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Frederick Preston; fl 1826-1843; ship builder; Great Yarmouth Part
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Samuel Barker to Thomas Stone, ship masterCharles Hart to Charles Sloman, letter press printerCharles King to John Rackham, twine spinner and hemp dresserJoseph Sewell to Frederick Preston, shipbuilder

Page 114

Thomas Emery to James Clark, shipownerCharles King Wooden to James Wooden, mast and blockmakerJames Barnes to Charles John Palmer, attorney at lawWilliam Preston to Frederick Preston, shipbuilder

Page 115

William Barehard to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderJohn Bessey Hilton to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderHenry Leggett to Daniel Boyce, caulkerRichard Lone Jones to James Clark, shipowner

Page 117

Matthew Barrett to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderGeorge James Clark to Thomas Bly Garwood, shipownerJoshua Mede to Charles Moore, woollen draper and tailorDavid Woolnough to Frederick Preston, shipbuilder

Page 123

Henry Barker Watson to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderJonathan Ding to Charles Moore, tailorWilliam Parmeter to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderJames Watson to Henry Fellows, shipwright

Page 124

Thomas Vincent to Robert Cubitt, plumber and glazierThomas Collins Barber to William Grave, sailmakerBarney Sewell to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderJohn Hawkins Nutman to Charles Sloman, stationer and pressman

Page 126

John Frestone to Ambrose Palmer and Ambrose Reeve Palmer, shipbuildersWilliam Barnabas Bristow to Ambrose Palmer and Ambrose Reeve Palmer, shipbuilders1837Robert Beane Ellis to Christopher Taylor Ellis, brushmakerWilliam Henry Holmes to Frederick ...

Page 131

Edward Bonney to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderWilliam Cubitt Field to Charles Moore, woollen draperSamuel Woods Ditcham to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerJohn Lincoln to Thomas Wells the younger, ropemaker and twinespinner

Page 143

1838Leonard Jex to Henry Jex, caulker1839William Maisey to George Francis, twinespinnerCharles Darn to Samuel Woodhouse and Robert Woodhouse, twinespinnersJames Dunn to Frederick Preston, shipbuilder

Page 145

William Kitchen Todd the younger to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderJohn Charles Kemp to Charles Moore, linen draper and tailorWilliam Samuel Wright to Thomas Barber, shipbuilderGeorge Simmins to George Layton, caulker

Page 146

William Boyce to William Jenkinson, ropemaker and twinespinnerWilliam Lionel Derry to Samuel Lummies, tailorSamuel Charles Harbord Leggett to Thomas Barber, shipbuilderThomas Parmenter to Frederick Preston, shipbuilder

Page 169

William Cooper Morl to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderFrancis John Holmes to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderJames Duffield to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderFrederick Jonathan Crisp to Charles Woolverton, plumber, glazier, and painter

Page 19

1825James Cutler to George William Beckett, shoemaker1826John Thomas to Frederick Preston, ship builderBenjamin Blockwell to William Giles and William Gosling, twine spinnerSamuel Scarrels to Philip Houghton, shipwright and boatwright

Page 46

1827Valentine Watson to Frederick Preston, ship builderHenry Archibald to Thomas Pitt, merchant1828William Wright to Richard Burman, cordwinerSamuel Johnson to Thomas Page, pipemaker

Page 52

William Page to Frederic Preston, ship builderJohn Firman Tower to Charles John Palmer, attorneyJames Larn Teasell to William Giles and William GoslingSamuel Thomas Taylor to John Burton Palmer, ship ownerWilliam Swan Stanford to John Morley, ship...

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