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Additional parish records of Ormesby St Margaret

  • ACC 2013/158
  • Temporary
  • 1982-2013

Includes: Parochial Church Council minutes, 2003-2008, benefice churchwardens joint meeting minutes, 2006-2013, terrier and inventory, 1985, correspondence re church extension, 1984-1988, correspondence re Ormesby St Michael's refurbishment, 1983, special marriage licence, 1989, faculty correspondence re removal of Lady chapel pews, 2011, receipts for engraving of church silver and restoration of oak chair, 1989-1990, and church hall insurance papers, 1982.

Ormesby St Margaret with Scratby Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Ormesby St Margaret with Scratby, Norfolk

Ecclesiastical Parish of Gillingham addl records

  • ACC 2013/281
  • File
  • 1911-2010

Parish accounts book, 1982-1997, 1 volume;
Correspondence re repairs and grants, 1976-2005, 1 envelope;
Balance sheets, 1974-1995, 1 folder;
Gillingham Townlands Charity, financial records, circa 1990-2010, 1 folder;
Gillingham Charities, correspondence & accounts, circa 1971-2005, 1 folder;
Gillingham Eden Charity, correspondence & accounts, 1911-2010, 1 folder.

Gillingham Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Gillingham, Norfolk

Great Massingham Ecclesiastical Parish addl records

  • ACC 2013/56
  • File
  • 1836-1995

Medical certificate of still-birth for burial of a still-born child; 1911.
Benefice papers, includes notes for confirmation candidates; 1939-1952.
Benefice papers, includes mortgage deeds, terrier, certificate of redemption of tithe rentcharge, correspondence regarding bequest to Great Massingham church; 1872-1934.
Title deeds relating to purchase of land for the purpose of a school, 1836-1872.
Correspondence and maps relating to sale of glebe land to Air Ministry; 1938-1957.
Altered tithe apportionment, 1920.
Papers relating to Charles Dewar Memorial Fund, 1930s.
Papers relating to various matters including request for copy of baptism entry, summons to manorial courts, licence to keep carbide of calcium, poster advertising the consecration of addition to church yard and draft accounts of Sir Robert Lygon's charity; 1847-1922.
Insurance policies, bank book for Jubilee account; 1910-1946.
Papers relating to church restoration; 1862-1864.
Faculties; 1862-1955.
Printed register of marriages which took place in Great Massingham from 1564 to 1837; nd [mid-19th century].
Terriers, 1919-1947.
Special service forms, includes army prayer books, service books, typescript prayers, order of service for Armistice Day and other notable events, handwritten prayers; 20th century.
Papers relating to various matters including notes of marriage banns, invoices, damage to church during Second World War, disposal certificates, Charity Commission and Board of Education schemes for various charities (Dr Berridge, Charles Calthorpe, Stephen Peirse, Sir Robert Sygon) and correspondence with War Graves Commission; 1886-1995.
Papers relating to Dixon's Charity; 1908-1965.
Inventory of Great Massingham church records prepared by the Bishop's Books and Documents Committee; 1958.
Notice to intending emigrants, published by The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; nd [late 19th century].
Notice regarding The Lambeth Conference and Gambling; nd [late 19th century].

Great Massingham Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Great Massingham, Norfolk

Ecclesiastical Parish of Gillingham addl records

  • ACC 2013/89
  • File

Parochial Church Council minutes, 1952-2011
Visitors' book, 1957-69
Church accounts, 1963-1969, 1970-1978
Images of church, photographic print, copies of paintings, drawings and engravings, 19th century-20th century
Quinquennial report (2 copies), 1962
Correspondence regarding renting of glebe land, includes sketch map of land, 1964-1965
Faculties, 1947, 1955, 1957, 1961, 1974
Licence to use Village Hall for services whilst church was unfit for use, 1959
Sequestration paper, 1964
Transfer of advowson papers, 1959
Statement of account for benefice income, 1939
Statement of accounts of charity called the Ecclesiastical Charity (Share of Gillingham Town Lands Charity), 1921
Papers relating to Dunbar-Buller Charity, 1958-2007
Correspondence relating to war graves in churchyard, including exhumation and removal of two German war graves, 1960-1976
Notice of listing of St Mary's Church and ruins of All Saints Church as buildings of special architectural or historic interest, 1958-1960
Order in Council relating to exchange of patronage, 1974-1981
Gillingham Town Lands Charities records, including minutes, 1885-1987, 1987-2007; disbursements, 1884-1991; and various administrative papers including Charity Commission scheme of 1896 and title deeds of 1816, 19th century-20th century

