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Title deeds to a house, 35 Sandringham Road (formerly Denmark Road), Norwich

  • MC 3612, 1078X6
  • Fondo
  • 1887-1952

In 1855, the Bishop of Norwich and the Church Commissioners, traditional lords of the manor of Heigham, sold lands in the Hamlet of Heigham (tithe plan numbers 393, 393a, 394-396 and 399) to John Norgate of Heigham merchant. By Norgate’s will, proved Dec 1871, he bequeathed all his estate to his wife, Mary A Norgate. After several mortgages over the course of the 1870s, part (containing 119r 18yds and bounded to the north by a new road then called Denmark Road) of the then mortgaged estate was conveyed in 1880 to a builder/developer, James Youngs of Heigham for £627. Detailed building and occupiership covenants are recorded in an additional abstract of title dated 1887.
Youngs eventually built 12 messuages in Denmark Road, re-mortgaging as necessity required, and when he died in 1887, his son and executor, John Youngs with his mortgagees sold off his estates in this and nearby roads, houses nos 35 and 37 Denmark Road being sold to the tenant of 37, Henry Robertson. In 1893, the still mortgaged house, no. 35 was conveyed to George Tuck, who continued to use it as security against further borrowing. By the time of another mortgage deed of 1899, the road had been renamed as Sandringham Road. Tuck’s representatives sold the house to its tenant, Herbert Smith, and one year later, he conveyed it to a local police inspector, Walter Valentine Crome. He lived there until his death in 1934 and in his will, he left it to his widow, Beatrice F. Crome, whose own will appointed Benjamin Holmes her sole heir and executor. In 1952, she died, leaving the house in the possession of Holmes.
Documents include three abstracts of title covering the years, 1855-1952, and sale particulars of the Youngs’ estate in Denmark Road, Stafford Street and St Philip’s Road, 1887.

Benjamin Holmes; 1890-c 1960; Norwich

Deeds relating to Property in St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich

  • MC 3613, 1078X7
  • Fondo
  • 1766-1826

Conveyed by John and Elizabeth Ivory to Daniel Dyson in 1766, by Daniel's son Joseph Dison (or Dyson) to trustees for Ann Astley 1772, by the trustees to Henry Gridley 1792 and by Gridley to Henry Green in 1825. The property is described in 1766 as a messuage, tenement or dwelling house and dying office (now occupied by Dyson); a wash house and chamber above it adjoining the house; a wash house adjoining the dying office at the north end; and various small pieces of land adjoining, with a right of way from the house through Robert Leggett's yard to Rose Lane. With mortgages and associated deeds 1766-1826, and abstract of title for 1649-1824 [compiled c 1824]. Also includes sale particular regarding a dwelling house of 12 rooms near Rose Lane in St Peter Parmentergate parish, and two large stables and a chaise house adjoining the dwelling house, 1825. The sale particular is annotated with an agreement by James Sillett, drawing master [1764-1840, Norwich artist] to purchase from Henry Green.

Robert Harcourt; 1920-1970; Norwich, Norfolk

Title deeds to 1 Jubilee Cottages, Gateley Road, Brisley, NR20 5LP

  • MC 3604, 1077X7
  • Fondo
  • Mar 1841-Aug 2008

In 1841, William Atthow of Brisley, yeoman sold for £85 to his younger brother, James Atthow of the same place, pump maker, three messuages and 1r,16p of land adjoining in Brisley, bounded to the north by Brisley Green, to the east by other lands and premises of William Atthow and to the south and west by the lands of George Butcher Esq. By the terms of James' will, proved 1858, the three coottages purchased from his brother with the comon garden adjoing them was bequeathed to his married daughter, Harriet Susanna Warner. In 1863, Harriet died leaving title to her husband, George Warner for life and after his death, to her daughter, another Harriet Susanna. In 1886, Harriet married Arthur Albert Perkins, and two years later, on the presumption of inheritance, obtained a loan of monies. The security was assigned in 1893 and again in 1895, and when, in 1900, George Warner died, Harriet Susanna Perkins and her mortgagee copnveyed the cottages and land to Henry Moore. Moore mortgaged the cottages in 1911, and in 1921, he and his mortgagee conveyed the cottages to AP Wright. Wright had the three cottages converted to two cottages in that year, and sold the two cottages to Arthur Fisher. In 1924 Fisher sold them to Robert T Howling, who owned them until in 1957, he declared that the area of the 'Jubliee Cottage' smallholding was nearer to half an acre than to 1r,16p, after which, he conveyed it to Eric A Eke. The Ekes acquired an additional piece of land west and adjoining the smallholding in 1971 and developed land to the west and south of it, establishing a trackway to a new property built to the south of it. In 1991, Eric Eke sold 1 Jubilee Cottages (the original plot of land) to Mrs M M Canham, and in 2008, this was conveyed to Geoffrey and Sharon Bareham. This property has since been sold.
Documents include an office copy will (proved 1858 at the Norwich Consistory Court) of James Atthow late of Brisley, pump maker nd [watermarked 1888], certified copies of: marriage certificate of Arthur Perkins and Harriet Susanna Warner in 1886, and death certificate of Harriet Warner in 1863 and birth certificate of Harriet Susanna Warner in 1855, both dated 1888, abstract of title (1841-1900) of Harriet Susanna Perkins to a freehold cottages in Brisley 1900, Norwich Union fire insurance certificates on brick, stone and tile-covered cottages in Brisley 1894, 1900, abstract of title of Mr Arthur Fisher to two cottages in Brisley (1900-1924) 1924, statutory declaration by Mr RT Howling re his purchase of Jublilee Cottages, with, endorsed, plan of the site 1957, conveyance with plan of freehold land at Gately Road, Brisley 1971, statutory declaration of Michelle Mary Canham re the use of a roadway adjacent to 1 Jubilee Cottages, with plan of the site, 2008 and Land Registry certificate of title of Geoffrey and Sharon Bareham to Jubliee Cottage, 2008.

