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Norwich Public Library Manuscript Collection
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North Walsham. Court Minute book

MS 21041: Minute book covering various manors in North Walsham and Swafield, 1833-1888:
The book begins with minutes for Bromholme in North Walsham and Lingate (treated as one manor but with separate jurors), 1833; Bromholme in Swafield, 1833. Courts are held on an ad hoc basis for these manors, 1836-1842.
In 1845 courts are held for Bromholme in Swafield; Boylands in Swafield; Boylands in North Walsham; Bromholme in North Walsham and separate courts are held for these four manors and for Lingate to 1854.
In 1855, one court is held for all five manors, with one group of jurors for Lingate, one for the other elements of the manor: in 1866 and subsequently there are jurors for Lingate and North Walsham Bromholme only, the other elements being described as 'Before the Steward [or Deputy Steward].
In 1884, separate courts are held [in Norwich] for Swafield Boylands and for Swafield Bromholme.
From 1885 to 1888, one court is held for all five elements with spaces for jurors for each element - but these are usually left blank.

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