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Title of Edmund Buscall to an allotment (5a 31p) late part of the High Common in Ashill, bounded by the parish of Holme Hale to the north and by the Watton road to the east (of which 1a 1r was copyhold of the Manor of Uphall, Collards and Games, Ashill)

The copyhold part was devised by Mary Fellows' will of 1762 to husband, Francis, and then to Thomas Scott. This, and the freehold part, then passed Holly/Bull/Wright and was sold to Edmund Buscall in 1798.

Documents include court roll copy of admission (Manor of Panworth Hall, Ashill) of Richard Berney to 13.5a land in several pieces in the fields of Ashill, 1720, and abstract of title (1731-1798) of Edmund Buscall to allotment of land in Ashill, nd [watermarked 1795].

Title of Thomas Clark to a messuage and adjoining garden in Ickburgh, abutting north onto a bierway and south onto the highway

Thomas Snelling purchased the property in 1663 from William Bryand and sold it to John Plummer in 1672. It then passed Plummer/Moy/Clark/Lambert. In 1740, Robert Lambert devised his house and garden to his wife, Mary, for life and then to his 'kinsman', Robert Arnall. By 1761, it was the property of Thomas Clark who then, in 1761, sold it to James Nelthorpe.
Documents include copy of court roll (Honour of Clare) admission of Robert Lambert, 1723, and original will of Robert Lambord [Lambert], 1740.

Bargain and sale with bond to perform covenants, from Thomas Nurse to Richard Clarke

Of a messuage and adjoining hempland next to the Towne Lane of Ickburgh to the east and abutting south on the common street and north on the field of Ickburgh, and also eight pieces of land, together 6a. 1r., of which the first (1a.) is next to a common mere to the east and is bounded to the north by Langford Way, the second (half an acre) is next to the town lands to the west and is bounded to the north by the common pasture, the third (half an acre) is bounded by Brockey Way to the west, the fourth (1½ a.) is bounded by Langford Way to the east, the fifth (1r.) is bounded to the east by a common place called The Eastlinges and to the west by Langford Way, the sixth (1a.) is bounded to the south by Mill Way and to the north by Langford Way, the seventh (half an acre) and the eighth (1a.) is a meadow next to the town meadow to the east and is bounded by the common river to the south.

Title of Richard Eastgate of Wendling, butcher, to 17a. and half a rod of land in seventeen pieces in the town and fields of Ickburgh

The seventeen pieces are comprised as follows: the first (4a.) lies in Clipedall in two long furlongs and abutts the common to the south, the second (3r.) lies in the North Field and abutts west on Brockstey Way, the third (3r.) lies in the North Field and abutts west on Brockstey Way, the fourth (half an acre) lies in the same field, the fifth (1r.) lies in the West Field and abutts west on Walsingham Way, the sixth (1.5r.) also lies in the West Field and abutts east on Tuthill Gate, the seventh (1a.) lies in the West Field next to the town land to the south and to Brockstey Way to the east, the eighth (3.5 r.) abutts east upon Rackstey Way, the ninth (1a.) also lies in the West Field and abutts upon Blackstey Way to the east, the tenth (7r.) lies in the South Field, the eleventh (1a.) also lies in the South Field, the twelfth (1a.) lies in the South Field and abutts north on the Mill Way, the thirteenth (1a.) lies in the South Field and abutts west upon Brockstey Way, the fourteenth (half an acre) lies in the same field, the fifteenth (1a.and half a rod) lies in the same field, the sixteenth (1a.) is meadow and abutts the common river of Ickburgh to the south, and the seventeenth (half an acre) lies in the South Field and abutts north upon the Mill Way and upon the common to the south.

Title of Henry Cocksedge to a messuage called the Hermitage and 37a. 3r. and a messuage called Kemps (formerly of John Clark) and 50a. 1r. both [messuages] occupied by John Juby, and also to four other messuages and three hemplands, all in Ickburgh

Martha Partridge, widow of Henry (brother of Robert Partridge) conveyed the property to Henry Cocksedge, in trust for Charles Downing in 1735. In 1742, Henry Cocksedge acknowledged his trustee status but then in the same year purchased the property in his own right from Charles Downing's son, Jacob Garrard Downing.

Title of James Nelthorpe to a cottage abutting north on the street in Ickburgh

In 1738, John Juby sold the property to George Fuller. It then passed Fuller/Tavell/Oliver/Harper. Thomas Harper conveyed the property to James Nelthorpe in 1761.

Documents include; quitclaim against all actions by Thomas Glascock and John More (administrators of Hillary and Mary Baley deceased) to John Baley, 1736, and sale agreement between Charles Constable (husband of Ann and son-in-law to Elizabeth Oliver) [widow of Robert Oliver] and Thomas Harper, 1757.

Title of Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, to Abbey Farm [the site of the dissolved monastery in Thetford], the Manor of Hallwick, various sheepwalks, Castle Hill or Castle Yard, a parcel of ground called Aldercarr, a meadow by Milford Bridge, and the site of the late Austin friars, all in Thetford

In 1607, Castle Hill Yard, the Aldercarr and the meadow by Milford Bridge were sold by Sir Edward Clere to John Holland of Kenninghall. In 1638, these properties and the Abbey site and the Manor of Halwick were leased for 99 years by the Right Hon. Thomas, Earl of Arundel and Surrey and others to Thomas Marsham. The lease then passed Marsham/Kendall/Kerrington until, in 1718, Roger Kerrington's widow and executrix of his will assigned the remainder of the term of 99 years over to the freehold owner, then the Duke of Norfolk.

Documents include a covenant by John Kendall to keep the manor court of Halwicke Manor at the Abbey [Farm] in Thetford [during his tenancy], 1653, copy will of John Kendall of Linford House, gentleman (proved 1672), nd [18th century] and copy will (dated 1702) of Roger Kerrington of Rougham, Suffolk, gentleman, 1719.

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