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Papers re Calthorpe and Erpingham

  • ACC 2021/137
  • Temporary
  • 1802-1872

Shepheard family: Calthorpe farm and glebe accounts and Erpingham survey 1802-1872
Rev Samuel Marsh Shepheard was vicar of Calthorpe only from 1848 (curate 1845) so the early accounts and bills belonged to his predecessor Rev Wm Heath Marsh, vicar there from c1801-1848.
In the 1845 Directory the glebe is 24 acres. Rev W H Marsh jnr, rector of Lammas and vicar of Calthorpe, lived in Erpingham. J Shepheard esq also had house in Erpingham
There are farm accounts for Shepheard family in the Aylsham archive and other Shepheard papers in the Norfolk Record Office (MC 561/80; MC 1136; AYL 409).

1/ Small bound volume ‘from the first of my occupation of the glebe’ 1812-1817, with summary of profit and loss 1802-1816, inc poor rate paid to Mr Soame. 1802-1817
2/ Same 1817-1820, summary of profit from farming the glebe at Calthorpe & land rented from Earl of Orford 1802-1816, 1817-1829 1802-1829
3/ Small bound vol, damp damaged, ‘General farming account at Calthorpe after rent to Lord Orford' 1835-1848
4/ Notebook with Almanack for grain threshed and disposed of. 1845-1848
5/ Same for general weekly accounts 1846-1848
6/ Bill 'to Bell' for Revd Wm Marsh grain sales 1815
7/ Lease agreement Earl of Orford to Revd W H Marsh for arable land called Ellis's 6a 2r 18p, pasture called the Hospital Meadow 2a 3r 30p for 4 years at annual rent £12 5s 1 Dec 1808
8/ Notice to quit from Orford to execs of late Revd Marsh, the farm lands in Calthorpe 15 Mar 1840
9/ Bound Survey of parish of Erpingham, alphabetical by owner, nos of fields etc. Signed Wm Drane, surveyor Norwich. [1838]
Names inc Rbt Copeman esq, Christopher Cristoph, Wm Howe Windham esq. Samuel Shepheard has total c 200 acres (plot numbers 75 house, 19,125-129, 181, 184-5, 329, 332 339,346-349 own/occupy, and 117 occupied by Crask and Skibbons .
[Drane was surveyor of Erpingham tithe award 1838. It was common for local landowners to have a copy]
10/ Dowers Short Atlas of Modern Geography pr. fly leaf: Miss Sarah Shepheard May 11 1843
11/ Game duty certificates (annual licence for gamekeeper) for Robert Shepheard for parish of Erpingham, signed by Fred Roe clerk to Tax Commissioners for Sth Erpingham 1853-1856
12/Bills: Mr R Shepheard bought of Wright 1862, Wright 1863, Bullock Bros 1863, Hawkins 1869, Wm Cartwright gunmaker 1872 1862-1872

William Heath Marsh, Revd; fl 1801-1848; rector and vicar; Calthorpe, Norfolk, and Erpingham, Norfolk

Records of Great Dunham parish council

  • ACC 2021/14
  • Temporary
  • 1953-2015

Minute books, Apr 1953-Jan 1993, Mar 1993-May 1998
Folder of loose minutes Jan 2002-May 2015
Loose minutes for annual meetings May 1997-May 2002
Receipts and payments book 1973-2017

Great Dunham Parish Council; 1894-; Great Dunham, Norfolk

Records of Helhoughton parish council

  • ACC 2021/147
  • Temporary
  • 1960-2019

Box 1
Account audit papers
Accounts 1935-82, 1998-99
Insurance papers 1980s-2000s
Local plans 1993-95

Box 2
Minute book 1895-1921, 1950-68, 1968-82
Account book/petty cash 1965-99
Receipt and payment book 1895-1901,1936-58, 1960
Parish councillors declaration 1896-1946
Letter book 1938-44
Postage & phone book 1987-2000

Box 3
Minutes and accounts 1985-90
Minutes 1990-94, 1994-2000
Restoration of village hall 2004

Box 4
Annual statements 2004-2014
Receipts and payments book 1981-2004
Bank statements 2015-19 (to be destroyed?)
Annual returns 2001-18
VAT statements 2011-2019
Accounts 2009, 2012, 2014-19

Box 5
Cemetery papers 1953-92
Correspondence 1971-91
Councillor’s acceptances precept etc. 1959-91
Coronation seat minutes 1953
Village sign 1978
Conservation grounds maintenance 1985-92
Street lighting 1961-92
Playing field 1957-92

Box 6
Right of way 1952-90
Planning 1991-92
Drainage, waste etc. 1955-91
Gravel extraction 1989-91