Geoffrey and Sharon Bareham; fl 2022; homeowners; Brisley, Norfolk

Title deeds and executorship papers of the Terrington family's estate in Dersingham

  • MC 3603, 1077X7
  • Fondo
  • 1866-1956

Terrington family executorship papers and deeds relating to Douglas William Terrington's title to a messuage, cottages and land (1a 27p) , and four cottages, gardens and land on Manor Road (previously part of plot 88 on the Dersingham Enclosure plan) all in Dersingham, the former property was mortgaged to John Rolfe and then reconveyed back to William Smith in 1876, who subsequently mortgaged it several times before selling it to Frederick Terrington of Dersingham, butcher. After his death, his estates passed to his son, Douglas William Terrington. The latter property was conveyed by John Harpley to Robert Culyer of Swaffham, merchant's clerk in 1869. In 1947, the trustees of trusts under Culyer's will, sold the premises to Douglas W Terrington, and a memorandum of this conveyance with a marginal plan is endorsed on the 1869 conveyance from Harpley to Culyer. Douglas died in 1956 and his estates passed to his widow, Ruth May Terrington. Documents include an abstract of title of William Henry Smith to a messuage, cottage and land (1a 27p) 'for Mr F Terrington' 1879-1893, Douglas Terrington's copies of executorship accounts re his father, Frederick Terrington's estate, 1929-1931 and Inland Revenue estate duty statement 1937.

Douglas William Terrington; 1877-1956; property developer; Dersingham, Norfolk

Property papers and sale particulars for the Gissing estate

  • MC 3523
  • Fondo
  • 20th century

Abstracts of title, conveyances, and other deeds 1923-1952, Sir Kenneth Kemp, baronet to H.C. Cragg esq.

Photocopy of 1923 sale catalogue for the estate, sold by Sir Kenneth Kemp, baronet.

Sir Kenneth Hagar Kemp; 1853-1936; 12th Baronet, lawyer, soldier, banker, cricketer

Small collection of deeds and executors account book relating to property in Diss

  • MC 3549, 1069x8
  • Fondo
  • 1710-1834

Three indentures concerning a house known as Pyes located with fishmarket to the east and the great mere to the west, William Smith to Robert Hunt; Robert Hunt to Thomas Motts; William Smith and Robert Hunt to Robert Motts, 1710, 1711, 1715.

Probate of the will and codical of Frances Woodward, widow of Walcott Houyse, Diss, 19 Dec 1833, with extract of settlement, 1770.

Executors account book, relating to Frances Woodward estate, 1833-34.


South Wootton map and King's Lynn deed

  • MC 3530
  • Fondo
  • 1682, c 1911

1: A description of what "copy hold" is together with a plan showing copy holders in South Wootton. Description provided by Alfred John Smith one time Borough Surveyor and Engineer. Map is UFP.

2: A land document transfer in King's Lynn by Jonas Leech 1682.

Alfred John Smith; fl 1911- fl 1923; Borough Surveyor; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Bundle of deeds relating to Dickleburgh Baptist Church

  • MC 3552, 1073X8
  • Fondo
  • 1882-1997

Enrolled copy of conveyance of a piece of land for a Baptist Meeting House at Dickleburgh, 1882
Copy of the conveyance of a piece of land for a Baptist Meeting House at Dickleburgh, 1883
Appointment of new trustees, 1932
Appointment of new trustees, 1932
Brief schedule of deeds, 1960
Fire insurance policy for the Baptist Church, Dickleburgh, 1944
Charity Commission: establishment of scheme relating to the Baptist Union Corporation and the charities based in Diss, Dickleburgh, and Scole, 1952
Photocopy of printed Charity Commission Scheme as above, 1952
Copy of Land Registry title entry for land formerly the site of the Baptist Chapel, Chapel Road, Dickleburgh, 1997

The Baptist Union Corporation Limited; fl 1952-; charity; Diss, Dickleburgh, and Scole, Norfolk

Mortgage title of Katherine Copeman and her successors to an estate in Bawdeswell (actually owned by John Allen of Saxthorp, later of Bawdeswell, farmer)

  • MC 3524, 1073x5
  • Fondo
  • 1798-1876

Mortgage of two closes of land (6a) in Bawdeswell by bargain and sale for 1000-year term from John Allen of Saxthorpe, farmer, to Amy Smith, spinster of Briston to secure the loan of £160 in 1798, reciting that Allen had inherited the land from his deceased father of the same name, and who had bought it from James Leeds of North Tuddenham farmer in 1762, with endorsed memoranda of receipt of annual interest payments, 1800-1813. Also an assignment of the remainder of the 1000-year term from the executors of Amy Smith (Smith, Christmas and Hill family names) and direction of John Allen to Katherine Copeman of Aylsham widow in 1817, with endorsed memoranda of payment of annual interest, 1818-1853 and a memorandum by Robert Copeman late of Aylsham, sole executor of Katherine's will acknowledging receipt of the principal money and interest due to Katherine, 1876.

Amy Smith; fl 1798; spinster; Briston, Norfolk

Bullards, Norwich

  • BR 164
  • Fondo
  • 1731-1954

Listed in the following order: Title Deeds, Anchor Brewery Site; Title Deeds, Other Properties; Leases and Assignments; Business Records.

Bullard and Sons; 1864-1967; brewers; Norwich, Norfolk

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