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Demise or lease for 1000 years from Richard Benson of Pudding Norton, gent. to Nicholas Yarham of Hempton, carpenter

Of 4a of land in the fields of Hempton, next to 7 rods belonging to Richard Burgeis to the west and the northern head of which abuts in part a close of the said Richard Burgeis and in part on the corner of a close called Hempes Close, and, at the eastern end of which, there is a pit, and which abuts south on Kendale Way.
For the annual rent of 8d, payable at the feasts of Michaelmas and the Annunciation of the BVM

Grant by Michael Gymer clerk to John Stone clerk, John Thory clerk, Henry Paynett clerk, Thomas Wadnowe of Hempton and his son, Thomas Wadnowe

Of one messuage with two closes in Hempton with 30a of arable land [in diverse pieces] in the towns and fields of Hempton, Shereford, Toftrees and Pudding Norton, as appears in a charter of feoffment of Edward Ive of Guestwick, Thomas Brodlok of Foulsham and John Capron of Thurning.

Which said messuage lies between the close called P[ar]trykkysyard to the east and Hempton Common to the west, and abuts on the common pasture of Hempton to the south and on the highway to the north.
The first close is called P[ar]trykkysyard and the second is called Maskysyard.

All which said premises, Gymere had by the grant of Thomas Dene of Hempton and Robert Grey of Little Walsingham dated 12 Dec, 21 Hen VII [1505].

And also all those messuages and lands which Gymer had of John Broun, son of Robert Broun of Hempton, and which John Broun granted to John Person of Pudding Norton, John Norton of South Raynham, Robert Hervy of Great Ryburgh and John Fawell of Testerton by his charter dated 4 March 1 Hen VII [1486], 12d annual rent payable to the Earl of Oxford at Pentecost, Michaelmas and at the Purification of the PVM in [equal] portions.
Dated at Hempton 10 April, 22 Hen VII

Grant by William Cresy of Shirford [Shereford], son of Thomas Cresy, to John Harebotyll of Hempton, his wife Rose, Edmund Smythe and John Ede, both of Hempton, with also the appointment of William’s attorney, Thomas Hatton of Shereford to deliver seisin (in the above premises) to John and Rose Harebotyll with Edmund Smythe.

Of half an acre of arable land at Merketgate between land of John Webster to the west, land of Oliver Davy to the east and abutting on the highway called M[er]ketgate to the north
Which half-acre, William, with his father Thomas had by the feoffment of William Stevyn and his wife Cecily of Shereford and which was dated at Shereford in the feast of St Lucy the Virgin 16 Hen VI [13 Dec 1437].

Grant by Richard Smyth of Hempton to Edmund Halle of Raynham and Walter Gardolf of Hempton

Of one messuage and one piece of arable land in Hempton, which messuage was purchased from Thomas Oxwyk and his wife Joan, and which lies between the highway to the east and the tenement of Thomas de Lexham to the west, and abuts south on the highway from Hempton to Shereford and on the tenement formerly of John Abraham to the north, and the piece of land lies at Kendales next the common way from Hempton to Walsingham to the east and abuts on Hempton priory land to the south and on the common way in the field of Hempton to the north
Dated at Hempton on the Friday after the feast of St Andrew apostle, 14 Hen IV

Feoffment by Henry [Fermour], gent., his brother John Fermo[u]r and Richard Hooke to Geoffrey Robynes of Fakenham and to Thomas Ely of Hempton

Of a messuage called Le Cokke [in Hempton] lying between the messuage of Ambrose Ede clerk, and of Roger Toneshend kt to the south, a common way leading from Shereford to Fakenham to the north, and abutting east on the common way leading from London to Walsingham
Which said messuage they, along with John Rose of Toftes, now deceased, had acquired by the gift by charter of Rose Cheryd widow, Ralph Dey and John Porter.

Grant of William Fermour kt to Margaret West of Hempton, widow.

