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Diocese of Norwich; 1095-
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Diocese of Norwich: Records of the Estates of the Bishop of Norwich

  • DN/EST
  • Fonds
  • nd [? 1186]-1959

DN/EST 1-14: Records of St Benet's Abbey

DN/EST 1-6: Records of St Benet's among the Diocesan Archives

DN/EST 1. Bailiff's Account Rolls

DN/EST 2. Manor Court Rolls

DN/EST 3. Obedientiary Rolls

DN/EST 4. Rentals, Surveys, Extents

DN/EST 5. Miscellaneous

DN/EST 6. Papal Bulls

DN/EST 7-13: Records restored to the Diocesan Archives in 1962

DN/EST 7. Title Deeds

DN/EST 8. Manor Court Rolls, Thurne and Ashby

DN/EST 9. Bailiff's Accounts, Flegg

DN/EST 10. Bailiff's Accounts, North Walsham

DN/EST 11. Bailiff's Accounts, Heigham, Potter Heigham, Scottow and Shotesham

DN/EST 12. Obedientiary Rolls

DN/EST 13. Miscellaneous

DN/EST 14: Records restored to the Diocesan Archives in 1981

DN/EST 15: Records relating to the Bishop's estates before the exchange with St Benet's

DN/EST 16-99: Records relating to the Bishop's estates after the exchange with St Benet's

DN/EST 100: St Benet's Obedientiary Rolls restored to the Diocesan Archives in 1999

Records of the estates of St Benet's passed into the diocesan archives and are listed here as DN/EST 1-6.

Few estate records of the bishop of Norwich before the exchange survive: these are listed here as DN/EST 15.

Records of the bishop's estates after 1535 are listed here as DN/EST 16 onwards: little in fact survives earlier than 1641.

In the Middle Ages, the bishop of Norwich held estates in about 50 parishes in Norfolk, 30 parishes in Suffolk and a small number elsewhere. These are listed in Blomefield's 'History of Norfolk', vol. 4, pp 530-539. In 1535, almost all of these estates were granted to the king and the bishop received in exchange the estates of St Benet's abbey, mainly in the north and east of Norfolk (listed in Blomefield's 'History of Norfolk', vol. 4, pp 539-542).

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Consolidations and Unions of Benefices

  • DN/CNS
  • Fonds
  • nd [c 1736]-1960

Papers relating to the proposed union and disunion of benefices, mostly under the Acts of 3 & 4 Vict. (1840), c.113, and 9 & 10 Geo. 5 (1919), c.98, and the Union of Benefices Measure 1923 to 1936. These often contain a valuation of the benefice and may relate to the exchange or transfer of advowsons, or the sale of the parsonage house.

Papers relating to the creation of new parishes or 'conventional districts' and the alteration of parish boundaries are also included in this class. The reorganisation of parishes by amalgamation or by sub-division, with which the Ecclesiastical Commissioners were concerned, can be traced in special Acts or Orders in Council printed in the London Gazette.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Consecration Books

  • DN/CSR
  • Fonds
  • 1793-1964

Books in which were enrolled the proceedings on the consecration of new churches, churchyards etc.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Subscription Books

  • DN/SUB
  • Fonds
  • 1637-1969

The subscription books are numbered as far as possible in accordance with the numbering used in E.H. Carter, 'The Norwich Subscription Books'. Usually the subscriptions are intermingled but where they can be distinguished a note has been made.
From 1558 all clerks were required to swear an oath of allegiance to the crown and in 1571 (formalised in 1604) all clerks before their ordination or institution to a new benefice were to declare their assent to the three Articles of Religion: recognition of royal supremacy; use of the Book of Common Prayer and adhesion to the 39 Articles of 1562. To these requirements was added an oath against simony and other oaths before institution. Schoolmasters, physicians, surgeons, and midwives were required to subscribe to the 39 Articles and royal supremacy before being granted a licence.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Seal Matrices

  • DN/ADR 2
  • Fonds
  • 1805-1971

Seal and counter seal matrices of bishop's and chancellor's of the diocese of Norwich and seal proof impressions and impressions.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Consecration Papers

  • DN/CSP
  • Fonds
  • 1784-1972

Title deeds, plans, petitions, sentences, commissions, bills and other papers associated with the consecration of new churches, chapels, burial grounds and the granting of licences for the performance of services. Some of the deeds are listed amongst the series of Diocesan Deeds but described as being 'with consecration papers'; such deeds were on the whole unnumbered but have been given sub-numbers from the diocesan deeds list, see DN/ADR 26.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Resignations

  • DN/RES
  • Fonds
  • 1645-1976

Resignation bonds; certificates of the swearing by clerks on presentation to a benefice of an oath that the patron presenting was the true patron and was not acting for a papist; and papers relating to the Clerical Disabilities Act 1871 and the Incumbent's Resignation Acts 1871 and 1887.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Visitations: Processes etc.

  • DN/VIS
  • Fonds
  • 1555-1980

Up to 1686 the documents listed under this head consist of Consignation books and Visitation books which are not included in the series of those books listed separately (see DN/VSC and DN/VSB).

From 1686 there are, for most Visitation years, Visitation Processes which include Mandates to hold Visitations, Citations to appear etc., and, for some years, Presentments and proceedings thereon and Comperta books recording the further stages of proceedings for the correction of faults discovered or presented during a Visitation.

From 1777 the Visitation Papers consist mainly of printed Questions addressed to the incumbents of each parish. From 1813 these were accompanied by another series of printed questionaires or Articles of Enquiry addressed to the churchwardens, which were returned to the rural deans for those years when an episcopal visitation did not take place. These Questions and Articles were filed by deanery and have been listed alphabetically by Visitation Centre or Court. In 1837 the archdeaconry of Sudbury with the exception of the deaneries of Stow and Hartismere were transferred to the diocese of Ely.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

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