Box 7
NNDC planning apps 1997-2009

Box 8
NNDC planning apps 2005-2007

Box 9
North Norfolk Local Plan

Boxes 10 & 11
NNDC Local Development Framework, 2007-08

Box 12
Accounts 1993-2000
Insurance 2001-02

Box 13
Miscellaneous correspondence, papers, and publications, c. 1995-c. 2002

Boxes 14-16
NNDC Planning applications 2007-2019

Helhoughton Parish Council; 1874-; local government; Helhoughton

Records of Pudding Norton Parish Council and Testerton Parish Council

  • ACC 2021/148
  • Temporary
  • 1937-2015

Box 1:
Parish Council Meeting minutes, 17 Jan 1983-16 Oct 1991 (1 volume).
Parish Council Meeting minutes, some with related papers, 24 May 1995-26 Feb 2015 (1 folder).
General accounts, Apr 1949-Mar 1996. Includes some Lighting and Watching Accounts (1 volume, spine missing and boards loose).
Precept book counterfoils, 23 Jul 1937-1 Apr 1961 (1 gathering).
Precept book counterfoils, 4 Apr 1962-9 Jan 1973 (1 gathering).
Financial Statements, 1948-1961, with gaps (1 folder).
Lighting agreements between Eastern Electricity Board (later Eastern Electricity Supply Company) and Pudding Norton and Testerton Parish Council, 1946, 1962 and 1967 (1 folder).
Correspondence and papers, c 1964-Apr 1985. Includes some financial statements (1 folder).
Correspondence and papers, c 1973-c 1987. Includes list of children in Pudding Norton, ? 1970s (1 folder).

Box 2:
Correspondence and papers, c 1987-c 1991. Includes re Village Hall, 16 Oct 1990 (1 folder).
Planning applications, some with related correspondence. Only a few developments included and unclear whether planning permission was granted, c 1988-1991 (1 folder).
Correspondence and audit papers, 2002. Also contains some minutes and accounts. (1 folder).
Correspondence and audit papers, 2003. Also contains some minutes and accounts. (1 folder).
Correspondence and audit papers, 2015. Also contains some minutes and accounts. (1 folder).
Correspondence and information file c 1994-c 1997 (1 folder).
Miscellaneous papers, correspondence and minutes (found loose), c 1995- c 2002 (1 folder).

Pudding Norton Parish Council: 1894-; local government; Pudding Norton, Norfolk

Photographs of Freethorpe and digital copy of the memoirs of Elsie Madge Brown

  • ACC 2021/152
  • Temporary
  • c 1900-2021

The original Post Office featured in this photograph was
situated on the corner of The Common and Old Chapel Road,
The photograph was taken around the turn of the century. The man in the trilby is Charles James Brock the postmaster at the time, who was also a tailor.
The man on the left is Charles' son Alfred Robert, born 1st March 1877 and died of his wounds on the last day of WW1, 10th November 1918.
The girl on the left is lsabel (b. 7 June 1885), who took over the Post Office from her father.
ln 1942, Elsie Browne, Charles' granddaughter, took it over as part of her war work and brought it to 91 The Green. She ran it for 35 years. ln 1977, Freda Pipes, her daughter ran it for the following 20 years.
The Post Office then moved to 87 The Green where it was run by Richard Church and subsequently his daughter Joanna until 2017 when it was closed permanently.

Freethorpe School forms 4, 5, and 6, c. 1925, names on reverse.

Digital copy of Elsie Madge Brown (nee Brock)'s memoirs, written in the 1990s, copy made by NRO.

Norfolk Record Office; 1963-; archive service, Norfolk

Records of Drayton Ecclesiastical Parish

  • ACC 2021/154
  • Temporary
  • 1856-1993

Box 1
Signed copies of PCC Minutes June 1974 – March 1980
Signed copies of PCC Minutes 16 April 1980 – 25 March 1985
Signed copies PCC Minutes July 1985 – March 1993
PCC Correspondence folder 1963-1969

Box 2
Report on condition of Fabric 1966
Report under Inspection of Churches Measure 1971
Tithe Records 1856 – 1907
Copies of various magazines/Newsletters Drayton and surrounding Parishes 1964/1965 (In scrap book)
St Margaret Drayton Church Accounts 1937-1961
Visitors Book 1969 – 1987
Signed PCC Minutes 1926-1940 (front of book); October 1940- 1944 (from back of book)

Drayton Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Drayton, Norfolk

Records of Weston Longville Parish Council

  • ACC 2021/155
  • Temporary
  • 1943-1981

2 x Weston Longville Parish Council minutes books:

• March 1943-July 1957.

• February 1958-September 1981.

