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Samuel Smith Barber; fl 1825-1841; ship owner; Great Yarmouth Part
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James Johnson to Robert Woodhouse and Samuel Woodhouse, twine spinnersThomas Lane Tuck to Joseph Pease, ropemakerWilliam Larcombe to Samuel Smith Barber, ship ownerEdwin Church Everitt to Robert Cory the younger, notaryJames Larke to Job Johnson, ...

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Robert Artis to Ambrose Reeve Palmer, shipbuilderGeorge Theodrick List to Ambrose Reeve Palmer, shipbuilderWilliam Riches the younger to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerCharles Moughton to Robert Barber, ropemaker

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Edward Bonney to Frederick Preston, shipbuilderWilliam Cubitt Field to Charles Moore, woollen draperSamuel Woods Ditcham to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerJohn Lincoln to Thomas Wells the younger, ropemaker and twinespinner

Page 133

William Sims to Thomas Barber, shipbuilderEdward James to William Budds, sailmakerHenry Rice Wade to Henry Fellows, shipbuilderRobert Wiseman to Samuel Smith Barber, shipowner

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Curtis Hall to Edward Crabtree, cabinet makerJames Chaston to Samuel Fuller and William Jinkerson, rope makers and twine spinnersRobert Margarson Sharwood to James Taylor, house carpenterJonathan Martin Holmes to Samuel Smith Barber, ship owner

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1839Robert Thacker to Charles Sloman, printerJohn Grice the younger to Samuel Smith Barber, ship ownerGeorge Wilson Beckett to Thomas Gray and Thomas Edward Gray, braziers and tinplate workers1840George Crawford Dawson to Benjamin English Miller, ...

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Frederick Moore to Edmund Coleman and Henry Palgrave, mast and blockmakerEdward Nobbs the younger to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerCharles Edward Greenacre to Francis Riddell Reynolds, notary publicJames Sago to William Jenkinson, ropemaker and tw...

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Henry Downing Stevenson to Henry James Butcher, merchantJohn Diboll Baldwin to Robert Pike, sailmakerFrederick Rushmer Peck to Samuel Smith Barber, ship ownerSamuel Wickham Barrett to George William Giles, fish merchant

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John Morley to Samuel Smith Barber [ship owner]Daniel Fleet to Robert Milton, marinerSamuel Gilbert to Robert Fenn and John Fenn, grocers and tallow chandlersSamuel George Blomfield to William Barber, ship owner

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Richard Carr Whatmore to Thomas Barber, ropemakerJohn Thompson Filby to Samuel Smith Barber, ship ownerJonathan Harrod to Thomas Theodoric Marcon Vale, master marinerThomas John King to Ambrose Palmer, ship owner

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John Dawkin to Samuel Smith BarberThomas Pleasants to William Henry Dakin, brazier and tinmanPhilip Nuttall to James Brooks, master marinerGeorge Chaney to James Brooks, master mariner

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Frederick Alexander Porrett to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerCharles Maidstone Norton to Samuel Costerton, ship ownerRobert May to Richard Ferrier and Charles Moore, linen drapersWilliam Simpson to Ambrose Palmer, ship builder

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1826James Woolstone to John Danby Palmer, ship ownerWilliam Peake to Samuel Smith Barber, shipowner1827Thomas Smith to Samuel Howes, ship masterWilliam Woodstone Browne to John Larter, surgeon

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Charles James the younger to Thomas Wells, ropemakerJames Stapleton to Cufaude Davie, chemistDaniel Smith Jarvis to John Sewell, ropemakerJohn Brown Beaumont to Samuel Smith BarberJohn Harry Hugman to Samuel Smith Barber, shipowner

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