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Burnham Deepdale, Burnham Norton and Burnham Overy

Award: 1826. Maps (5): Burnham Deepdale, 1825, 1 inch: 12 chains, 44 by 65; Burnham Norton, 1825, 1 inch: 8 chains, 50 by 72; Burnham Norton and Burnham Deepdale (beach only), 1825, 1 inch: 6 chains, 65 by 67; Burnham Westgate, Burnham Sutton and Burnham Thorpe, 1825, 1 inch: 9 chains, 73 by 94; Burnham Overy, 1825, 1 inch: 6 chains, 71 by 96. Surveyor: Benjamin Leak of Holt.
The maps show that the manors of Burnham Overy Crab Hall Lathes; Burnham Thorpe with the members; Burnham Vewters; Burnham Lexhams; Burnham Polstead Hall; Burnham Windhams extend into Burnham Norton parish: the manors of Burnham Overy Crab Hall Lathes; Burnham Thorpe with the members; Pomfretts in Burnham Overy; Burnham Vewters; Burnham Windhams extend into Burnham Overy parish; the manors of Burnham Lexhams; Burnham Polstead Hall; extend into Burnham Deepdale parish; the manors of Burnham Overy Crab Hall Lathes; Burnham Thorpe with the members extend into Burnham Westgate, Sutton and Thorpe.

Bundle of plans re Felthorpe

A Inclosure map taken by Baily Bird, surveyor, 1779, scale of chains 8 - 1 in. 23 in. by 27 in. Names of occupiers.
B Property of John Wright, esq., planted 1810, Francis Dix, surveyor, scale of chains 10 - 3.3 in. 20 in. by 17 in.
C Property of John Wright, esq., scale of chains 40 - 5.3 in. Names of adjacent owners; fields numbered; reference table; buildings include church. 16 in. by 20 in.

Sisland, Seething, Kirstead and Mundham

Award: 1814. Maps (4):
Sisland nd, n.s., 61 by 53;
Seething, nd, 1 inch: 6 chains, 80 by 108, incs meadow and marsh;
Kirstead, nd, 1 inch: 7 chains, 55 by 71;
Mundham, nd, 1 inch: 6 chains, 80 by 102, incs windmill. Some roads, lanes and fields named.
Surveyors: Bailey Bird of Norwich; Robert Corby of Kirstead; and William Salter Millard of Norwich.


Award: 1827. Map: 1827, 1 inch: 6 chains, 92 by 108. Inset of Worstead Town with pen and ink drawing of church, 1 inch: 1.5 chains. Surveyor: Pratt & Warren.

Bergh Apton, Thurton, Yelverton, Alpington and Holverston

Award: 1806. Maps (2): Bergh Apton and Thurton, 1806, 1 inch: 7 chains, 70 by 109; Yelverton, Alpington and Holverston, 1806, 1 inch: 6 chains, 106 by 134. The maps indicate that the manors of Framingham, Earl, Framingham Pigot, Poringland and Surlingham extend into Yelverton, Alpington and Holverston; and that the manors of Bergh Apton, Banyarda, Seething, Thurton, Hellington and Washingford extend into Bergh Apton and Thurton.
Surveyor: Robert Corby, land surveyor.


Award: 1815. Map: 1815, 1 inch: 6 chains, 57 by 69. Incs Balls Green, meeting-house, Hardwick Hall and windmills. Surveyor: Robert Corby of Kirstead, Norfolk.

Great Melton

Award: 1826. Map: nd, 1 inch: 9 chains, 63 by 84 (also shows exchanges of land in parishes of Barford, Marlingford and Little Melton), incs woodland, 'America Cottages', ponds and lime kiln. Map covers all the parish. Surveyor: Robert Corby of (Whitlingham).

Hockwold cum Wilton

Award: 1818. Map: 1818, 1 inch: 7.5 chains, 82 by 118, incs Devil's Ditch, Hockwold and Wilton pounds, turnpike, warren, bridleway, right of soil, right of sheepwalk and droves. Surveyor: Robert Pratt of Norwich.

Felbrigg, Aylmerton, Metton, Sustead and Gresham

Award: 1828. Maps (3):
Felbrigg, Aylmerton and Metton, 1828, 1 inch: 9 chains, 76 by 114, incs Great Wood, Weldon Common, Aylmerton Cross, Gresham Common, Burnt Hill Breck and Scates Hill, woodland, trees as boundary markers, woodland, brecks and pond;
Sustead, 1828, 1 inch: 4.5 chains, 51 by 71, inc. trees as boundary markers and meadow;
Gresham, 1828, 1 inch: 6 chains, 61 by 77, incs windmill and trees as boundary markers.
Surveyors: Robert Pratt and William Newton.

Erpingham, Colby, Banningham and Ingworth

Award: 1824. Maps (4):
Erpingham, 1824, 1 inch: 6 chains, 74 by 93, incs river (old and new routes) and bridges;
Colby , 1824, 1 inch: 7 chains, 54 by 72, incs woodland, rivers, bridges, watermill and trees marked as boundaries;
Banningham, 1824, 1 inch: 6 chains, 62 by 73, incs river, bridge and windmill;
Ingworth, 1824, 1 inch: 6 chains, 51 by 60, incs river, watermill and tree as boundary marker.
Surveyors: Thomas Woodrow and John Browne of Norwich.

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