Gillingham Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Gillingham, Norfolk

Records of Martham Charities and a farm in Martham

  • ACC 2021/105
  • Temporary
  • 1850-1960

Amis' Charity minutes and accounts 1883-97
Loyal Rising Lodge minutes 1896-1901 plus lease for land in Martham 1863, 1902-1906.

Various papers including correspondence relating to the Manor of Martham, scheme for the Martham Educational Charity 1897, agreements 1938, charity accounts 1901, lists of rcipients of free boots 1960, applications for free boots, applications to the Manchester unity of Oddfellows 1912-13, receipts and bills for G. Knights, Martham 1920s-50s


Mills and Reeve's Client's Papers

  • ACC 2021/121
  • Temporary
  • 17th century-19th century

Mainly title deeds.

Mills and Reeve; 1880-1987; solicitors; Norwich, Norfolk

Records of Mitford and Launditch Rural District Council

  • ACC 2021/13
  • Temporary
  • 20th century

Calendar of meetings, 1967-71
MOH annual reports 1963-72
Abstract of accounts 1965-71
Financial summary 1971-73
Budget 1970-74
Draft standing orders 1968
Report of committee on standing orders etc, 1969
Planning policy papers 1972
Policy-Past, Present, and Future, 1970
Standing orders and financial regulations 1969
Agenda and minutes of the Sites Selection sub-committee 1972
Housing waiting lists, 1969-71
Chairman’s reports on Old Person Accommodation, building plots, swimming pool etc, 1970-72
Report on Tittleshall Sewerage Scheme, 1972, refuse disposal 1972, transport availability, 1972, refuse collection, 1971, works department
Reorganization papers c 1973
Fair Rents papers, 1972

Plus Receipts and payments book for Weasenham PC 1917-1952

Mitford and Launditch Rural District Council; 1894-1974

Papers re Calthorpe and Erpingham

  • ACC 2021/137
  • Temporary
  • 1802-1872

Shepheard family: Calthorpe farm and glebe accounts and Erpingham survey 1802-1872
Rev Samuel Marsh Shepheard was vicar of Calthorpe only from 1848 (curate 1845) so the early accounts and bills belonged to his predecessor Rev Wm Heath Marsh, vicar there from c1801-1848.
In the 1845 Directory the glebe is 24 acres. Rev W H Marsh jnr, rector of Lammas and vicar of Calthorpe, lived in Erpingham. J Shepheard esq also had house in Erpingham
There are farm accounts for Shepheard family in the Aylsham archive and other Shepheard papers in the Norfolk Record Office (MC 561/80; MC 1136; AYL 409).

