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John Danby Palmer; fl 1824-1838; ship owner and merchant; Great Yarmouth Part
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George William Davis Woodthorpe to George Davis, blockmakerGeorge Borrett Mickleburgh to James Clark, shipownerWilliam Robert Algar to John Danby Palmer, merchantWilliam Shreeve to Robert Butler, cordwainer

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Danby Palmer Fry to John Danby Palmer, merchantJohn Green Masterson to Samuel Bradbeer, sailmakerJames Simmons to Samuel Martins, cordwainerJames Simpson to Robert Lubbock, shipbuilder

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William Olley the younger to Robert Veale, blockmakerHenry Silles to John Danby Palmer, ship ownerJohn King Gowing to George Dandy Palmer, shipownerPhilip Ring to John Fisher Costerton and George Costerton, shipowners

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William Moughton the younger to Thomas Lettes the younger, ropemakerJoseph Spooner to Robert Lubbock, shipbuilderThomas Savory the younger to Thomas Lettes the younger, ropemakerRobert Bacon to Edmund Coleman and Henry Palgrave, mast and blockmake...

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George Giles to Timothy Steward, ship ownerJames Butcher to Isaac Preston, ship masterCurtis Plumb the younger to Edward Youell, esquireJohn Forster Jenner to John Danby Palmer, ship ownerJohn Johnson to John Danby Palmer, ship owner

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1826James Woolstone to John Danby Palmer, ship ownerWilliam Peake to Samuel Smith Barber, shipowner1827Thomas Smith to Samuel Howes, ship masterWilliam Woodstone Browne to John Larter, surgeon

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William Hart to William Barth, ship ownerWilliam Moloney to Andrew Palmer, shipbuilderJames William King to William Getts, ship ownerJames Jackson Harding to John Danby Palmer, merchant and ship ownerJames Chaldford to John Francis, rope maker and...

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William Clarke to John Danby Palmer, ship ownerWilliam Durrant Carr to Thomas Pitt, ship ownerWilliam Witham the younger to Samuel Jay, ship ownerAnthony Crisp to William Taylor and William Hancock Taylor

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James Cunningham to John Danby Palmer, ship ownerWilliam Tobias Johnson to Christopher Taylor Ellis, brushmakerThomas Gull to Thomas Clarke, ship ownerSamuel Benjamin Sherrington to Edmund Reeve Palmer, notary publicRichard Risley to Benjamin Engl...

Page 62

William John Sharman to Thomas Douglas, marinerWilliam Rix Seago to George Wells Holt, notary publicGeorge Newton Trussel to John Burton Palmer, ship ownerWilliam King to John Danby Palmer, ship owner

Page 70

George Layton the younger to George Layton, ship caulkerCharles Washington to Hezekiah Martin, merchantWilliam Gladen Harris to George Philip Andrews, hairdresserWilliam Lara Teasdell to John Danby Palmer, merchant

Page 99

George Page to Samuel Smith Barber, shipownerCharles Cobb to John Danby Palmer, merchantThomas Self to Ambrose Palmer, shipbuilderSamuel More to Robert Veale, blockmaker and shipowner