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South Creake Parish Council

  • PC 101
  • Fondo
  • 1860-2016

Inclosure Award and title deed. Signed minutes

South Creake Parish Council; 1894-; South Creake, Norfolk

Norwich and Central Norfolk Coroner's District

  • COR 7
  • Fondo
  • 1997-2003

Daily Record Sheets, 1997-2001
Inquests, 2001-2003
Photographic Evidence, 2001-2003
Sudden Death Reports, 2001-2003
Returns, 2001
Treasure Trove, 2001-2003

Norwich and Central Norfolk Coroner's District; 2001-2007; Norwich, Norfolk

Norfolk Artists Gallery Ltd, operating as the Contact Gallery, Norwich

  • SO 230
  • Fondo
  • 1986-1999

A publicly funded artist-run venue for contemporary art of any medium or form.
Documents include: Chairman's, administrator's, secretary's and treasurer's files including: 'Open Submission' files, Eastern Arts Board papers, grant application papers, annual accounts, business plans and financial contact details, file copies of printed exhibition posters and handbills, press releases for exhibitions, signed copy contracts with artists, correspondence with artists, exhibition programmes and reports, an album of photographic prints of artists' work, copy AGM, Quarterly GM and committee minutes, administrator's correspondence, work experience applications and reports, gallery day book and petty cash accounts, memoranda, receipt accounts, membership details, volunteer details (applications, CVs, correspondence), administrator's contracts of employment, CVs etc., 1986-1999

Norfolk Artists' Gallery Ltd; c 1986-; Norwich, Norfolk

King's Lynn Charter Trustees

  • SO 394
  • Fondo
  • 1974-1981

The King's Lynn Charter Trustees were set up under the Local Government Act, 1972, and were in being from 1974 until their abolition in 1981, when the entire District was made a Borough by royal 'charter'. They had responsibility for the records of the old Borough Council and enacted certain ceremonial duties and functions, including electing a Mayor each year from within their own ranks and the appointment of a High Steward.

Charter Trustees were set up to maintain the continuity of a town charter after a district with the borough status had been abolished. They would exist until such time that a parish council was established or borough status was granted again.

King's Lynn Charter Trustees; 1974-1981; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk

  • DC 45
  • Fondo
  • 1974-2017

Records of the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk held at the King's Lynn Borough Archives. Also contains the records of the bodies it succeeded including the Charter Trustees and West Norfolk District Council.

Borough of King's Lynn and West Norfolk; 1981-; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Photos of Councillor Mayor Leslie Dutton

  • MC 3616
  • Fondo
  • 1988-1989

Photo albums of mayoral and civic events with title cards.

Album 1) May - June
Album 2) June - Sept
Album 3) Sept - Oct
Album 4) Oct - Dec
Album 5) Dec - Feb
Album 6) Feb - Mar
Album 7) Mar - May
Album 8) May

Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk, Civics Office; 1981-; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Freedom certificate of John Carmichael

  • MC 3618
  • Fondo
  • 1782

The Burgess Letter or Freedom Certificate given to John Carmichael upon being made a Freeman of the Borough. This was after an apprenticeship as a bricklayer under Thomas King.

Borough of King's Lynn; 1204-1974; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Particulars of the estate of Dr Joseph Denman

  • MC 3619
  • Fondo
  • 18th century

A booklet that gives a valuation of the property he owned in West Norfolk. Describes the property and land, and lists the assessments of two different valuers. Gives probable future rents as well as well as current prices. One, Mr. Lens, assigned for Earl Fitzwilliam and the second, Mr. Oldknow, for the purchaser.

Mr Lens; fl 1764; Valuer; Gaywood, Norfolk

Swanton Morley Copyhold indenture

  • MC 3617
  • Fondo
  • 1844

Conveyance of copyhold property in Swanton Morley Manor between the executors of Jeremiah Wiffen and Isaac Pye.

Mary Wiffen; fl 1844; widow; Swanton Morley, Norfolk

Title deeds to a house, 35 Sandringham Road (formerly Denmark Road), Norwich

  • MC 3612, 1078X6
  • Fondo
  • 1887-1952

In 1855, the Bishop of Norwich and the Church Commissioners, traditional lords of the manor of Heigham, sold lands in the Hamlet of Heigham (tithe plan numbers 393, 393a, 394-396 and 399) to John Norgate of Heigham merchant. By Norgate’s will, proved Dec 1871, he bequeathed all his estate to his wife, Mary A Norgate. After several mortgages over the course of the 1870s, part (containing 119r 18yds and bounded to the north by a new road then called Denmark Road) of the then mortgaged estate was conveyed in 1880 to a builder/developer, James Youngs of Heigham for £627. Detailed building and occupiership covenants are recorded in an additional abstract of title dated 1887.
Youngs eventually built 12 messuages in Denmark Road, re-mortgaging as necessity required, and when he died in 1887, his son and executor, John Youngs with his mortgagees sold off his estates in this and nearby roads, houses nos 35 and 37 Denmark Road being sold to the tenant of 37, Henry Robertson. In 1893, the still mortgaged house, no. 35 was conveyed to George Tuck, who continued to use it as security against further borrowing. By the time of another mortgage deed of 1899, the road had been renamed as Sandringham Road. Tuck’s representatives sold the house to its tenant, Herbert Smith, and one year later, he conveyed it to a local police inspector, Walter Valentine Crome. He lived there until his death in 1934 and in his will, he left it to his widow, Beatrice F. Crome, whose own will appointed Benjamin Holmes her sole heir and executor. In 1952, she died, leaving the house in the possession of Holmes.
Documents include three abstracts of title covering the years, 1855-1952, and sale particulars of the Youngs’ estate in Denmark Road, Stafford Street and St Philip’s Road, 1887.

Benjamin Holmes; 1890-c 1960; Norwich

Photographs taken from negatives made by Gerry Yardy, professional photographer of Bracondale, Norwich

  • MC 3357/1-6
  • Fondo
  • 2007

Includes the following photographic prints:
MC 3357/1 'This is a true copie of Mushold...', by Ralph Treswell, 1589. (NWHCM : 1903.24.1).
MC 3357/2 Photographic print of of Great Yarmouth Hutch Map, nd [late 16th century].
MC 3357/3 'A trewe description of Mushold heath ...', by John Darby c 1600. Showing Mushold heath and the closes upon in; shows roads, churches, landowners, and villages east to Ranworth and Burlingham, north to Catton, and 'the true circumference of the Town of Thorpe'; scale on a ruler carried by a man and his dog, marked Orriens, Occidens, Sept. (NMHCM : 1903.24.2).
MC 3357/4 'A true plott or description of part of Mushould...', manuscript map showing part of Mousehold, Thorpe and Pockthorpe, made in the month July 6 1624 by Thomas Waterson; coloured and finely drawn, shows title, and scale. (NWHCM : 1903.24.3).
MC 3357/5 'A map of the survey of level lands that belong to the Dean and Chapter lying in Pockthorpe and the parishes adjoining holden by William Holmes Esq. of Morston in the county of Norf. Taken by Mr Cooke in May 1718 Anno Dom. copied by Thos. Beckel of F.... A Dom 1730'. Finely drawn and coloured manuscript map, shows land boundaries, scale, title. (NWHCM : 1903.24.4).
MC 3357/6 Cranefields' map of Blakeney, 1769 (TD 2007/2).

Gerry Yardy; fl 2007; photographer; Norwich, Norfolk

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