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Archivistische beschrijving
Charles Moore; fl 1825-1845; tailor and draper; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Part
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Page 117

Matthew Barrett to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderGeorge James Clark to Thomas Bly Garwood, shipownerJoshua Mede to Charles Moore, woollen draper and tailorDavid Woolnough to Frederick Preston, shipbuilder

Page 120

John Newstead to Charles Moore, woollen and linen draperHenry Atkins to Edward Jex, ropemakerSamuel Sims to Robert Barber, ropemakerCharles Yarham to Ambrose Reeve Palmer, ship builder

Page 123

Henry Barker Watson to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderJonathan Ding to Charles Moore, tailorWilliam Parmeter to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderJames Watson to Henry Fellows, shipwright

Page 131

Edward Bonney to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderWilliam Cubitt Field to Charles Moore, woollen draperSamuel Woods Ditcham to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerJohn Lincoln to Thomas Wells the younger, ropemaker and twinespinner

Page 142

John Campbell the younger to Daniel Boyce, caulkerJames Graver Ellis to Charles Moore, woollen draper and tailorRobert Joshua Ship to Thomas Wells the younger, ropemaker and twinespinnerJohn Farman Rackham to John Rackham, hemp dresser and twinesp...

Page 145

William Kitchen Todd the younger to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderJohn Charles Kemp to Charles Moore, linen draper and tailorWilliam Samuel Wright to Thomas Barber, shipbuilderGeorge Simmins to George Layton, caulker

Page 155

1840James Barnes to Charles Moore, draper and tailorJoseph Bitten to William Blowers, ropemaker, twinespinner, and hemp dresserWilliam Bracey to William Blowers, ropemaker, twinespinner, and hemp dresser1841William Thomas Darnell Jeckells to Samue...

Page 162

William Palgrave Brown to Isaac Gardner Hubbard, hairdresser and peruke makerLouis Alfred Mealle to Charles Barber, bookseller and stationerGeorge Brock to Charles Moore, tailorJames Clark to Ambrose Palmer, shipbuilder

Page 176

George Fitzgerald to Henry Stacey Shreeve, tailorWilliam Townrow to Samuel Lummis, tailorGeorge Pell Dyer to Charles Moore, tailorWilliam French to Ambrose Reeve Palmer, shipbuilder

Page 18

Edward Crickmay to Richard Ferrier and Charles Moore, tailors and drapersEdward Pipes to Edward Reed Palmer, notary publicSamuel Benney King to William Barth, ship builderJohn Mills Barnes to William Barth, ship builder

Page 33

Frederick Alexander Porrett to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerCharles Maidstone Norton to Samuel Costerton, ship ownerRobert May to Richard Ferrier and Charles Moore, linen drapersWilliam Simpson to Ambrose Palmer, ship builder

Page 49

William Sumner to Robert Cubitt, plumber and glazierRobert Hatten Wright to George Danby Palmer, merchantEdmund Bracey to Richard Ferries and Charles MooreWilliam Lloyd to John Truman Buston, cordwainer

Page 71

Peter George Coble to Richard Ferrier and Charles Moore, tailorsJeremiah Nichols to George Francis, ropemakerJohn Hosea Scott to Thomas Fryer Garwood and Thomas Bly Garwood, plumbers, glazier, and paintersJames Marshall to Thomas Pitt, merchant

Page 75

Jacob William Smith to William Davie, shipownerJohn Lettis Short to Samuel Burton, linen draperChristopher Nuttall to Richard Ferrier and Charles Moore, woollen and linen draperJames Palmer Marsh to John Goate Fisher, notary public

Page 87

Samuel Nutman to William Read, cooperRobert Day to Richard Ferrier and Charles Moore, woollen drapers and tailorsRichard Symonds the younger to Isaac Preston the younger, notary publicJoseph Larke to John Everitt, ropemaker

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