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Norfolk County Council; 1889- Fondo
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Motor Vehicle Registration

  • MVR
  • Fondo
  • 1904-1977

Norfolk County Council, Norwich County Borough Council and Yarmouth County Borough Council registration cards and registers.

Norfolk County Council; 1889-

County Surveyor's Department

  • C/SR
  • Fondo
  • nd [c 1900]-2003

Maps, reports, orders, correspondence, minutes, circulars.

Norfolk County Council; 1889-

Norfolk County Constabulary

  • C/PO
  • Fondo
  • 1837-1967

Records of Police Divisions.

Norfolk County Constabulary; 1839-1968

Norfolk Fire Service

  • C/F
  • Fondo
  • 1942-2004

The Norfolk Fire Service, run by Norfolk County Council, dates from 1 April 1948. Its predecessor was the National Fire Service, which was formed on 18 August 1941, when Fire Services run by local authorities were nationalised in order to meet the challenges posed by enemy bombing and other incidents during the Second World War. Most of the nationalised Fire Services had been run by City, Borough and Urban District Councils. Rural parishes had often entered into an agreement with their nearest urban Fire Service to pay for fire cover.

B.S. Veriod in, 'A History of the Norwich City Fire Brigade' (Norwich, 1986) relates with regard to the National Fire Service:

'It had been decided that the new service would be divided into thirty-nine fire areas (33 in England - 6 in Scotland) each commanded by a Fire Force Commander, with an assistant as Deputy. Each fire force was to be further sub-divided into divisions, commanded by a Divisional Officer, and divisions to be further divided into 2 columns, commanded by Column Officers, and columns to be divided into 5 companies, commanded by Company Officers. The Norwich area was in Area '4', Fire Force '13', Division 'A' with the stations in Norwich numbered from 1 to 9. Bethel Street was No. 1.

Area HQ was established at Cambridge, and Fire Force 13 H.Q. initially at Bethel Street although after a few weeks was transferred to Whitegates, Hethersett, in a house purchased from the Furness Shipping Company Family (Norfolk Fire Service H.Q. to this day). Divisional Headquarters was also initially based at Bethel Street, but it too was moved to a detached house in Upton Road, Norwich.'

The following information is taken from the National Fire Service (England and Wales) Directory dated 1 January 1947 (ACC 2003/93, uncatalogued):

Region No. IV (Eastern) Regional Headquarters, Anstey Hall, Trumpington, Near Cambridge.
Region No. IV Area 13 Area Headquarters, Whitegates, Hethersett, Norwich.
Region No. IV Area 13 Sub-Area A Headquarters, Fire Station, Bethel Street, Norwich.
Region No. IV Area 13 Sub-Area B Headquarters, Fire Station, Bond Street, Ipswich.
Region No. IV Area 13 Sub-Area C Headquarters, Fire Station, Cornhill, Bury St Edmunds.
Region No. IV Area 13 Sub-Area D Headquarters, Fire Station, Gayton Road, King's Lynn.
Region No. IV Area 13 Sub-Area E Headquarters, Fire Station, Middlegate Street, Great Yarmouth.

It is possible that the boundaries of the Divisions (known as Sub-Areas from March 1945)) may have altered. It is important to note that the boundaries of Division/Sub-Area A went far beyond the City of Norwich to encompass a large part of the County of Norfolk and beyond (including Aylsham, Bungay, Beetley, Cromer, Downham Market, Harleston, Holt, Mundesley, Sheringham, Stalham and Wymondham).

The National Fire Service was abolished on 31 March 1948 (under the Fire Services Act 1947). On 1 April 1948 Norfolk County Council assumed responsibility for running a Fire Sevice for the County of Norfolk and Norwich City Council and Great Yarmouth County Borough Council took back responsibility for running their own Fire Services.

On 1 April 1974 (under the Local Government Act 1972) Norwich and Great Yarmouth lost the right to run their own Fire Service and Norfolk County Council became responsible for running a Fire Service for the whole of the County of Norfolk (including the urban areas).

