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Henry Fellows; fl 1827-1847; ship builder; Great Yarmouth Part
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Page 103

George Hempleman to John Trueman Buston, shoemakerIsaac Gardner Hubbard to John Quinton, hairdresser and peruke [wig] makerJoseph Woodrofe Ballard to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderJames Warner to William Hurry Palmer, shipowner

Page 108

Joseph Benjamin Dickens to John Bracey and John Taylor Bracey, ropemakers and twinespinnersRobert Pike to William Grave, sailmakerSamuel Harbord to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderHenry Davey to Benjamin Welch, ropemaker and twinespinner

Page 115

William Barehard to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderJohn Bessey Hilton to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderHenry Leggett to Daniel Boyce, caulkerRichard Lone Jones to James Clark, shipowner

Page 119

Richard Wilkinson to William Miller, cordwainerGeorge Bowles to Noah Arbon, glazier and painterJohn George Cullum to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderWilliam London Hannant to Samuel Martins, cordwainer

Page 123

Henry Barker Watson to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderJonathan Ding to Charles Moore, tailorWilliam Parmeter to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderJames Watson to Henry Fellows, shipwright

Page 125

John Charles Fabb to Charles John Palmer, gentlemanRobert Boatwright to Isaac Preston, gentlemanFrederick Pye to Daniel Morling, grocerJohn Howlett the younger to Henry Fellows, shipbuilder

Page 132

Edmund Dye to Thomas Lettes the younger, ropemakerSamuel Reeve Halfknight to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderRobert Cropley the younger to William High, ropemaker and twinespinnerGeorge Thomas Foreman to Jospeh Ward Pigg, shipbuilder

Page 133

William Sims to Thomas Barber, shipbuilderEdward James to William Budds, sailmakerHenry Rice Wade to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderRobert Wiseman to Samuel Smith Barber, shipowner

Page 140

Francis Sloman Holmes the younger to William Worship, gentlemanJohn Mills Ashley to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderIsiah Ridley to Benjamin English Miller, sailmakerCharles Wade to John Goodwin, caulker

Page 147

Robert King to Ambrose Palmer and Ambrose Reeve Palmer, shipbuilderJohn Downing Stevenson to John Swanbrew and Robert Pike, sailmakerThomas Hunn Gooch to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderWilliam Newton George to Henry Fellows, shipbuilder

Page 153

Benjamin Taylor to William Johnson, ropemaker and twinespinnerHenry William Alexander Gibbons to John Dye, caulkerGeorge Horth to Daniel King, shipwrightSamuel Harrison the younger to Henry Fellows, shipbuilder

Page 164

Eli Whincop to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderHenry Kirk to William Johnson, ropemaker and twinespinnerGeorge Benjamin Burwell to Matthew Butcher, marinerGeorge Forder the younger to William Smowton, twinespinner and hemp dresser

Page 169

William Cooper Morl to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderFrancis John Holmes to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderJames Duffield to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderFrederick Jonathan Crisp to Charles Woolverton, plumber, glazier, and painter

Page 175

James Bailey to James Woodhouse, painter and decoratorJoshua Purkis to Isaac Preston the younger, gentlemanJohn Child to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderHenry Valentine Devon to Charles Sloman, printer and stationer

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