Messuage in Hempton callled le Cok lying between the messuage of Roger Touneshend kt to the south and the common way to the parish church of Hempton to the north and which abutts the highway to the east and of land of the said William to the west, which said messuage descended by inheritance upon the death of William's father, Henry Fermour kt, and which he had by the gift by charter, dated 9 Sep 1531, from James Smyth of Hempton and of John Newman of Birston [Briston]
To Margaret for her natural life, and afterwards, to the intentions of her will.
Dated 16 Oct 35 Hen VIII.

Grant by Richard, prior of St Stephen in Hempton, to Thomas Qhwyn of Hempton, William Smyth, Edmund Hervy, Adam Doraunt, Edmund Esthalle all of Hempton and to all the townsfolk of Hempton

Of a parcel of a fishery in the priory’s water in Hempton extending from their close called Bromyerd in Hempton to Shurfordlond to the west, with Hempton Common on both parts
Providing that neither Thomas, etc. nor any of the townsfolk fish with nets called ‘Dragges’ or ‘Wernettes’, nor with ‘lepes’ called Dobeldames, nor place canvases [canabum] so as to damage the said fishery
Winesses listed
Dated at Hempton on Sunday next before the feast of St Barnabas apostle, 9 Hen VI

Feoffment of John Dam and John Townesend to John Robbardes of Hempton, Alice, his wife, Nicholas Lexham of Dunton and Humfrey Lexham of Little Walsingham.

Messuage between the curtilage of Robert Meryman to the north and the common way to the south and abutting west on the highway from Hempton to Walsingham, with three pieces of land in the fields of Hempton and Toftes (abuttals described with references to Longlond and Briggegate). Which said premises were had by the feoffment, dated 21 Oct 1446, of Robert Brou[n] of Hempton. Witnesses listed.
Dated at Hempton 10 June 29 Hen VI

Papers relating to Castle Acre, Norfolk

  • ACC 2021/227
  • Temporary
  • 1923-1958

Handwritten notes by Francis G. Highe 'Some curious customs connected with churches and churchyards'nd [? 1924] (1 file). Photocopies of deeds re house and butcher's shop in Bailey Street, Castle Acre, originals (includes abstracts of title, one party in the 1929 deed is Gertrude Highe) 1923-1931, and the Red Lion, Castle Acre, with adjoining house and shop, 1958, with abstract of title 1935. Photocopies undated [late 20th century].
'Castleacre Pageant July 1927' (printed).