List of Contents

C/F 1 Norfolk Fire Service Central Control County Log Books, 1948-1970
C/F 2 Norfolk Fire Service King's Lynn Fire Station Log Books, 1948-1972
C/F 3 National Fire Service Fire Force No.13 HQ Log Books, 1944-1947
C/F 4 National Fire Service Fire Force No.13 Division A Log Books, 1946-1948
C/F 5 National Fire Service Fire Force No.13 HQ Reports of Occurrences Not Due to Enemy Action, 1942-1947
C/F 6 National Fire Service Fire Force No.13 Division A Reports of Occurrences Not Due to Enemy Action, 1942-1948
C/F 7 National Fire Service Fire Force No.13 Division A Reports of Occurrences Due to Enemy Action, 1942-1945
C/F 8 Norfolk Fire Service Newscuttings Books, 1953, 1961-1983, 1989-2004
C/F 9 Norfolk Fire Service Water Supply Records, 1960s(?)
C/F 10 Uncatalogued
Norfolk Fire Service Fire Prevention Officer's Records, 1946-1980

Norfolk County Council; 1889-

Documents relating to the Hardwick Landfill Site Inquiry of 1993

  • MC 615
  • Fondo
  • nd [c 1990]-1993

Morningthorpe Landfill Site, which served an area roughly corresponding to South Norfolk District, was closed in November 1990. Norfolk County Council had started work in 1987 to find a suitable replacement and two possible sites had been identified: the first was an extension to Morningthorpe and the second was the former Hardwick Airfield in the parish of Hempnall. In late 1988 the County Council appointed consultants, W.S. Atkins Environment, to undertake detailed investigations at both sites. The consultants concluded that Hardwick Airfield was the better site. The County Council's subsequent planning application for a landfill site at Hardwick and for an associated haul road aroused fierce opposition from South Norfolk District Council, from the Parish Councils in the vicinity and from local residents. In Spring 1991 the eight Parish Councils of Alburgh, Bedingham, Denton, Fritton and Morningthorpe, Shelton and Hardwick, Hempnall, Topcroft, and Woodton formed the Parish Councils' Joint Action Committee (PCJAC). The County Council organized a Public Meeting which was held in Hempnall Village Hall on 24 June 1991 and was attended by several hundred people. Shortly after this the PCJAC was given the acronym RATS which stood for Residents Against the Tip Site. Mr Roger Clark, the depositor of these documents, was Chairman of Topcroft Parish Council, of PCJAC and of RATS. A Public Inquiry (DOE ref. E1/X2600/2/6/05) was held in Hempnall Village Hall during the fortnight commencing 26 January 1993. After hearing the evidence - which covered a whole range of conservation issues - the Inspector, Mr R.D. Donnison, rejected the planning application.

Norfolk County Council; 1889-

Norfolk County Quarter Sessions

  • C/S
  • Fondo
  • 1532-1971

C/S The Court in Session
C/Sa Administration
C/Sb Finance
C/Sc Enrolment, Registration and Deposit
C/Sd Justices of the Peace
C/Se Clerk of the Peace

County of Norfolk Quarter Sessions; fl 1532-1971; Norfolk

Norfolk County Council Social Services Department Records

  • C/SS
  • Fondo
  • 1853-1995

C/SS 1 The Grove, Catton Grove Road, Norwich
C/SS 2 Miscellaneous Records
C/SS 3 Management Sub-Committee Minutes
C/SS 4 Minutes of the Welfare Committee (Area Sub-Committees)
C/SS 5 Social Services Committee: Area Sub-Committee Minutes
C/SS 6 Minutes of the De Pass Charity Sub-Committee
C/SS 7 Registers and other records
C/SS 8 Red House (Farm) School, Buxton
C/SS 9 War Charities Act (1940) Files
C/SS 10 Records of Eastgate House, Gayton and Woodlands, King's Lynn