Weston Longville Parish Council; 1894-; Weston Longville, Norfolk

Runton Parish Council minute books

  • ACC 2021/40
  • Temporary
  • 1968-2011

Box 1
Parish council minute books:

  1. 23/01/1968-21/01/1972
  2. 21/01/1972-02/10/1975
  3. 28/10/1975-06/07/1978
    Box 2
  4. 04/08/1978-13/03/1981
  5. 13/03/1981-27/09/1983
  6. 27/09/1983-25/03/1986
  7. 25/03/1986-26/07/1988
  8. 08/08/1988-11/03/1991
  9. 26/03/1991-14/03/1994
    Box 3
  10. 22/03/1994-23/09/1997
  11. 23/09/1997-25/09/2001
    Parish meeting minute book 21/03/1972-10/04/2001

Box 4

  1. 23/10/2001-18/12/2007
  2. 22/01/2008-26/04/2011

Runton Parish Council; 1894-; Runton, Norfolk

Copies of 'Wensum Diary'

  • ACC 2021/51
  • Temporary
  • Feb 2017-Jun 2021

Wensum Diary; 1973-; parish magazine

Records of Earlham Nursery School

  • ACC 2021/71
  • Temporary
  • 1939-2016

1 Admission Register 1939-1949 School admissions and transfers 1 Volume Fragile. Water damaged
2 Admission Register 1949-1962 School admissions and transfers 1 Volume Cover fragile and water damaged
3 Admission Register 1962-1977 School admissions and transfers 1 Volume Cover fragile. Page missing
4 Admission Register 1972-1986 School admissions and transfers 1 Volume
5 Admission Register 1986-1997 School admissions and transfers 1 Volume
6 School Log Book 1939-1990 Headteachers daily log 1 Volume Fragile Cover
7 Headteachers Diary 1991-1992 Academic and Appointment Diary 1 Volume
8 Headteachers Diary 1993-1994 Academic and Appointment Diary 1 Volume
9 Archive Documentation File 1996-2016 Curriculum, Planning, Assessment documents; Self-evaluation and School Improvement documents; Peer observations; Projects with other bodies 1 File
10 The Dispositional Curriculum at Earlham Early Years Centre 2013 The History of the development of the curriculum 1 A4 self-bound Booklet
11 Earlham Early Years Centre Garden Handbook 2004 How to maintain the Nursery Garden.
Copyright Wendy Titman Associates 1 A4 self-bound
12 BPRS Report
Are there differences between how boys and girls and girls respond to the curriculum at Earlham Nursery School?

2001    Best Practice Research Scholarship

Report 1 A4 self-bound
13 How can we sustain and support learning in the Nursery Garden? 2004 Report from a Leadership Research Bursary, Pen Green Leadership Centre, Corby 1 A4 self-bound
14 The Magic Mountain and Beyond: Our journey to maintaining and managing the pedagogic garden 2004 Report from a Leadership Research Bursary, Pen Green Leadership Centre, Corby 1 A4 self-bound
15 Notes and evidence for research by Felicity Thomas on Staff Supervision 2003 Report towards an in Early Years Master’s Degree in Leadership
1 A4 self-bound
16 Forest School Activities 2015 Information and photographs for parents on Forest School at Earlham Early Years Centre 1 A4 Portfolio
17 A Cultural Perspective of the Garden at Earlham 2010 Laminated photobook of the reflections of Patience Unazi (EYP student) on what the garden means for her as a Nigerian.
Copyright: Patience Unazi 1 A4
18 Effective Early Learning Research Project. Evaluation and Final Reports for Earlham Nursery
School 1997/1998
2000 Self-evaluation reports on Earlham Nursery School including data analysis and photos 3 x A4
Bound booklets in a plastic envelope
19 Early Ears Impact Report 2016 Report on a joint project with Future projects and University College, Suffolk on children’s musical development 1 A4 self-bound
20 Look what we’ve been doing in Gardening Club 2012 Photographs and information from a display on the Gardening Club for parents and children 1 A4 Portfolio
21 Encouraging children’s disposition to be Curious 2003 Photographs and information from a display on the learning disposition to be curious 1 A4 Portfolio
22 Photo’s over the years 1947-2016 Photographs and copies of photographs of staff and students over the years 1 A4 Portfolio

The development of the garden   2000-2012   Photographs of garden development, celebrations in the garden,