Mary-Anne Garry; fl 1980s-; Castle Acre, Norfolk

Bundle 14

Documents relating to Felmingham, Skeyton, Swanton Abbott and Tuttington 1812-1892
/1 Deed of exchange between John Wortley farmer of Skeyton and John Seaman gentleman of Felmingham Hall and previously of Woodbastwick
Seaman conveys three pieces of several or bruary land in Skeyton (5 acres and abutting on Skeyton Beck and land of the said Seaman) in exchange for a piece of meadow named Skeyton Town Meadow (1 acre, 1 rood and 16 perches and abutting on the west on the boundary of Skeyton and Borough next Aylsham). Seaman also pays £100 'in equality of exchange'.
Parch 8 Oct 1812
/2 Bargain and sale
(1) Charles Kent gentleman of Ripon Hall and William Unthank gentleman of Heigham, Norwich, commissioners for the Skeyton, Burgh Next Aylsham and Tuttington enclosure act
(2) John Seaman, gentleman, of Felmingham
(3) William Forster gentleman of Norwich
Kent and Unthank convey to Seaman for £420 a piece of land of 16 acres, 3 roods and 3 perches, late of the commons of Skeyton, bounded on the north by the boundary of Felmingham parish, on the north-east by Seaman's hempstead or garden, on the south-east by the new drain or rivulet and on the south by Seaman's land named Skeyton Little Meadow. [Kent and Unthank were commissioners under the act of 54 George III. William Forster of North Walsham was initially appointed a commissioner with Kent but, having died on 22 April 1815, Unthank was appointed by Kent in his place on 30 May 1815.]
Parch 25 Nov 1816
/3 Notice of the allotment by Charles Kent and William Unthank, commissioners for the Skeyton, Burgh Next Aylsham and Tuttington enclosure act, to John Seaman, purchaser of sale land, of 16 acres, 3 roods and 3 perches of land (plot no 33) in Skeyton by their award. Pr booklet 20 Apr 1821
/4 Agreement to an exchange of lands under the Skeyton, Burgh Next Aylsham and Tuttington enclosure act between William Postle farmer of Felmingham and John Seaman gentleman of Felmingham.
Postle obtains from Seaman four pieces (two in Felmingham and two in Tuttington) and Seaman obtains from Postle three pieces (two in Felmingham and one in Tuttington). Postle's four pieces contained respectively: 7 acres, 2 roods, 34 perches; 12 perches; 5 acres, 1 rood, 34 pieces; and 1 acre 19 perches. Seaman's three pieces contained: 10 acres, 3 roods, 18 perches; 2 acres, 1 rood, 22 perches; and 1 acre, 2 roods. Paper 21 Aug
/5 Abstract of title to the manors of Skeyton Hall and Swanton Abbott. Recites from 1829 Thomas Viscount Anson to William Repton of Aylsham. Paper 1866
/6 Conveyance
(1) Thomas Copeman gentleman of Aylsham
(2) William Forster gentleman of Blickling
(3) Thomas Hanworth Rackham gentleman of Norwich
(4) William Martin Hazard gentleman of Harleston
Copeman conveys the manors of Skeyton Hall and Swanton Abbott to Forster, to the use of Forster and Rackham in their joint lives and thereafter to Forster, his heirs and assigns.

The manors had been acquired from Wm Hy Scott of Aylsham in 1865 in trust to be sold to Copeman's use. Forster bought them at auction at The Royal Hotel, Norwich, on 20 July 1866 for £1010. Hazard had the manor of Buxton and agreed to make available, at need, documents in his possession documenting the title of Skeyton Hall and Swanton Abbott.
All parties named were solicitors. Parch 27 Oct 1866
/7 Abstract of title of John Dyke to freehold premises in Skeyton. Recites from 1821 when allotted on 20 August to James Dyke under the Skeyton, Burgh Next Aylsham and Tuttington enclosure act and marked no 87 on the plan. Ends 1860 when James Dyke died intestate, leaving his eldest son John as his heir at law. Paper 1872
/8 Annotated supplemental abstract of title of John Dyke, carpenter, of Cambridge (son and heir of John Dyke) to premises at Skeyton reciting 1872-1892 Paper 1892
/9a-b Extract from the Skeyton parish baptism register relating to the baptism on 4 Dec 1796 of John, born on 30 Nov 1796, son of James Dyke and Frances, his wife. With contemporary copy of the same. Paper 6 Feb 1872
/10 Extract from the Skeyton parish burial register relating to the burial on 2 Sept 1860 of James Dyke, aged eighty-six. Paper 6 Feb 1872
/11 Certificate of land tax (3/-) paid by James Dyke Paper Jan 1878
/12 Deed of sale by James Dyke farmer of North Walsham to William Seaman Postle esq of Smallburgh Hall, of 2 ½ acres of land with dilapidated buildings (known as Daffin Hall) in Skeyton for £130. The premises comprised allotment no 87 and part of allotment no 88 in the Skeyton, Burgh Next Aylsham and Tuttington enclosure map and were bordered on the west by the parish boundary of Felmingham. Parch 5 Oct 1878
/13 Inland Revenue certificate of succession duty paid by John Dyke of South Street, Cambridge, at the death of James Dyke, relating to three dilapidated tenements, with adjacent land, in Skeyton, worth £10 a year. Paper 29 Oct 1860

Bundle 15

Documents re Marquess of Lothian 1856, 1937

/1 Draft surrender of 99 year term (to be extinguished in the premises held by the Marquess)

  1. Earl of Mount Edgcumbe and Deeble Roger esq of Wolsden Cornwall
  2. William Marquess of Lothian
    Premises including Blickling Hall with park and woods, lands in Itteringham, Wolterton and other parishes. Recites from May 1792 trust for marriage settlement of Wm Assheton Harbord and Caroline Hobart.

