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Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk
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Great Hospital, Norwich additional record

  • ACC 2008/370
  • Temporary
  • 1938-1996

Chaplain's quarterly report (to the Trustees) book, Midsummer 1938-Feb 1996

Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk

Interview of Fred Gardner by Jean Eaglen

00:00 minutes:seconds - subjects discussed include 1st Militia; ammunition; annual treats; army; army training; Attleborough; barns; baths; beaches; bicycles; brass polishing; bread and dripping; black bread; British Expeditionary Force (BEF); British servicemen; cars; railway cattle trucks; children; clothes; drying of clothes; coalmen; cricket; crimes; cycling; Danzig; deliveries; early closing days; education; elementary schools; employers; employment; enlisting; errand boys; fathers; fens; fires; food; footwear; France; gardening; Mr Gardner, father of interviewee; Mrs Gardner, mother of interviewee; German soldiers; guns; half day closing of shops; harvesting; headteachers; health; Holland; horses; hours of work; illnesses; International Stores; invasions; Kenninghall; Kenninghall Elementary School; Kenninghall Fen; leaving school; marches; millers; money; mothers; nineteen-forties; nineteen-thirties; Norwich; outside toilets; parents; pennies; Poland; policemen; prisoners of war; Pullen & Mace, signwriters of St Giles, Norwich; railway cattle trucks; Fred Rayner; rickets; sandwiches; schools; shoes; shop girls; shops; siblings; signwriters; singing; soldiers; songs; sportsmen; St Giles, Norwich; St Valery, France; stealing food; teachers; thefts; tin baths; toilets; training; transport; wages; walking; wars; wash houses; weather; Mr J Williams, headteacher; window cleaning; winter; starting work; World War II.

12:11 m:s - alcohol; bait; beating children; bicycles; boys; homemade bread; buildings; bullock heads as food; childhood; children; cooking; cooks; courts; crimes; deaths; deprivation; domestic service; dumplings; East Harling; East Harling Juvenile Court; eels; electricity; farms; fathers; fens; fishing; food; keeping food cool in hot weather; Mr Gardner, father of interviewee; Mrs Gardner, mother of interviewee; damage to gates; hospitals; housekeeping money; illegitimacy; illness; Ellen Jones; juvenile courts; larders; marriage; meals; meat; meres; milk; lack of money; mothers; deaths of mothers; oil lamps; parents; pasteurised milk; policemen; practical jokes; pregnancies; public houses; punishments; Quidenham Mere; rabbits; radios; sense of humour; Delia Smith; summer; wages; loss of wages; washing boards; wells; West Norwich Hospital, Norwich; Wicklewood Workhouse; wirelesses; women; workhouses.

22:04 m:s - 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' [hymn]; Mr Banham, father-in-law of interviewee; boots; borstals; cancer; cats' whiskers [in radios]; workhouse cells; children; clothes; George Collins; courts; crimes; Cromwell House, Kenninghall; deaths; duties; employment; fathers-in-law; footwear; graveyards; hand-me-downs [clothes]; happiness; high-leg boots [girls' boots]; homelessness; house-breaking; houses; hymns; illnesses; juvenile courts; the Kaiser; Kenninghall; lifestyles; men; parish clerks; parish relief; poor relief; prisons; punishments; radios; relations; rocking horses; school toilets; schools; shoe repairs; lack of social security; standard of living; emptying of toilets; touching forelocks as a mark of respect; toys; tramps; tyres used as repair material; village schools; wars; Wicklewood Workhouse; wirelesses; women; work; workhouses; children in workhouses; World War I.

30:15 m:s - authors; babies; baskets; Brecklands; broats [sticks]; Chris Bush, county cricketer; children; Mrs Clarke, grandmother of interviewee; Rainbird Clarke, grandfather of interviewee; cottages; county cricketers; cricket matches; cricketers; curators; deaths; Eagle Public House; frail baskets ; games; gardeners; Ethel Garnder [nee Banham], wife of interviewee; grandparents; Michael Holme; hymns; Kenninghall; landlords; lifestyle; Lopham; musical instruments; nineteen-forties; nineteen-thirties; Norwich Museum; odd-jobbing; payments in kind; pensioners; pig farming; playing music; poachers; public houses; rabbits; Mike Salmon, grandfather of interviewee and smallholder; Salvation Army; Salvationists; Shropham; Shropham Hall; Shropham Park; singing; smallholders; smallholdings; sports; Sprowston; Stamford; transport; violinists; violins; walking; wars; 'When I Survey the Wondrous Cross' [hymn]; World War II; writers.

