. Thorpe Marriot (Trinity) Church of England/ecumenical
  21. Thorpe St Andrew Methodist
  22. Thorpe St Andrew undenominational
  23. Thorpe St Andrew Gospel Hall
  24. Thurlton United Free Methodist (ex Wesleyan Methodist)
  25. Thurne Primitive Methodist
  26. Thursford (Green) Methodist
  27. Tilney All Saints Methodist
  28. Tilney St Lawrence Primitive Methodist
  29. Tilney St Lawrence Primitive Methodist
  30. Tittleshall Baptist (strict and particular)
  31. Tittleshall Primitive Methodist
  32. Tivetshall St Mary Society of Friends (Quakers), including copy engraving of old meeting house, nd
  33. Tivetshall St Mary Wesleyan Methodist
  34. Toft Monks Primitive Methodist
  35. Topcroft Russian Orthodox (ex Congregational)
  36. Tottenhill Primitive Methodist
  37. Trimingham Primitive Methodist, including sale particulars, nd
  38. Trowse Newton United Reformed Church (ex Congregational). Demolished. No photographs.
  39. Trunch Primitive Methodist
  40. Trunch Methodist
  41. Tuddenham, North Primitive Methodist
  42. Tunstead Wesleyan Methodist
  43. Tunstead undenominational
  44. Tuttington Wesleyan Reformed Methodist

Thetford Salvation Army Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Thetford, Norfolk


Award of Sir Henry Hobart, Attorney General, and Sir John Jacksonne, Recorder of Newcastle upon Tyne, arbitrators in dispute over tolls between King's Lynn and Newcastle.
Harrod reference: Ae 28.

Articles of agreement

Between Robert Bell, Recorder of King's Lynn, and Stephen Thyumblebye, Recorder of Boston, for settlement of dispute over tolls between King's Lynn and Boston.
Harrod reference: Ae 26.


Award of William Coke, Recorder of Cambridge, and Thomas Gawdy, Recorder of King's Lynn and others, arbitrators in dispute over tolls between King's Lynn and Cambridge.
Harrod reference: Ae 24.

Baptisms and Burials

With note at the front by Revd Robert Walker stating that several pages had been cut out because entries were becoming illegible due to poor quality parchment, and that the entries had been transcribed into the register again in a more logical order, but certifying that they were correct. Also includes a note that powder of chalk helps preserve the colour of ink on greasy parchment, and of the best ingredients for durable ink.

Business records of Mann Egerton & Co. Ltd, car dealers, coachworkers, manufacturers and electrical engineers

  • ACC 2016/61
  • Temporary
  • c 1899-1991

Includes Mann Egerton (ME) board minutes, 1905-1946, 1968-1973, AGM minutes, 1914-1970, GNC Mann & Co. minutes, 1905-07, memorandum of association and early partnership agreements, cash book and ledgers, 1905-06 and nd, trading and profit/loss accounts, 1910-1956, directors' salary registers, 1917-1938, minutes, letter book and ledgers of subsidiary companies, Botwoods, and Johnson, 1905-1913 and nd, licence registration record and refund books, 1940-1950s, aircraft delivery records, 1919, aircraft employees' weekly wages records, 1914, album of aircraft types manufactured by ME, c1919, in-house company magazines, The News Bulletin, 1930-1939, The Link, 1958-1966, 1970-1980, and the Newsman, 1987-1991, catalogues, advertising and other printed matter from ME, subsidiary companies and car manufacturers (Austin, etc.), nd, 1920-1960s, files of photographs, arranged by subject matter (cars of various types, board directors, other staff, furniture, garages and company premises, social events, etc.) and guard books of press cuttings, 1932-1973.

