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Louis Fountaine Eagleton; 1866-1930; architect and surveyor; King's Lynn, Norfolk
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New Conduit Street

Summary of work: New hay loft and bedroomAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: Mr HalfordArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

Langham Street

Summary of work: Two new cottagesAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: R. BoneArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

10 Valingers Road

Summary of work: New pantryAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: Henry CollisonArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

Clough Lane

Summary of work: New kitchenAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: Miss LemonArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

Tennyson Avenue

Summary of work: New carriage house and stableAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: T. AndersonArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

Railway Road

Summary of work: New bedroomAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: Mrs EllisArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

Coronation Square

Summary of work: New bay windowsAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: A.F. ForemanArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

Tennyson Avenue

Summary of work: Seven new housesAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: J. AndersonArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

Norfolk Street

Summary of work: Roof over yardAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: Nicholls and Campbell LtdArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

St James Street

Summary of work: New roof to machine shopAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: William Henry Johnson and sonArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

Kings Street

Summary of work: New officeAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: B.W. LangleyArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

Purfleet Quay

Summary of work: Additions to workshop and warehouseAdditional information:Building owner/Applicant: Frank PotterArchitect/Builder: Louis Fountaine Eagleton

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