40:51 m:s - Ben Adams; Army accommodation; Attleborough; babies; damage to bicycles; birds; births; blindness; the blitz; bomb damage; bomb shelters; bombings; British servicemen; damage to buildings; children; concentration camps; cottages; courting; Bill Davey; deaths; deaths by shooting; donkey stoves; 'Eastern Daily Press'; elderly people; electricity supply; employment; enlisting; evictions; factories; farm labour; farmers; farms; fathers; fire sirens; names of flowers; friendships; Ethel Gardner [nee Banham], wife of interviewee; Mr Gardner, father of interviewee; Mrs Gardner, mother of interviewee; Great Ellingham; Great Melton; grieving; harmonicas; health; heating; heaven; houses; housing; illness; Kiev; languages; leisure activities; lifestyle; marriages; married life; midwives; mothers; munitions factories; murders; music; musical instruments; neighbours; newspapers; nineteen-forties; Norwich Shirehall; nurses; oil lamps; Palestine; parents; plant names; poems; poetry; postnatal depression; reading; Eleanor Roosevelt; Royal Norfolk Regiment; Russians; sirens; sisters; smallholdings; sons; students; Suffolk Regiment; Sundays; tied houses; Ukraine; values; walks; wars; washing; weather; wildlife; winter; wives; work; World War II; Wymondham.

Jean Eaglen; fl 2003-2004; Norfolk

Grant by John Crewe of Trowse, bocher, to William Rogers, citizen and Alderman of Norwich, and Katherine his wife

Two and a half acres of meadow adjoining a meadow in Trowse called 'le Churche Medowes' between a meadow of the Hospital of St Giles in Norwich and a meadow belonging to Trowse Mill, now in the hands of the Sacrist of the Church of Holy Trinity in Norwich to the south and 'Church Medowes' to the north, and abutting on the common water called 'the water of trane' adjoining Trowse common to the east and on the aforesaid meadow of the Sacrist to the west, as well as a certain piece of meadow which John Crewe lately had, amonst others, by the feoffment of Thomas Crewe, citizen and Alderman of Norwich of 1 May 1545.

Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk

Grant by Mathew de Swathingge and Pleasance his wife to Richer Alunday, citizen of Norwich, and Christiana his wife of a place of land of which the eastern head abutted on the churchyard of St Cross, charged with 12d. p.a. rent to the Hospital of St Giles.

Undated but Norwich bailiffs for 1281-1282 named. Endorsed with a contemporary memorandum of the deed's production in the full court of Norwich by Matthew and Pleasance, and was examined by Adam the clerk on 28 Oct 1281. Francis Blomefield's crossed-circle mark is at the top left-hand corner by the head of the text.

Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk

Grant by Christiana, widow of Richer Alunday of Norwich, and Richer her son to Robert de Holveston, draper, citizen of Norwich, of yearly rent of 5s. from messuage formerly of Reginald le Grey, weaver, of which the eastern head abutted on the churchyard of St Cross, and the western head abutted in part the messuage of Matthew de Swathinge, charged with 12d. rent to the Hospital of St Giles.

Dated at Pentecost, 34 Edward I. and naming as city bailiffs, John de Morlet, John Parwer, Peter de Basingham and John de Gouthorp. Blomefield''s crossed circle mark is on both sides of the deed. Various endorsements, including one in a hand of c 1500-date, 'Carte Ric[ard]i Broun & Joh[ann]is Drolle de Nor[wi]co execut' testi' d[ic]ti Ric[ard]i Broun etc.'.

Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk

Counterpart lease for three years from Peter, master of St Giles' Hospital, and the brethren there to Richard de Bokenham le taliour, Agnes his wife, and Andrew their son, of messuage east of the churchyard of St Crucis (Holy Cross)

For annual rent of half a mark. Dated at Norwich on Tuesday in the f. of Michaelmas, 6 Edward III and with the seals of the lessees.
Blomefield's mark is endorsed.

Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk

Accounts of Pensions and Portions due to the Dean and Chapter

The full list of pensions and portions as given in lease of 1680 (DCN 20/3/5) is as follows:

Portions of tithes at Mettingham, Wangford, Raveningham, Postwick, Cringleford, Thorpe next Norwich, Thornage, Brinton, Boyton als Bighton, Hockering, Sparham, Scarning, Shotesham, Great Bircham, Swanton Morley, Cockthorpe, South Elmham and Hoxne. And pensions, portions of tithes or yearly rents paid or that ought to be paid by Master of Hospital of St Giles, Norwich, parson of Gaywood, parson of Cressingham, Dean and Chapter of Canterbury for their church at Deopham, parson of North Creake, vicar of Wighton, vicar of Wiggnehall St Germans, parson of Blickling, vicar of St Stephen's Norwich, White Friars and Augustine Friars, Norwich, churchwardens of St Peter Mancroft Norwich, parson of Thuxton, Ashby, churches of Haverhill and Barsham, parsonage of Swaffham, churches of Blackhurst, Wormegay, Fordham or Westlebridge, Flitcham, Hockham (sic.) Postwick, Holme by the Sea, East Bradenham, Caister in Flegg, Cromer als Shipden, Fundenhall, Field Dalling, Shropham, Massingham and Islington, and out of church of St Gregory in Sudbury, Bruisyard, Sutton, Kessing of Kessingland, Westleton, Brinton, parson of Wittlesham, and by the vicar of Henley. And whatsoever was due to be paid by the late priors of Sarrow (sic.), Blackborough, Flixton, late abbot of West Dereham, prior of Pentney, prior of Westacre, prior of Castleacre, prior of Charterhouse by London, prior of Shouldham, prior of Buckenham, prior of Walsingham, prior of Woodbridge, abbot of Sibton, abbot of Loyston (sic.), abbot of Bruisyard, late Master of the Chantry in Thompson, Master of the Chapel of the Field in Norwich. And also all the rents and impropriations reserved out of impropriations within the city of Norwich at George Colegate, Martin at Oak, James, Saviour, Martin at Palace, Peter in Conesford als Permountergate, John at the Gate, John upon the Hill als Sepulchre, Gregory, Giles, Benedict, Paul, Mary Unburnt 'and all the other pensions and portions whatsoever due and payable to the Dean and Chapter except one pension of £4.00 year due and payable by the Lord Bishop for his chapel in the palace at Norwich'.
In the account book of 1805 (DCN 20/1/2) there are some changes as follows: These no longer of the list: White Friars and Augustine Friars Norwich, Blackhurst, Wormegay, Fordham, Bruisyard, Henley: dues from priors or abbots of Sarrow (sic.), Flixton, West Dereham, Westacre, Castleacre, Charterhouse, Shouldham, Buckenham, Walsingham, Woodbridge, Sibton, Loyston (sic.), Bruisyard and masters of Thompson and Chapel in the Field, the church of St Mary Unburnt Norwich. These which were not listed in 1630 occur in 1805; Albourne Suffolk, Ashill, Buxton, Framsden Suffolk, Fressingfield Suffolk, Hevingham, Kirkton, St Margaret's Chapel [not said where], Snettisham, Therberton Suffolk, Wroxham, Wingfield Suffolk, Holkham, (but Hockham in DCN 20/3/5 is perhaps mistake for Holkham).


(1) The 1680 list is interesting as giving details of the origins of the pensions etc.: by 1805 they are simply listed in alphabetical order and distinctions like 'the churchwardens of St Peter Mancroft' or 'vicar of St Stephens' are not given.
(2) Many pensions are recorded in the 1805 account book as 'never paid'.
(3) Although the tithe rent charges due from Buxton and from Hevingham and Marsham are listed in the 1805 account their status is different to the others; they are invariably listed in the Audit books among the Country Estate rates not as part of the pensions and portions account. For leases see DCN 49/9 and 29.
(4) From the 1850s the Dean and Chapter transferred many of its estates to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, receiving in return tithe rent charges of specified parishes. These are listed as DCN 50.

Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk

Chamberlain's Register

[Davis 709]. Compiled in three stages. Chamberlain's holdings were mainly in Norwich, Stoke, Trowse, Arminghall. Also contains documents re Carrow convent and St Giles Hospital, with much later miscellanea.

Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk

Registrum Septum

[Davis 704]. Documents of general interest to the house - begins with Herbert's foundation charter and Pope Paschal's confirmation. Followed by royal charters, episcopal charters (arranged topographically not by bishop), final concords, topographical section relating to Sedgeford and Thornham only. With small collection of confirmations by mid-13th century, priors mainly inspeximi of grants of the bishops, including that of the foundation of the Hospital of St Giles. Also contains a table of contents to DCN 40/1.

Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk

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