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Costessey Parish Council

  • PC 109
  • Archief
  • 1934-1958


Costessey Parish Council; 1894-; Costessey, Norfolk

Joyce/Rowbottom of Honingham family and personal papers

  • MC 2173
  • Archief
  • 1888-1964

The Honingham Estate records listed here appear to have been acquired by the Rowbottoms through two generations of service to the Fellows family as land agents from 1888 onwards. After the estate was sold by the Fellows, the Rowbottoms continued to live and farm both the Hall and Home Farms in Honingham.
The Joyces seem to have been related to the Rowbottoms and to have inherited these records.

The Costessey Society's Millennium (Photographic) Record of Costessey

  • MC 2820
  • Archief
  • 2000

Consisting of colour, photographic prints, all, or most, being originally taken in 2000. Many are digital photographs taken by Society members, but those of the residents of Costessey were supplied to the Society by the residents themselves for the purposes of the Costessey Millennium Record.

The Costessey Society; c 1974-; amenity organisation; Costessey, Norfolk

Costessey Mill Receipts

  • MC 1120
  • Archief
  • 1901

Culley family; 1817-1861; farmers; Costessey, Norfolk

Correspondence between Monica and Arthur Denny

  • MC 2811/1, 1000X1
  • Archief
  • 1942-1975

Includes letters written between Monica Denny (aged about 11 years old) and her father Arthur Denny who was serving in the 65th Norfolk Yeomanry Anti-Tank Regiment during the Second World War. Also contains some personal papers including Monica's identity card and some post-war documents including a photograph of Arthur Denny and note of the floral tributes at his funeral, 1975.

  1. Christmas card to Monica from Dad, nd.
  2. Letter to Monica from dad in Durweston, Blandford, Dorset, nd.
    Received a cake from her mother but the tin sliding around in the box 'put paid to the pears'. Sending a p/o for her birthday in case he forgets it.
  3. Letter to Monica from Dad, 'somewhere in France', nd.
    Wishing her luck in her attempt to win a scholarship in March. She is going to become a guide so 'you are not letting Peter beat you as he is now a scout'. He goes on to say that 'you can imagine me drinking a glass of wine with disgust I would sooner be having the Norfolk barley wine.'
  4. Letter to Monica from Dad, 'The mine Billet, somewhere in France', nd.
    She is now a girl guide 'it's a good job you don't have uniform like ours with plenty of buttons to clean.' He notes that she has been troubled at school by the 'dagenham children' which are causing her schooling to be 'errattic'.
    5A. Returned airgraph from 'Tidley' to her father which could not be delivered as 'the addressee is reported prisoner of war', 27 May 1942.
    She has been on holiday to London 'things quite were we went so don't jump out of your skin' She went to the fair and the zoo. She wants him to write so she 'can tell the guys at school I have had a letter from the desert'.
    5B envelope annotated 'missing 18/7/1942' [crossed out].
    6A. Returned airgraph from 'Tidley' to her father which could not be delivered as 'the addressee is reported prisoner of war', 14 June 1942.
    She has had photo taken for which she made a dress. Asks him to buy her a handbag or bracelet when he is on leave. Also asks to send money as she still wants a bike.
    6B Envelope annotated missing [crossed out in red] 28/07/42'.
  5. Airgraph letter to Mrs Denny from her husbands regiment extending their sympathies after he has been declared 'missing', 28 July 1942.
    8A. Telegram to Mrs Denny from Mr Denny, 19 July 1942.
    'All well and safe please don't worry fondest love= Denny'
    8B. Envelope.
  6. Postcard to Monica from her father in Italian camp 70 PM 3300, No 2 Compound, Italy, 7 November 1942.
    'I suppose my little gardening nuisance has now grown up into a young woman so will have things to do' .
  7. Postcard to Mabel (Monica's mother) from Arthur (father) in Italian camp 70 PM 3300, 17 December 1942.
    He is waiting for more letters and warm clothing.
  8. Postcard to Monica from her father in Italian camp 70 PM 3300, No 1 Compound, Italy, 16 March 1943.
    Thanking her for her letter and photograph, 'Keep playing the game and be no trouble to mother then I shall always be proud of you'.
  9. Post card to Monica from her father in Stalag IVB, 26 March 1944.
    Hopes she is keeping well and from the letters he gets she is 'a bit of a madcap'.
  10. Postcard to Monica from her father in Stalag IVB, 10 October 1944.
    'I think it is nearly time you stopped getting fat and started to get a little shape in you, if you do as much dancing as you say in your last letter, you should be somewhat slim.''
  11. Postcard to Monica from her father in Stalag IVB, 3 January 1945.
    He hopes she likes her job and will stick with it.
  12. Letter to Mabel from Arthur Stalag IVB, 18 January 1945.
    The weather is cold and they are out of food parcels. They have had to share one between two for a while. He has not received any letters from home since December. Thinks it will not be long now 'but we need some patience the waiting seems so long in fact it has been a hell of a long time.'
  13. Postcard to Mabel from Arthur, Stalag IVB, 18 March 1945.
    'the usual weekly card letting you know I am still alright'. He still has not received any letter from home since December.
  14. Pocket calendar 1942
    Enscribed 'fondest love and kisses Mabel'.
    18 Order of service at the Dedication of the Book of Remembrance 1939-45, The King's Own Royal Regiment, Norfolk Yeomanry, 65th (Norfolk Yeomanry) Anti Tank Regt. R.A.
    Norwich Cathedral,15 October 1950.
  15. b/w photo of Arthur Denny in his garden, nd.
    20.Order of service for a floral tribute to Arthur Denny and service and cremation at Norwich & Norfolk crematorium on 28 February 1975.
  16. Print out of information on Stalag 4B accessed 14/08/2003.
  17. Identity card for Monica Denny.
  18. Handwritten notes on prison camp guards and transfer to Stalag 4B.
  19. Small printed booklet, The Gospel According to Saint John, 1915.
  20. Christmas calendar/booklet from Catholic Church with hymns and an introductory message from Pope Pius XII regarding prisoners of war.

Arthur Denny; ?-1975; soldier; Norfolk, Italy, Germany

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