Norfolk County Council, Social Services Department; fl 1853-2018

Norfolk County Council Education Department

  • C/ED
  • Fondo
  • 1709-1996

C/ED 1 Hardingham Church of England or The Edwards School, reports and returns, 1887-1946
C/ED 2 Log-books of closed schools, 1862-1989
C/ED 3 School Board minute books, 1850-1908
C/ED 4 School admission registers, 1866-1986
C/ED 5 Managers' minutes of closed schools, 1902-1989
C/ED 6 School Attendance Committee minutes, 1877-1903
C/ED 7 School Boards: various records, 1872-1903
C/ED 8 Education Committee: register of staff
C/ED 9 Boughton School, 1935-1943
C/ED 10 Punishment Books, 1900-1981
C/ED 11 Burgh next Aylsham School, 1945-1978
C/ED 12 Frettenham Board School, 1889-1941
C/ED 13 Gimingham School, 1937-1979
C/ED 14 Great Plumstead County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1903-1978
C/ED 15 Strumpshaw County Primary School, 1960-1980
C/ED 16 Education Committee minutes, 1891-1974
C/ED 17 Claxton County Primary School, 1876-1981
C/ED 18 Ingham Church of England School, 1931-1977
C/ED 19 Various Education Committee records, 1892-1972
C/ED 20 Norfolk County Council annual accounts, 1901-1931
C/ED 21 Returns of school staff, 1960-1976
C/ED 22 Blickling Church of England Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) School, 1913-1972
C/ED 23 Shelfanger Church of England Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) School, 1936-1982
C/ED 24 Shelton School, 1951-1971
C/ED 25 Nelson Junior (formerly Board) School, Great Yarmouth, 1964-1982
C/ED 26 Notes on lessons, 1918
C/ED 27 Cranworth County Primary (formerly National) School, 1934-1985
C/ED 28 Swardeston County First (formerly Board) School, 1923-1970
C/ED 29 Somerton County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1930-1983
C/ED 30 Briston Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1904-1984
C/ED 31 Crimplesham County Primary (formerly Parochial) School, 1921-1984
C/ED 32 Baconsthorpe Church of England Voluntary Aided (formerly National) School c. 1920-1983
C/ED 33 Little Fransham School, 1931-1976
C/ED 34 Gissing County Primary School, 1958-1977
C/ED 35 Hoveton First (formerly Hoveton St John County Primary, formerly National) School, 1980-1984
C/ED 36 Education Department: various records, 1870s-1980s
C/ED 37 East Anglian School
C/ED 38 Langley with Hardley County Primary School, 1930-1985
C/ED 39 Lakesend County Primary School
C/ED 40 North Tuddenham School
C/ED 41 Halvergate County Primary (formerly National) School, 1930-1985
C/ED 42 New Buckenham School
C/ED 43 Buckenham and Hassingham School
C/ED 44 Alburgh School
C/ED 45 Stow Bridge County Primary (formerly Board, formerly National) School, 1971-1989
C/ED 46 Upton with Fishley Church of England Voluntary Aided (formerly National) School, 1926-1986
C/ED 47 South Walsham Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) School, 1885-1963
C/ED 48 Alderman Leach Secondary School, Great Yarmouth
C/ED 49 Claydon Secondary Modern School
C/ED 50 Claydon High School
C/ED 51 Old Buckenham School
C/ED 52 Silfield, Wymondham, County Primary School
C/ED 53 Stibbard National School (Infants and Mixed)
C/ED 54 Snettisham Board (later Council) School (Infants and Mixed, later Primary)
C/ED 55 Terrington St Clement Infants School
C/ED 56 Syderstone Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1876-1991
C/ED 57 Great Yarmouth Area Education Office
C/ED 58 Gurney School (formerly Gurney Primary mixed, formerly North Earlham Junior mixed), 1942-1985
C/ED 59 Gurney Secondary Modern School for Girls, Norwich
C/ED 60 Great Cressingham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
C/ED 61 West Bradenham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1926-1992
C/ED 62 Smallburgh Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1913-1984
C/ED 63 Art Exhibitions
C/ED 64 Whissonsett County Primary School
C/ED 65 Barroway Drove County Primary School
C/ED 66 West Dereham (uncatalogued)
C/ED 67 Honingham and East Tuddenham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, 1873-1995
C/ED 68 School Management Files
C/ED 69 Fordham, The Ryston Church of England Voluntary Provided Primary School
C/ED 70 Hillington County Primary School
C/ED 71 Holme-Next-The-Sea County Primary School
C/ED 72 Castle Rising Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School
C/ED 73 North Elmham National School, 1903-1943
C/ED 74 Stokesby with Herringby County Primary School, 1903-1978
C/ED 75 Ashwellthorpe Voluntary Aided School, 1875-1926
C/ED 76 Wheatacre County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1878-1920
C/ED 77 Saxlingham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, 1893-1996
C/ED 78 Belfry School, Overstrand, 1833, 1838
C/ED 79 Poringland County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1875-1881
C/ED 80 Mileham County Primary (formerly Board, originally National) School, 1874-1906
C/ED 81 Whinburgh and Westfield County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1913-1964
C/ED 82 Middleton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1863-1892
C/ED 83 Deopham County Primary School, 1909-1980
C/ED 84 Woodside Middle School, 1962-1985
C/ED 85 Kirby Bedon and Bramerton County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1903-1977
C/ED 86 All Saints South Lynn (King's Lynn) Church of England (formerly National) School
C/ED 87 St James's Council (formerly British or Undenominational) School, King's Lynn
C/ED 88 St Margaret's Church of England (formerly National and originally Jubilee) School, King's Lynn
C/ED 89 St Nicholas's Church of England School, King's Lynn
C/ED 90 Salter's Lode Council (formerly Board) School, 1936-1959
C/ED 91 East Harling County Primary (formerly National Voluntary) School, 1903-1974
C/ED 92 Aldeby Church of England Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) School, 1981-1984
C/ED 93 East Barsham County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1876-1986
C/ED 94 Beetley St Mary Community Primary (formerly Board) School, 1875-1925
C/ED 95 Scoulton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1883-1985
C/ED 96 Thornham County Primary (formerly Church of England) School, 1915-1985