Parmeters, Aylsham Office number 334 14 Mar 1856
/2 Deed of grant of mineral and mine rights in newly enfranchised property

  1. Philip Marquess of Lothian, Lord of manor of Aylsham Lancaster
  2. Harry Green of Pretoria House, Royal Ave Gt Yarmouth gent

Four cottages yards and gardens in Hungate St, Aylsham (street on east, Robert Proudfoot south, Jn Maystone Horstead north-west and west, Mark Warnes late Jas W Jarvis north). Formerly occ by Miss Clarke, F Payne, Fred Hooker and one unoccupied.
All those messuages and gardens on west side of Millgate St, Aylsham formerly occ by Mrs Chandler, Robert Boyce and Wm Hopkins, then by Mitchell Gathergood, Robert Boyce and Wm Hopkins now by G Waters. Thos E Daniels and Herbert Chas Dyball. 30 Mar 1937

Bundle 16

Deeds relating to various properties in Erpingham and Ingworth, including a windmill, Town houses and a Methodist chapel, 1810-1902
1/1 Lease for a year [no release]

  1. Edward Fox miller of Erpingham
  2. James Cuddon of Precinct of Norwich cathedral gent.
    Parcel of land 3 roods in Erpingham between parish of Thwaite (n) land of Robert Copeman (e) land to be sold by R Copeman to John Watts (s) and highway from Aylsham to Thwaite (w) staked out from land of Copeman on east.
    And parcel of land of Ed Fox in Erpingham together with the brick tower windmill three tenements or dwelling houses and other erections which Edw Fox purchased of Samuel Davey.

See 4/2 for mill site 1855 parchment 21 Apr 1823

2/1 Appointment and release

  1. Robert Bond of Erpingham gent
  2. Robert Wegg of Thurgarton gent
  3. Richard Fish of Blickling gent
    Recites lease and release 14-15 May 1806 between Stephen Ashley of Aylsham wine merchant, Charles Atkinson of Knapton gent, Robert Bond and John Duffield of Erpingham farmer re lands late of Ashley in trust to use of Robert Bond with remainder to John Duffield during life of Bond. Wegg now pays £1069 to Bond (£500 for freeholds and £569 for copyholds of Manor of Erpingham).
    Freehold messuage where Bond lives with barns stables outbuildings garden and arable enclosures (7 a 2 r 3 p) in Erpingham between lands late Woolmer Cubitt now Mary Chaloner Kittmer & Ann Barnard (n) highway from Calthorpe to Aylsham(e) yards and land of Wm Cook, from which this is divided by a private road (s) and common pasture of Erpingham (w); and a rent of 1s from cottage on the west side of messuage, occupied by Wm Allison. These were conveyed (7-8 Oct 1798 Boys Aldham gent, R Bond, Woolmer Cubitt) to use of Bond; also arable enclosure called Tomlins (5a 10p) in Erpingham between Tomlins Lane (n), land of John Cubit gent (e & s), land late of Woolmer Cubitt now Kittmer and Barnard.
    Occupied by Bond, in trust for Robert Wegg but to use of Richard Fish during Wegg's lifetime.
    Lists deeds, mortgages and assignments from 1706 (for full details see 2/4) Watts to Curties, Curties, Ashley to Bond. parchment 9 Oct 1810

2/2a-b Mortgage for £300 and interest

  1. Robert Wegg of Erpingham surgeon
  2. Samuel Hust of Roughton farmer
    Messuage where Bond lived now Wegg with barn stables etc (7a 2r 3p) and Tomlins (5a 10p)

Copy of conditional surrender of copyhold 24 Nov 1824 Wegg to Hust. Steward Robert Copeman. parchment 22 -24 Nov 1814
2/3 Release of estate in Erpingham

