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Norwich City Council Engineer's Department
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Hall Road

Summary of Work: Fish Shop.
Owner/Applicant: Mr Marshall.
Architect/Developer: J.W. Cousins.
Unclear if application approved or application refused.
Includes Approval of Plans but looks to be dissapproved after this date.

King Street

Summary of Work: Yardman's Cottage.
Owner/Applicant: Lacey and Lincoln.
Architect/Developer: Edward Boardman and Son.
Application approved.

Thorpe Road

Summary of Work: House.
Owner/Applicant: Mrs C. Stanley Webb.
Architect/Developer: Buckingham and Berry (Architect and Surveyors).
Application approved.
Plan only, no other information.

Bloomsbury Place

Summary of Work: Garages.
Owner/Applicant: Mr Eric G. Search.
Architect/Developer: Not Given.
Application approved.
Disapproved then changes made so it was approved.

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