C/ED 97 Dilham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1892-1984
C/ED 98 Pulham Pennoyers Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly Free) School, 1905-1988
C/ED 99 Lessingham County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1920-1985
C/ED 100 Melton Constable School, 1951-1984
C/ED 101 Wereham County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1909-1985
C/ED 102 Sea Palling County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1967-1985
C/ED 103 Holme Hale Church of England Voluntary Controlled First (formerly National) School, 1964-1985
C/ED 104 Brancaster Deepdale Church of England Voluntary Controlled (formerly Parochial) School, 1982-1985
C/ED 105 Cley County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1982
C/ED 106 Elsing County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1982-1983
C/ED 108 Brinton County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1984
C/ED 109 Bodham County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1971-1986
C/ED 110 Felthorpe Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School, 1984-1987
C/ED 111 Fulmodeston County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1984
C/ED 112 Hindolveston County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1984
C/ED 113 Honing Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1981-1985
C/ED 114 Hunstanton Old Voluntary Assisted First (formerly Church of England Endowed) School, 1982-1985
C/ED 115 Knapton County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1982
C/ED 116 Tilney cum Islington County Primary (formerly National) School, 1981-1983
C/ED 117 Pentney First (formerly National) School, 1981-1982
C/ED 118 Repps with Bastwick First (formerly Board) School, 1981-1983
C/ED 119 Shotesham All Saints County Primary (formerly National) School, 1981-1982
C/ED 120 Wendling County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1983
C/ED 121 Wroxham First (formerly Board) School, 1980-1984
C/ED 122 Styles Secondary School, Great Yarmouth, 1980-1982
C/ED 123 St Edmund's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided High School, Gorleston, 1963-1986
C/ED 124 Beeston with Little Bittering Primary (formerly Board) School, 1953-1989
C/ED 125 Shernborne County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1877-1966
C/ED 126 Upwell Nordelph County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1906-1960
C/ED 127 North Runcton Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary (formerly National) School, 1940-1983
C/ED 128 Thomas Bullock Church of England Voluntary Aided (formerly Endowed) School, Shipdham, 1874-1978
C/ED 129 Grants for village halls and playing fields
C/ED 130 Western Area Advice Centre, 1887-1985
C/ED 131 School development and Closure files, 1934-1991
C/ED 132 Appointment of managers files, 1940-1984
C/ED 133 Beechamwell County First (formerly) National School, 1908-1996
C/ED 134 Shouldham Church of England Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) School, 1866-2000
C/ED 135 City of Norwich School (CNS), Eaton Road, 1893-2002
C/ED 136 Fincham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1847-2000
C/ED 137 Garrick Green Infants (formerly First) School, 1989-2003
C/ED 138 Aylsham Community Nursery School, 1942-2001
C/ED 139 East Dereham Secondary School Cookery and Special Subject Centre, 1912-1928
C/ED 140 Gresham County Primary (formerly Council, formerly Board) School
C/ED 141 Aylmerton County Primary (formerly Council, formerly Board) School
C/ED 142 Potter Heigham First School, 1874-1998
C/ED 143 County Education Architect's files, 1920-1955
C/ED 144 East Winch Church of England Voluntary Assisted Primary (formerly National) School, 1893-2009
C/ED 145 North Elmham Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) Primary School, 1863-2008
C/ED 146 Oriel Specialist Mathematics and Computing College
C/ED 147 St George's School, Dersingham
C/ED 148 Reepham High School
C/ED 149 Antingham with Southrepps School
C/ED 150 Norfolk Education Department Adoption Records
C/ED 151 Dereham St Nicholas Church of England Voluntary Assisted Junior (formerly National, formerly Middle) School
C/ED 152 Loddon Primary School
C/ED 153 Grimston Junior School, c. 1975-2011
C/ED 154 St John's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Infant (formerly First, formerly Infant) School
C/ED 155 St Thomas More Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Junior (formerly Middle, formerly Infant) School
C/ED 156 Bridgham School
C/ED 157 Acle High School
C/ED 158 Stanhoe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
C/ED 159 Gunthorpe with Bale School
C/ED 160 Beachamwell First School
C/ED 161 Burston Community Primary School (Formerly Burston and Shimpling Council School)
C/ED 162 Thorpe St Andrew Church of England (formerly National) School
C/ED 163 Thompson Primary (formerly National and Church of England)
C/ED 164 Caston Primary School
C/ED 165 Burnham Market County Primary School, formerly Burnham Westgate Boys, Girls and Infants Schools
C/ED 166 Burnham Overy Staithe Primary School
C/ED 167 Toftwood Junior School
C/ED 168 Mattishall County Primary (formerly National, later First) School
C/ED 169 Mattishall Middle School
C/ED 170 Norton Subcourse Voluntary Aided School
C/ED 171 Gressenhall Church of England Voluntary Aided (formerly National) School
C/ED 172 Brooke Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School
C/ED 173 Attleborough Infants' (formerly National and Board, later County First) School
C/ED 174 Fleggburgh Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School
C/ED 175 Sprowston First (formerly National) School
C/ED 176 Emneth Nursery School
C/ED 177 Field Dalling County Primary School
C/ED 178 Wensum Junior Academy (formerly Wensum Middle School, previously Wensum View Primary/Junior School)
C/ED 179 Records of St Andrew's Primary School, North Pickenham
C/ED 180 Moulton St Michael Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National School) at Great Moulton
C/ED 181 William Marshall Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School Welney
C/ED 182 West Raynham Primary School
C/ED 183 Surveys of schools