  1. Rice Wickes gent formerly of Erpingham now of Aylsham
  2. Samuel Hust of Roughton farmer
  3. John Wegg esq capt in HM 56th Regiment of foot in Cork Ireland
  4. Robert Copeman esq of Aylsham
    Recites mortgage of 1814; Wegg's will 13 Mar 1815 with R Wickes and Richard Fish as execs to sell estate with money to son Jn Wegg and daughters Jane (d June 1817) and Elizabeth Rachel (d July 1842). Wegg d Dec 1815. Mortgage to Hust long paid off.
    Recites inclosure award 1824 allotting to execs 3 pieces of land in Erpingham (2 r 36p; 2r 12p; 5a 33p)
    Wickes conveys to John Wegg :
    Messuage occupied by Rev Stephen Allen [rector of Wolterton and Wickmere] 7a 2r 3p between Kittmer and highway Calthorpe to Aylsham (n), land late Cook now R Copeman, divided by private road (s) Parsonage Road and cottage of Jn Elden Burrell (w); rent of 1s from Burrell's cottage;
    And other land (2r 36p) parcel of Eagle Common bounded by Cooper (n) Parsonage Road (e), the next piece (s) and Wright (w);
    And piece of land 2r 12p parcel of common next to last (n) Parsonage Rd (e), Cook now Copeman (s) and Wright (w);
    And other land (5a 22p) parcel of open field called Field Close & Barns Hurn and Common bounded by Kittmer (n) land late Woolmer Cubitt now Rev George Fish (e,s,w) and turnpike from Aylsham to Cromer (n-w)
    Witnessed by R W Parmeter sol Aylsham and by Henry Bruce Barclay Capt 56th Regiment in Cork. Memorandum 3 Jan 1844 that the 5a 22p land was conveyed to Rev G Fish. parchment 2 Jan 1844

2/4 Abstract of title of estate of Robert Wegg decd. Made by RW Parmeter Aylsham. Recites from 1742-1844 including 2/2-3 and the items noted in 2/1.
1742 Jan 14 Ann wife of John Roberts left to her husband for life all her property in Erpingham and 5 other parishes, remaining to John Watts son of John Watts of Gt Yarmouth.
1769 Jn and Esther Watts of Yarmouth cordwainer to James Curties of Aylsham grocer a messuage with barns and 50 acres in Erpingham and Ingworth occupied by Charles Dack.
Curties mortgages to Bensley, Howse, Raven and Barrett.
1798 Jan 9 James Curties will left all his estate to Stephen Ashley of Aylsham shopkeeper. 1844

2/5 Appointment of land

  1. John Wegg esq capt in 56th Regiment Cork
  2. Rev George Fish of Erpingham
  3. Rbt Wm Parmeter of Aylsham gent trustee for Fish
    For £200 Piece of land (5a 22p) part of inclosure award.
    Witness George Partridge for Fish and Capt Barclay, Cork parchment 3 Jan 1844

2/6 Appointment and release of freehold estate

  1. Col John Wegg esq of Dublin Lt-Col
  2. Rev George Fish of Erpingham
    Recites 2/3
    For life annuity of £35 to John Wegg Fish purchases 3 ½ acres copyhold part built on with an alder carr, part of 9a and one messuage and one piece of land (2nd allotment 2r 12p). parchment 31 Mar 1855

2/7 Conveyance

  1. Sir Kenneth Hagen Kemp of Mergate Hall Bracon Ash bt and Robert Hamilton Kemp of same esq his son (21 in 1898)
    2.William Forster of Blickling gent
    House and land in Ingworth and Erpingham freehold and copyhold (surrendered by Kemps G Fish 26 Sep 1892)
    Recites Fish mortgaged to Forster for £5000 6 May 1872
    Made will 12 Oct 1883 and died 26 Sept 1892 without paying mortgage. Kemps were trustees of will and sell to Forster for £300: freehold cottage garden and land (2r 17p) in Ingworth (occ Thos William); freehold closes (9a 32p) in Erpingham (occ George Harvey) with buildings now dilapidated, tithe numbers 157,171 (house), 173, 175,176; and copyhold 4a 12p formerly Wegg.
    Witnessed by Walter E Tuttle clerk to Mr Forster sol, Aylsham parchment 27 Sep 1902