1/ Small bound volume ‘from the first of my occupation of the glebe’ 1812-1817, with summary of profit and loss 1802-1816, inc poor rate paid to Mr Soame. 1802-1817
2/ Same 1817-1820, summary of profit from farming the glebe at Calthorpe & land rented from Earl of Orford 1802-1816, 1817-1829 1802-1829
3/ Small bound vol, damp damaged, ‘General farming account at Calthorpe after rent to Lord Orford' 1835-1848
4/ Notebook with Almanack for grain threshed and disposed of. 1845-1848
5/ Same for general weekly accounts 1846-1848
6/ Bill 'to Bell' for Revd Wm Marsh grain sales 1815
7/ Lease agreement Earl of Orford to Revd W H Marsh for arable land called Ellis's 6a 2r 18p, pasture called the Hospital Meadow 2a 3r 30p for 4 years at annual rent £12 5s 1 Dec 1808
8/ Notice to quit from Orford to execs of late Revd Marsh, the farm lands in Calthorpe 15 Mar 1840
9/ Bound Survey of parish of Erpingham, alphabetical by owner, nos of fields etc. Signed Wm Drane, surveyor Norwich. [1838]
Names inc Rbt Copeman esq, Christopher Cristoph, Wm Howe Windham esq. Samuel Shepheard has total c 200 acres (plot numbers 75 house, 19,125-129, 181, 184-5, 329, 332 339,346-349 own/occupy, and 117 occupied by Crask and Skibbons .
[Drane was surveyor of Erpingham tithe award 1838. It was common for local landowners to have a copy]
10/ Dowers Short Atlas of Modern Geography pr. fly leaf: Miss Sarah Shepheard May 11 1843
11/ Game duty certificates (annual licence for gamekeeper) for Robert Shepheard for parish of Erpingham, signed by Fred Roe clerk to Tax Commissioners for Sth Erpingham 1853-1856
12/Bills: Mr R Shepheard bought of Wright 1862, Wright 1863, Bullock Bros 1863, Hawkins 1869, Wm Cartwright gunmaker 1872 1862-1872

William Heath Marsh, Revd; fl 1801-1848; rector and vicar; Calthorpe, Norfolk, and Erpingham, Norfolk

Valuation books

  • ACC 2021/138
  • Temporary
  • 1860-1980s

Cruso & Wilkin; 1756- ; estate agent; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Records of Great Dunham parish council

  • ACC 2021/14
  • Temporary
  • 1953-2015

Minute books, Apr 1953-Jan 1993, Mar 1993-May 1998
Folder of loose minutes Jan 2002-May 2015
Loose minutes for annual meetings May 1997-May 2002
Receipts and payments book 1973-2017

Great Dunham Parish Council; 1894-; Great Dunham, Norfolk

Registry record books

  • ACC 2021/140
  • Temporary
  • 1924-2021

Leatherbound registry record book with paper index, 1924-2021
Leatherbound record book of consecrations, 1943-2021

Norwich Diocesan Registry; fl 1598- ; ecclesiastical office; Norfolk

Records of Helhoughton parish council

  • ACC 2021/147
  • Temporary
  • 1960-2019

Box 1
Account audit papers
Accounts 1935-82, 1998-99
Insurance papers 1980s-2000s
Local plans 1993-95

Box 2
Minute book 1895-1921, 1950-68, 1968-82
Account book/petty cash 1965-99
Receipt and payment book 1895-1901,1936-58, 1960
Parish councillors declaration 1896-1946
Letter book 1938-44
Postage & phone book 1987-2000

Box 3
Minutes and accounts 1985-90
Minutes 1990-94, 1994-2000
Restoration of village hall 2004

Box 4
Annual statements 2004-2014
Receipts and payments book 1981-2004
Bank statements 2015-19 (to be destroyed?)
Annual returns 2001-18
VAT statements 2011-2019
Accounts 2009, 2012, 2014-19

Box 5
Cemetery papers 1953-92
Correspondence 1971-91
Councillor’s acceptances precept etc. 1959-91
Coronation seat minutes 1953
Village sign 1978
Conservation grounds maintenance 1985-92
Street lighting 1961-92
Playing field 1957-92

Box 6
Right of way 1952-90
Planning 1991-92
Drainage, waste etc. 1955-91
Gravel extraction 1989-91

Box 7
NNDC planning apps 1997-2009

Box 8
NNDC planning apps 2005-2007

Box 9
North Norfolk Local Plan

Boxes 10 & 11
NNDC Local Development Framework, 2007-08

Box 12
Accounts 1993-2000
Insurance 2001-02

Box 13
Miscellaneous correspondence, papers, and publications, c. 1995-c. 2002

Boxes 14-16
NNDC Planning applications 2007-2019

Helhoughton Parish Council; 1874-; local government; Helhoughton

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