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Account books

Business, estate, executorship, shipping, customs, memoranda, a few contain loose items. These are numbered from 28-166; the first 27 books are missing, as are nos 30 and 68.

Title deeds to Bagge estates in Crimplesham, Dereham Grange, Stradsett, Gaywood, Tilney and Islington, Clenchwarton, Grimston, Wiggenhall, North Runcton, etc.

These documents of title relate mainly to properties purchased by the Bagge family with the exception of the estate of the related Clarke, Adamson and Oakes family, bought by the Bagges at the end of the 18th century, which is listed separately as...

An album labelled for H.L. Bradfer-Lawrence as 'Norfolk MSS: Complete shipbuilding accounts 'Dixon' 1763/4 and 'William' 1764/5' and the documents which it contained

The documents were removed from the album in 2001 during conservation work carried out as a result of the volume being water-damaged in 1994. The order of individual documents in the album is indicated by pencil foliation.

Estate Accounts and Vouchers

Many of the accounts in this section up to the mid-19th century are mixed and contain entries relating to personal expenditure, business and executorship so there is considerable overlap with the personal accounts in BL/BG 2, and the executorship ...

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