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Page 89

Apprenticeship: Samuel Baker to Samuel Wright, grocerApprenticeship: William Midge to William Kett, sailmakerApprenticeship: James Webster to William Kett [, sailmaker]Apprenticeship: Robert Ward to William Draper [,mariner]Apprenticeship: Henry H...

Page 88

Apprenticeship: Robert Pudner to William Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Ellis to Charles Le Grys, merchantApprenticeship: John Burroughs to Matthew Kett, marinerApprenticeship: Henry Farmer to Christopher Sayers, blockmaker [crossed through]...

Page 84

Apprenticeship: John Issack to Henry Cooper, marinerApprenticeship: Stephen Fisher to William Kett, sailmakerApprenticeship: James Burgess to William Lewis, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Waters to Samuel Lewis, cordwainer

Page 85

Apprenticeship: Jonathan Burrege to Rannold Barrett, marinerApprenticeship: Michael Smith to Samuel Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Simon Smith to Francis Seaman, marinerApprenticeship: William Hall to Henry Brown, glazier

Page 83

Apprenticeship: John Cowell to Samuel Balls and Henry Croskill, shipwrightsApprenticeship: Clarey Craggy to James Thompson, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Sayer to Samuel Dixon, grocerApprenticeship: Charles Leggett to Henry Cooper, marinerApprenti...

Page 82

Apprenticeship: John Bullock to Francis Clifton, marinerApprenticeship: William Masters to John Fowler, sailmakerApprenticeship: Robert Armstrong to George Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Leonard Haddon to Thomas Hurry junior, mariner

Page 80

Apprenticeship: Thomas Rushford to William Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Stapelton to Samuel Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Brigham to George Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Henry Linder to George Riches, shipwright

Page 77

Poor quality microfilmApprenticeship: Robert Graves to Francis Balls, mariner. Robert formerly apprentice to John Paterson from Jan 1757Apprenticeship: Robert Neal to Thomas Davy, marinerApprenticeship: Benjamin [?] to Francis Dye, marinerApprenti...

Page 76

Poor quality microfilmApprenticeship: Christopher Cooper to William Kett [sailmaker]Apprenticeship: Joseph Howes to John Aldridge, ferrymanApprenticeship: Thomas Huss[?] to Henry Cooper, marinerApprenticeship: William Baretham[?] to William Lewis,...

Page 74

Apprenticeship: William Chaplin to William Kett [sailmaker]Apprenticeship: Duke Armiger to Francis Balls, marinerApprenticeship: Abraham Waters to Thomas King, bakerApprenticeship: Edmund Shuttle to William Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Thi...

Page 75

Apprenticeship: Robert Boiver to Benjamin Lane, grocerApprenticeship: John Bickerton to John Morris, merchant. Formerly apprenticed to John Morris junior since 27th October 1757Apprenticeship: John Cook to Samuel Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Robe...

Page 73

Apprenticeship: Robert Baispoole junior to William Bracey, upholsterApprenticeship: James Butcher to Samuel Lewis, cordwainerApprenticeship: John Dye to Samuel Steel, marinerApprenticeship: William Herrington to William Hurry, marinerApprenticeshi...

Page 72

Apprenticeship: Henry Shreeve junior to Henry Gibson Dewson, ropemakerApprenticeship: John Clarke to William Kett, sailmakerApprenticeship: Charles Walker to Joseph Rackham and John Cobb, shipbuildersApprenticeship: Richard Wallbauck to Johnson Gr...

Page 69

Apprenticeship: Matthew Clear to Samuel Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Hawes to Francis Seaman junior, marinerApprenticeship: John Cutler to Samuel Errington, marinerApprenticeship: Peter Henry Barker to Anthony Taylor, merchantApprenticeshi...

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