3/1 Copy conveyance
1 Robt Marshall Balls of Erpingham butcher
2 Rt Hon Horatio Walpole Earl of Orford
For £80
Cottage in two tenements in Erpingham previously part of the tenements called the Town Houses of parish (1 r 26p) bounded by land of Orford (n & e) private road (w) and land late of parish now of James Redfoord Bulwer esq (w) in occ of Wm Doughty and John Slaughter.
Recites sale with permission of Aylsham Union Guardians and churchwardens of Erpingham under act to 'facilitate sale of parish workhouses' to Balls and now to Orford.
Office number 252. 26 Oct 1852

3/2-5 Copy bargain and sale

  1. Benjamin Richard Bacon of Cambridge tobacconist surviving exec of Wm Bacon of Trimingham late of Erpingham gent
    2.Miss Elizabeth Shepheard of Erpingham
    W Bacon will of 5 Dec 1832; died 20 April 1836 .
    Messuage where E Shepheard lives with barn stable etc (3 roods) bounded by Alby Road (n) MC Kittmer (e & s) land of Snelling Roper now Edward Balls (w); and that piece of land in Erpingham (27p) bounded by watercourse dividing parishes of Erpingham and Thwaite(n), land of Wm Howe Windham esq (e), Alby Road (s) land of Jn Woolsey now Earl of Orford (w)
    Of which the messuage and 2 r 14 p were estate of Richard Bacon and left by his will 17 Oct 1799 to son William Bacon; of which 1r 13p were allotted by inclosure 1824 to W Bacon.
    Copied by RW Parmeter. Office number 262.
    Enclosed three letters from Geo Wilkinson, N Walsham 15 Oct 1853

3/6 a-b Copy conveyance of Erpingham parish land

  1. Guardians of Aylsham union, churchwardens of Erpingham (Jn Shepheard, Edmund Balls), overseers (Richard Ulph, Jn Johnson
  2. Marquis of Lothian of Blickling
    under act to 'facilitate sale of parish workhouses'
    for £35 paid to Thomas Copeman treasurer of the union for the parish account. Inclosure of land in Erpingham bounded by churchyard (n) and public roads on other parts (occ by Charles Hayhem.
    Copy made by R W Parmeter, Aylsham, sol of Marquis of Lothian
    Office number 279.
    Pinned, letter to Parmeter from J Shepheard. 3 Oct 1854
    4/1 Draft conveyance 'to be endorsed on indenture of 2 May 1834'
  3. George Wm Stocks of Norwich draper
  4. Robert Pratt [deleted of Aylsham]
    Some doubt about legal title to estate Erpingham in will of Joseph Stocks passing to son G W Stocks but Stocks sells to Pratt all property as in the 1834 indenture. [Deed not present]
    Parmeter Aylsham. Office number 308. 31 July 1855
    4/2 Draft conveyance
  5. Robert Pratt of Aylsham plumber and glazier
  6. John Fish alias Jn Crisp of Erpingham dealer
    Four messuages or tenements with yards gardens, one of which is now used as a chapel for Wesleyan Methodists and the others occupied by Barnes , Tooke and Slaughter;
    And a messuage and pieces of land on part whereof a windmill once stood but which has recently been pulled down, now in occ of Jn Fish and all which premises lie together in Erpingham, 2 a 3r.
    Bounded by parish of Thwaite (n) lands Robert Copeman now Joseph Watts (e), highway Calthorpe to Alby and land of Joseph Watts (s), last mentioned land of Watts and highway Calthorpe to Thwaite (w). Indemnified by Pratt.
    Wm Forster witness. Parmeter Office number 311

See also 1/1 for windmill site 1810 7 Aug 1855

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