Norfolk County Council, Education Department; ?-?

Records of the Norfolk Windmills Trust

  • C/WT
  • Fondo
  • 13th century-1989

The Norfolk Windmills Trust Archive includes the Harry Apling research collection, the Smithdale collection of business records (wheelwrights and engineers), the records of the Windmills Trust itself and the Martin Scott research collection.

Norfolk Windmills Trust; 1963-; preservation society; Norfolk

County Treasurer's Department

  • C/T
  • Fondo
  • 1835-1985

C/T 1 Printed Abstract of Account
C/T 2 General County Account Ledgers
C/T 3 General Exchequer Contribution Account Ledgers
C/T 4 Special County Account Ledgers
C/T 5 Norfolk Education Committee: General Ledgers
C/T 6 Norfolk Education Committee: Elementary Ledgers
C/T 7 Norfolk Education Committee: Higher Ledgers
C/T 8 Technical Education Committee Ledgers
C/T 9 Agricultural Education Ledger
C/T 10 School Loans Ledger and Lenders and Parish Accounts
C/T 11 Smallholdings: General Ledgers
C/T 12 Smallholdings: Lenders Accounts
C/T 13 Rent Accounts
C/T 14 Smallholdings: Tenant Right Valuations
C/T 15 Smallholdings: Capital Accounts
C/T 16 Smallholdings: Scheme Accounts (Hires)
C/T 17 Smallholdings: Scheme Accounts (Purchases)
C/T 18 Miscellaneous Accounts
C/T 19 Motor Vehicle Registration
C/T 20 Ledger No. 7 Sundry Debtors
C/T 21 Ledger No. 8 Sundry Debtors
C/T 22 Magistrates Court Fine Books
C/T 23 General Register of Periodical Payments
C/T 24 Residents in County Council Institutions
C/T 25 Ledger No. 1 Education Committee
C/T 26 Ledger No. 2 Health Committee
C/T 27 Ledger No. 3 Welfare and Children Committee
C/T 28 Ledger No. 4 Highways Committee
C/T 29 Ledger No. 5 Miscellaneous Services
C/T 30 Ledger No. 6 General
C/T 31 Registers of Advances and Borrowing Powers
C/T 32 Ledger No. 10 Superannuation Fund
C/T 33 County Fund Receipt Cash Books
C/T 34 Budget Estimates
C/T 35 County Account Ledger
C/T 36 Ledger Nos 1-6 General Accounts
C/T 37 Various Account Books
C/T 38 Capital Balance Sheets
C/T 39 Computer System (Elliot 405)
C/T 40 Erection of County Hall

Norfolk County Council, Treasurer's Department; fl 1835-1985

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