Box 1 - Files of breakdown truck conversions 1940s-1950s; subsidiary company's printed brochures and letter-headings.
Box 2 - Photo album of Mann Egerton designed WW1 aircraft; files of photographs of Bentley cars 1930s-1940s.
Box 3 - Early partnership deed 1902, agreements to 1920s-1966 and memorandum of association 1905; cash book 1904-1905.
Box 4 - 75th anniversary correspondence and memoranda, with company handbooks 1973.
Box 5 - File of photographs of ME built WW1 aircraft c 1919.
Box 6 - Misc. photos and catalogues of ME-built ambulances and other vehicles 1920s-1930s; files of articles re ME WW1 aircraft production.
Box 7 -File of photos and catalogues of ME-built wooden furniture for schools and institutions 1920s-1980.
Box 8 - Correspondence, memoranda and bulletins re ME company history.
Box 9 - File of press cuttings, memoranda and correspondence re 90th anniversary in 1989 and after 1980-2009.
Box 10 - ME Board minutes 1938-1940, 1968-1973 (access restricted until 1 Jan 2024.); GNC Mann & Co private ledger 1905-1907.
Box 11 - ME letter book 1903-1906; Botwoods ledger 1910-1913; survey of ME premises in Norwich, Ipswich, London and elsewhere, with plans and photographs of premises pasted in, 1948.
Box 12 - Photographs of ME directors, social events and exhibitions, 1975-1978; file of printed ME letter-heads and forms.
Box 13 - Photo albums of ME coachwork 1930s; and of the 75th anniversary 1973.
Box 14 - ME profit/loss accounts 1903 and trading accounts 1910-1956; publicity brochures, handbills and letter-heads.
Box 15 - Directors private salaries ledger 1917-1938; Board of directors' minutes 1942-1946.
Box 16 - Photos of ME sold cars (other than Rolls Royce and Bentley) c 1900-1930s; photos of early ME partners and of motor show trade stands c 1920s-1930s.
Box 17 - Austin car catalogues 1934-1955; file of photos of ME premises 1907-1930s; files of photos of Botwoods premises and products including a catalogue of non-motorised carriages nd [late 19th C].
Box 18 - Guardbook of press cuttings 1963-1973; mounted, large-format photos of a motor exhibition nd [mid-late 20th C].
Box 19 - Glass negative slides c 1910s of ME sold cars, early customers and their cars; in-house journal, 'ME News Bulletin' (unbound copies) 1930-1939.
Box 20 - Board of directors' minutes 1926-1930; licence and registration record book 1938-1940; licence refund register 1939-1961.
Box 21 - Aircraft delivery records 1919-1920; album of photos of ME aircraft types.
Box 22 - Licence and registration record books, 1950s-1950s; aircraft employees salaries accounts 1914-1927; bound copies of company in-house journals, 'ME News Bulletin' 1930-1939 and of 'The Link' 1958-1966.
Box 23 - Glass slide photos of early cars and showrooms c 1900; AGM minutes 1914-1970 with index to the minutes 1913-1919; car cost book 1922.
Box 24 - Board of directors' minutes 1905-1923.
Box 25 - Board of directors' minutes 1930-1938, 1940-1942.
Box 26 - Guardbook of press cuttings 1932-1962.
Box 27 - Large-format photos nd [mid-late 20th C]; in-house magazine, 'Newsman' 1987-1991.
Box 28 - 'The Link' in-house journal 1970-1980; miscellaneous photos.
Box 29 - File of large-format photos, subjects A-M (cars, showrooms, early employees).
Box 30 - File of large-format photos, subjects N-Z (cars, showrooms, early employees).
Box 31 - Album of photos of ME designed breakdown trucks/ambulances conversions 1940s-1950s.
Box 32 - Printed catalogues, engineering and garage services.
Box 33 - Photos of ME coachwork on Rolls Royce cars c 1907-1920.
Box 34 - Printed catalogues and dealers agreements 1920s-1940s.
Box 35 - Subsidiary companies ; Botwoods Ltd AGM minutes 1911-1972 and ledger 1916-1920; WH Johnson & Son Ltd minutes 1919-1972.
Box 36 - Photos of ME board directors and Head Office staff, captioned but undated [c 1966-1980s] and of presentations to staff, exhibitions and social events 1979-1985.

Mann Egerton & Co. Ltd; 1905-; car dealers, coachworkers, manufacturers and electrical engineers; Norwich, Norfolk

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