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Records of various charities based in Fakenham

This is an interim description and likely to change over time as the records are catalogued.

Box 1
Harrison's Charity minutes and accounts, 1805-55, and deed of appointment of new trustees, 1874.

Box 2
Harrison's Charity minutes and accounts, 1856-1881, and other records of same charity, including trustees' draft accounts, mid-19th century; declaration of trust, 1804; and deed of appointment of trustee, 1819.

Box 3
Administrative records of Harrison's Charity including Ann Harrison's will and codicil, 1794 and 1801; declarations of trust, correspondence and bills of money paid to Fakenham National Boy's School, 1850s; 1794-late 19th century

Box 4
Salmon's Charity minutes, 1918-57, and accounts, 1920-57; Marianne Searle's Bequest minute book, 1915-40, and accounts 1934-57; Ladt Mary Townshend Charity accounts, 1930-56; Sheldrake's Charity minutes 1918-40 and accounts 1930-56; Thomas Richard Goggs' Charity accounts, 1915-56; Fakenham Maternity Charity minutes, 1955-70; accounts of unnamed charity, 1908-69; accounts for various charities and for Fakenham Joint Charities, 1969-79; Charity Commission scheme, rules and related paperwork for Fakenham Lying-In Charity; lease for [Fakenham] workhouse, 1807; receipt for interest paid on savings account, 1874.

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