Felicity Thomas (headteacher) retirement, Official opening of the Children’s Centre by Charles Clarke MP 1 A4 Portfolio
24 Model Making Jelly People 2003 Photographs of project with the Art School, parents and children making the Jelly People sculptures from a display. 1 A4 Portfolio
25 Music at the Nursery c. 2000? Photographs of music and musicians at the Nursery. Laminated photographs from a display 1 A4 Portfolio
26 The Play Nurse visits the Nursery 2007 Photographs of a visit from the Hospital Play Specialist. Laminated photographs from a display 1 A4 Portfolio
27 Baking in the classroom 2006 Photographs of cooking in the classroom. Laminated photographs from a display 1 A4 Portfolio
28 The Mayor presents a “Norwich in Bloom” prize 2009 Photographs of Norwich in Bloom presentation by the Mayor 1 A4 Portfolio
29 Earlham Early Years Centre- photographs of the garden 2000-2010 Photographs from Displays about the Garden 1 A4 Portfolio
30 Building the Camera Obscura with Viv Allen 2009 Photographs from the display on the building of the Camera Obscura with Artist and designer Viv Allen 1 A4 Portfolio
31 Sammy bought her horse Blaze to visit the nursery 2012 Photo book of a horse and cart visit to the nursery 1 Laminated self-made photo book
32 Rhyme Book 2000? Self-made Rhyme book to share with children and parents 1 Laminated self-made photo book
33 Blue class visit the farm 1998 Self-made book recording a visit to the farm 1 Laminated self-made photo book
34 Our Washing Story 2003 Children read Mrs Wishy washy and Mrs Mopple’s washing line and drew and illustrated their own story with photographs 1 Laminated self-made photo book
35 Photographs used in Wall displays showing events and celebrations at Earlham Nursery School 1996-2010 Photographs and negatives of events, activities and celebrations including Mayday celebrations, Charles Clarke MP opening the Children’s Centre (EEYC), planting the new garden, Nursery activities and negatives used in Marian Whiteheads book on early literacy 1 plastic envelope
36 Squirrel Room Home visit book 2003/4 Book to share with parents at home visits showing events and activities undertaken in the room. 1 Photo album
37 Yellow Room Home visit book 1996? Book to share with parents at home visits showing events and activities undertaken in the room. 1 Photo album
38 Earlham Nursery School Garden 1998? Photographs of activities and events in the garden 1 Photo album
39 Earlham Nursery
School Garden through the seasons 1996/7 Photographs of the Nursery School through the seasons showing how the weather and vegetation changes 1 Photo album
40 In Harmony Autumn 2009. Music at the Nursery 2009 Laminated photographs and text from a display
About the In Harmony music project with Sistema 1 Photo book
41 What will you choose? 2003 Photo album to show children what is available
to play with in the new garden. Used to introduce children to the new outdoor space 1 Photo
42 2003 Earlham Early Years Centre working notes on Centre development from Nursery School to Children’s Centre
2003 Journal – hardbacked book 1 Book
43 Research Journal for Leadership Research Bursary on developing the outdoor learning environment 2003/4
2003-2004 Journal – hardbacked book 1 Book
44 Journal for developing the outdoor learning environment: Outdoor Environment 1. 2002-2003
2002-2003 Journal – hardbacked book 1 Book
45 Journal for the outdoor learning environment: Outdoor Environment 2. 2003-2004 2003-2004 Journal – hardbacked book 1 Book
46 Journal on the development of a curriculum based on Learning Dispositions
2003-2011 Journal – hardbacked book 1 Book
47 Research Journal for the ELM Music project. 2002-2003
2002-2003 Journal – hardbacked book 1 Book
48 Institution Focussed Study Research Diary on Practitioners response to a curriculum based on Learning Dispositions as part of a Doctorate in Education for the Institute of Education. 2012
2012 Journal – hardbacked book 1 Book

Earlham Nursery School; fl 1939-; early years education; Norwich

Records of closed WI branches

  • ACC 2021/77
  • Temporary
  • 1926-2013

Box 1
Deopham: programmes 1969-2000, minutes 1964-2007
Great Ellingham & Rocklands: 1947-1992 , financial statements 2000-2005
Hempton: financial statements 1998-2008
Thorpe Village afternoon: accounts1965-94, minutes 1996-2011, financial statements 1993-2011

Box 2
Deopham: financial statements/reports 1971-2007
Upper Sheringham: minutes 1958-89, papers 1989-2004
Banham: minutes 1951-2010

Box 3
Honingham minutes 1926-1987

Box 4
Honingham: minutes 1987-2000, financial statements 2000
Watton afternoon: financial statements 2001-2006, scrapbooks 1978, 1988, accounts 2001-2006, minutes 2001-2006
St Faith’s: minutes 1997-2006, financial statements 2006
Attlebridge afternoon: financial statements/minutes 2012-2013
Joseph House: minutes 2011, financial statement 2011

Box 5
Wimbotsham: minutes 1999-2011, financial statements 2003-06
New Buckenham: minutes 1996-2010, certificates 2004-2008, financial statements 2000-2009

Norfolk Federation of Women's Institutes; 1919-; Norfolk

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