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Ambrose Palmer; fl 1825-1841; shipbuilder; Great Yarmouth Part
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James Nightingale to Ambrose Palmer, shipbuilderRobert Guthrie to Sir Edmund Knowles Lacon, bankerJohn Bartram to Benjamin Theobald, cordwainerJohn Goodwin Brown to Thomas Lettes snr and Thomas Lettes Jnr, ropemakers and twinespinners

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John Frestone to Ambrose Palmer and Ambrose Reeve Palmer, shipbuildersWilliam Barnabas Bristow to Ambrose Palmer and Ambrose Reeve Palmer, shipbuilders1837Robert Beane Ellis to Christopher Taylor Ellis, brushmakerWilliam Henry Holmes to Frederick ...

Page 128

Henry George to Ambrose Palmer and Ambrose Reeve Palmer, shipbuildersWilliam John Forkes to James D? Waters, solicitorCharles Gilham to Robert Lubbock, shipbuilderWilliam Smith Wilson to John Healey, ropemaker

Page 147

Robert King to Ambrose Palmer and Ambrose Reeve Palmer, shipbuilderJohn Downing Stevenson to John Swanbrew and Robert Pike, sailmakerThomas Hunn Gooch to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderWilliam Newton George to Henry Fellows, shipbuilder

Page 162

William Palgrave Brown to Isaac Gardner Hubbard, hairdresser and peruke makerLouis Alfred Mealle to Charles Barber, bookseller and stationerGeorge Brock to Charles Moore, tailorJames Clark to Ambrose Palmer, shipbuilder

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Richard Carr Whatmore to Thomas Barber, ropemakerJohn Thompson Filby to Samuel Smith Barber, ship ownerJonathan Harrod to Thomas Theodoric Marcon Vale, master marinerThomas John King to Ambrose Palmer, ship owner

Page 33

Frederick Alexander Porrett to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerCharles Maidstone Norton to Samuel Costerton, ship ownerRobert May to Richard Ferrier and Charles Moore, linen drapersWilliam Simpson to Ambrose Palmer, ship builder

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Edward Richard Jones to Thomas Pitt, merchantBenjamin Wilcock Edwards to James Taylor, carpenterJohn Lacey to Ambrose Palmer, shipbuilderWilliam Hastings to William Budd, sailmakerRobert Gaze to William Burton, plumber, glazier, painter

Page 64

Robert Knights Nuttall to William Gamble, painterWilliam Wigg to George BatemanBenjamin Barber to William Johnson, twinespinnerJoseph Jasper Meek the younger to Robert High, twinespinnerBenjamin Yarham to Ambrose Palmer, ship owner

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James Rising to Isaac Preston, marinerJames Henry Gillman to Ambrose Palmer, ship builderSamuel Thain to William Barth, ship builderJohn Jeremiah Trayner to Thomas Douglas, ship wrightHenry Child to Thomas Douglas, ship wright

Page 85

William Grave to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerWilliam Larn Saunders to Ambrose Palmer, shipbuilderSimon Thomson Cobb to William Carsey Kett, grocerChristmas Day Godfrey to William Grave, sailmakerGeorge Gedge to Frederick Preston, shipbuilder

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John Ditcham the younger to Samuel Smith Barber, ship ownerRobert John Barrett to Ambrose Palmer, shipbuilderGeorge Frederick List to Thomas Douglas, shipwrightJoshua Wetherall the younger to Richard Bull, mast and blockmakerThomas Read Bowles to ...

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John Briggs Morphew to Benjamin Welch, ropemakerFrancis Preston Wooden to Ambrose Palmer, shipbuilderRobert John Kemp to Daniel Morling, grocer and tallow chandlerArthur Steward to Hezekiah Martin, merchantCharles Andrew Adcock Spence to Samuel Ma...

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George Page to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerCharles Cobb to John Danby Palmer, merchantThomas Self to Ambrose Palmer, shipbuilderSamuel More to Robert Veale, blockmaker and shipowner