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Dalling family; 1440-1987; Norfolk
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Bundle labelled Family Papers

Copy of will of William Windham, 1730; Thomas Windham's promise to pay his ne phew, William Windham £500 p.a. in accordance with his marriage settlement to the Countess DeLoraine, 1734; William's accounts with his brother John 1743-1747, 1749, 1758; copy of will of Mary Windham, sister of William, 1747; legacy receipts, 1747, 1752, 1759, 1764, 1789; Charles Randolph's release of legacy, 1757; extract from marriage settlement of John Boyce and Elizabeth Scot, with rental of estate in St Giles, Norwich and lawyer's opinion concerning mortgages, 1755; instructions to pay for Major Dalling's commission in the 28th Regiment of foot, 1757, Nathaniel Sheppard's receipt for household furnishing in house at Richmond leased from William Windham, 1763; Bowyer legacy account, 1764; Van Kamp's account, 1764-5; account of executors of Mrs Mann, 1779, and Mr Weston, 1779; receipts for Earsham tithes, 1786-1791; and release of legacy: Philip Walker to Joseph Windham, 1789.

Dalling family; 1440-1987; Norfolk

Marriage settlement of David Thurlow Cunyngham and Miss Anne Meade (2 copies), with copy assignments of mortgages charged on the estates of the Duke of Devonshire in Derbs and Lord Clinton in Devon: David Cunyngham to Lord Salton and Sir W.W. Dalling

With schedule of assignments, 1834 and solicitor's bill of costs for marriage settlement of Miss Elvira Ibbetson and Capt. John Meade, 1846.

Dalling family; 1440-1987; Norfolk


  1. Sister in law, Theresa Kinski, with draft reply concerning his nieces, 1806.
  2. Lord Darnley concerning death of Robert's mother, 1817.
  3. J.W. Dalling concerning his searches for London accommodation for Meade and shooting in Norfolk, 1829
  4. Nephew, Richard, concerning his engagement to Lady Elizabeth Herbert, c 1830; birthday wishes and successes in Ireland, nd
  5. J.W. Lyon Winder re health of Adelaide, and mutual acquaintances, n.d.
  6. John Meade, brother, in Madrid, 1832
  7. Portion of letter, nd.

Dalling family; 1440-1987; Norfolk

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