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Diocese of Norwich: Resignations

  • DN/RES
  • Archief
  • 1645-1976

Resignation bonds; certificates of the swearing by clerks on presentation to a benefice of an oath that the patron presenting was the true patron and was not acting for a papist; and papers relating to the Clerical Disabilities Act 1871 and the Incumbent's Resignation Acts 1871 and 1887.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Miscellaneous Probate Papers

  • DN/PRO
  • Archief
  • 1630-1857

Miscellaneous papers including: Commissions to take oaths, Renunciations of right to probate etc, Administration bonds, Administration Act Book, Index of Marriage bonds, Stamp Office Returns, Wills and probates with list of testators, Executors' and administrators' accounts and receipts.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Parsonage House Mortgages and Repairs

  • DN/PHM
  • Archief
  • 1779-1951

Under Gilbert's Act 17 Geo. III c.53 (1776), incumbents were permitted to mortgage a parsonage house, where there was one, and the benefice income deriving from the glebe and other rights and titles, in order to raise money to build a new, or repair the old, parsonage house. All mortgage deeds were to be registered with the diocesan registry and the counterpart kept by the incumbent. A later Act of 28 & 29 Vic. c.69 (1865) allowed incumbents to borrow money for the purpose of building, or re-building, outhouses or other premises belonging to the parsonage or for repairing the chancel of the parish church. From 1779 until 1st July 1842, the deeds were copied into a register. Thereafter they were deposited at the registry and numbered consecutively upon receipt. An index to these deeds is in the last mortgage register, ref. DN/PHM 2/3. Persons nominated by the incumbent to hold the funds raised by the mortgage were required to enter into a bond to fulfill the terms of the mortgage: see DN/PHM 4. Up to 1918, nominees' accounts and, in some cases, surveyor's certificates, were also deposited with the deed. Occasionally parsonage house conveyance deeds were also included: but see too, list DN/DPL 4.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Miscellanea

  • DN/MSC
  • Archief
  • 1381-1933

Miscellaneous documents found loose and not clearly belonging to any particular class, listed roughly by date.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Glebe Exchanges

  • DN/GLE
  • Archief
  • 1680-1853

Original deeds of Exchange of Glebe lands, sometimes accompanied by related papers such as earlier deeds, petitions, surveyors' reports, commissions of enquiry and plans.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Diocese of Norwich: Miscellaneous Faculty Papers

  • DN/FBA
  • Archief
  • 1717-1985

Miscellaneous faculty papers including bonds to perform the work specified in a faculty, accounts and estimates of expenses, returns certifying the performance of a faculty, archdeacon's certificates authorising work, and strays from other classes but relating to faculties.

Diocese of Norwich, Faculty Court; fl 1633-1972

Diocese of Norwich: Consolidations and Unions of Benefices

  • DN/CNS
  • Archief
  • nd [c 1736]-1960

Papers relating to the proposed union and disunion of benefices, mostly under the Acts of 3 & 4 Vict. (1840), c.113, and 9 & 10 Geo. 5 (1919), c.98, and the Union of Benefices Measure 1923 to 1936. These often contain a valuation of the benefice and may relate to the exchange or transfer of advowsons, or the sale of the parsonage house.

Papers relating to the creation of new parishes or 'conventional districts' and the alteration of parish boundaries are also included in this class. The reorganisation of parishes by amalgamation or by sub-division, with which the Ecclesiastical Commissioners were concerned, can be traced in special Acts or Orders in Council printed in the London Gazette.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

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