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Norwich Public Library Manuscript Collection
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'A map of a survey of Horsford lands belonging to Jacob Preston Esq. now in the use of Mr John Bly Mr Tho Harmon Mr John Howard and Mr Joseph Southfield'

Surveyor: John Finch.
Coloured: No.
Compass: No.
North: Towards the top of the map.
Scale: illegible.
Cartouche: No.
Fieldnames: No.
Acreages: No.
Tenures: Yes.
Structures: Yes.
Topographical features: Horsford Church, The Crown, houses, roads ornamented hedges. West field from Horsford.
Major part is in enclosed fields, but area in the SE is still in medieval strips.

Map of Horsford showing the church

Surveyor: unknown.
Coloured: No.
Compass: No.
North: towards bottom edge of map.
Scale: not given.
Cartouche: No.
Fieldnames: No.
Acreages: Yes.
Tenures: No.
Structures: Yes.
Topographical features: Church, Rose and Crown and other buildings; roads with destinations, field boundaries.
List of Occupiers bottom centre: Ab. Abby, M. Meadows, P. Preston, PL Preston late Loads or Andrews, C. Coulsey and A Ashmully. Many enclosed fields, but large blocks remain in medieval strips. With other papers.

'The History and Antiquities of Lakenham'. Woodward.

Includes lithographs of the 2 Harford Bridges [Lakenham] and the 3 Trowse Bridges and pencil drawing (copy of lithograph) of Lakenham Bridge, lithographs of Bracondale House, the Priory, Lakenham church, including St James, pencil drawings and sketches of ? Bracondale House, Manor Farm, ? Trowse Mill, pasted in notes. MS. With map of the parish.

Survey of the estate of Jacob Preston, esq., at Horsford by John Finch

With 'an account with Miss Alice Durrant's tenants', 1732; plan of the lands belonging to Isaac Preston in Horsford, with schedule, surveyed by S. Bellard, 1761; an account of 'guarding, victuals, rigging and other extraordinary victuallings in harbour in the said month of May', signed by Nottingham (1536-1624), Lord High Admiral, nd [c 1600]. Architectural drawing of a [? gazebo] in late 17th century style, re-used as cover.

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