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Norfolk Conveyancing
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Includes deeds for land at Salter's Lode, marriage settlement of Revd. John Howard and Ann Etheridge 1814, map of Charles Browne's estate at Ashwellthorpe and Fundenhall, 1831.

Letters to Philip Case from Sir Charles Peyton at London, Twickenham, etc., about his Grimston estate, his urgent need for money in advance of his rents, the conveyance of Smith's farm in Grimston to Case, 1753, and further angry appeals for money.


(5) Sir Charles Peyton, Maeslough, to John Peyton: will do all he can to help him but does not know how his wife's friends will oblige him now she is dead; asks what he wants to do - as a young man himself, will not presume to advise him. 26 Sep 1749
(6-7) Charles Peyton, Southampton Street, Covent Garden, to [Philip Case]: encloses cousin John Peyton's receipt for interest on his legacy from Sir Yelverton Peyton; will not press him for an account of his affairs yet. 13 Nov 1750
(8) Sir Charles Peyton, Twickenham, to Philip Case: gave his bond for £100 to a man who has since died and whose executors demand immediate payment; asks Case to assist him and to stop it out of the first moneys he receives from Peyton's estate. 13 Nov 1751
(20) Sir Charles Peyton to [Philip Case]: urgent need for money as he is to stay with Sir Thomas Dashwood in Bath and he does not want him to think he is short of money, and Sir Thomas wants his sisters to go to Yorkshire before the marriage takes place. Endorsed 'about Miss Hare'. [Feb 1754]
(22) William Clarke, St Paul's Church Yard, London, to Philip Case: his client Mr John Davies of Oxford Road, Westminster, distiller, is owed £500 by Sir Charles Peyton, secured by a mortgage dated 1750 on Peyton's estates in Grimston, Gayton and Congham in the occupation of John Smith; asks how to contact Peyton. 22 Apr 1755
(25) Philip Case, Lynn, to William Clarke: he purchased Peyton's estates several years ago, and they were mortgaged to him some years before Clarke's client's mortgage. [copy] 25 Apr 1755
(34) Philip Case, Lynn, to Sir Charles Peyton: as Peyton's estates are in Chancery he cannot make any payments without permission of the court; he bought John Smith's farm after being offered it by Peyton on several occasions; he never charged interest on the sums advanced while employed by Peyton; refers to the latter's letters wherein he 'amused me with a particular Transaction about a Lady merely to get Money from me'. [copy] see BL/CS 1/12/20. 10 Oct 1756
(36) Sir Charles Peyton to Philip Case: thanks for gift of £100. 25 Dec 1756

Philip Case; 1712-1792; alderman, attorney, controller of customs; King's Lynn and Great Fransham, Norfolk

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