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Gallow Hundred; 1086-1834
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North Erpingham and Gallow Hundred Roll

North Erpingham: View of Frankpledge for the royal Duchy of Lancaster held at Thurgarton, Cromer, Salgrave, Gresham, Suffield, Antingham, Gungate, 1548-1553; General Hundred Court for the royal Duchy of Lancaster held at Thurgarton, 1548-1553.
Gallow: General Hundred Court held at Longfeldstan ex parte Gallow and Brothercross, 1556-1560 (courts also held during these years at Burnham Market, Bagthorpe, South Creake, Sculthorpe, Stibbard, Burnham Overy, Great Ryburgh, East Raynham, Little Snoring, West Rudham, Letepitt, Tattersett, Raynham, Little Ryburgh, East Rudham, Burnham Westgate, North Creake, Burnham Deepdale, Houghton, West Rudham, Fulmodston and East Raynham; View of Frankpledge for the royal Duchy of Lancaster, 1556-1560 held at West Rudham, Burnham Westgate, Burnham Thorpe, Little Snoring, Stibbard Parva, Tattersett, East Barsham, North Barsham, Burnham Overy, Little Ryburgh cum Stibbard, Houghton, Letepitt; Hundred Court held at Stanhoe Dyke, East Rudham, Germere, Hempton, Longfeld, Toftrees, Creake, Tattersett, South Creake, 1443-1444; General Hundred Court, 1544-1545, held at Longfeldston, Great Snoring, Tattersett, Sculthorpe, Great Ryburgh, Stibbard, North Barsham, Burnham Thorpe, East Rudham, South Creake, East Barsham, Burnham; View of Frankpledge, 1544, held at Little Ryburgh, Little Snoring, Tattersett, East Barsham, South Creake, North Barsham, West Rudham, Burnham Westgate, Burnham Ulph cum Sutton, Shamoledele.

North Erpingham Hundred; 1086-1834

Norfolk muster rolls

For the hundreds of: (1) Smithdon; North Greenhoe; Gallow and Brothercross; Launditch; and Clackclose, (2) Earsham; Blofield and Walsham; Clavering; Henstead; and East and West Flegg.

Blofield Hundred; 1086-1834