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Records of the Purdy family of Woodgate, Aylsham
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Papers relating to Woodgate Estate of Robert John Woods Purdy and other Aylsham material

Woodgate estate Aylsham

'Woodgate' envelope: two copies of sale particulars 1920 Aylsham Apr 24 with plan for 6 farms 757 acres, one copy annotated for lot 6 sold to Ed de Grey Seaman for £2300, the other 'Mrs T W Purdy'; consent for overhead electric line 1934; letter re deeds 1995. (large envelope) 1920-1995

'Very old maps and plans re Woodgate' envelope: tracing of plan, coloured, with key to colouring lady Suffield, Jn Middleton, Anne Smythe, James Soame, Lord Orford, Rev S Pitman (unfit for production); tracing, foed, of Plan of Estates in Aylsham, 49cm 71cm, showing 51 plots with acreage and field names inc Woodgate house, stack yard and 'bath', nd but see field book of 1831 of Henry Soame in ACC 2016/157 Lot 1385 (envelope with 2 plans on tracing paper), 19th cent, 1831

Reference key to vicarial and rectorial tithes payable on Robert John Woods Purdy Woodgate estate 510 acres (1 paper) nd [post 1870]

Schedule of docs relating to Spa Farm Aylsham belonging to RJWP in mortgage to Philip Candler Shepheard of Gayton for £5000: 1801 admission of Barbara Bell; 1856 Samuel Pitman; May 1867 Pitman mortgage to Jn Postle; July 1867 Pitman mortgage to Charles Atkinson; Pitman to Hy Hooke and Thos Hanworth; Rackham; mortgage paid off 1878, absolute surrender Oct 31 1878 Samuel Pitman to RJWP and land in Vicarage Manor) (1 paper) 1878

Schedule of documents of estate at Aylsham belonging to RJW Purdy in mortgage to Wm Forster of Blickling for £5000: As to part late Soame: Vicarage Manor 1776 Dec admiss of S, J & H Soame; 1804 S Soame to Henry Soame; 1833 George Soame adm; 1847 Indent 1.Wm Earl Lytton Bulwer S Pitman etc 2. S Pitman etc 4. George Soame; Ay Lancaster manor: admiss G Soame; 1847 George S to William Repton, Jebediah Barcham & Cook Fuller; etc 1850s Thomas Copeman 1853 mortgage to W Barnard Cook; 1856 (both manors) T Copeman to R Woods who was admitted; As to part late Pitmans Ayl Lanc: 1873 mortgage paid (Jn Postle) Pitman to RJWP admitted and 1878 mortgage to Forster (1 paper) 1878

Letter from Wm Forster for mortgage (ie RJW Purdy lent Forster £2000 on security of Forster's Bacton property deeds) (1 letter) Jan 1872 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Envelope and letter from Theodore Marsh of Cawston Rectory advising Purdy on setting his new sundial and inviting him over to see his own. [see photograph of Marsh in Part 42] (1 envelope and letter) Oct 1872

Specification for building a lodge at Aylsham for RJWP for £150 from Fred Culley (1 paper) 1882 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Letter from WM Foster Aylsham asking for £100 underpaid on Wickes purchase (1 letter) 24 May 1895 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Lease T Purdy esq of Wood Norton Hall solicitor to Lt Col T W Purdy of Aylsham solicitor, for Woodgate House and 33 acres for 21 years at £100 pa. T Purdy had property under settlement Aug 1938 (1 parchment) September 1938

Abstract of title to freehold estate at Woodgate Aylsham starts 1863 ends 1922 (1 paper) 1938

Supplemental abstract of title to Aylsham estate in Ayl Vicarage manor of TW Purdy starts 1873 ends enfranchisement 1920 (1 paper) 1938

Envelope of abstracts of title of Thos Woods Purdy to Woodgate and Stonegate estate at Aylsham (1863-1920) 1967 (2 copies); supplemental abstract to Woodgate Farm (1942-1961) 1965 (re railway); supplemental abstract to estate of TWP at Aylsham (1922) 1965; supplemental abstract to freehold site Woodgate house etc (1938-1960) 1966 (2 copies) (1 large envelope) 1965-1967

Sale particulars for the farming and dairy implements of Woodgate Farm. Auctioneer Plumbly of Felmingham. Two copies One printed with some pencil annotations against the livestock section; the other marked with all prices Two copies 1902

A small sketch of the now submerged location of the original bath in Woodgate House's Bath Meadow. The mound and later spring and small bath just to the south are shown, together with a section of the soil composition of the layers of the mound. Reverse is printed sale notice at St Gregory's Church School Norwich, dated 8th December 1891.
[This may help to date the second stage of etending the lake, possibly at around this date.] (1 paper) nd [c 1891]

Three card mounted photographs:
Photograph of a lady on horse outside Woodgate House's front door. A baby is held by an older woman. The horsewoman is almost certainly Ada, wife of RJWP, and the baby one of their two sons, probably their first. The older woman matches the one in another family photo dating from 1867 to 1871, almost certainly Ada's mother Ann Cook of Thwaite. The likely date of this photo is 1872-3 if of the first son or 1874 if of the second. The doorway is slightly changed from the original that RJWP stood in front of in another family photo of 1867-71, showing that the evolution from the original doorway to the present one happened in two stages between his arrival in about 1864 and photographs of the house of about 1890.
Photograph of Woodgate Lake after its first etension but before the later etension shown on the sketch above. Probably dates from the very early 1870s and the lack of undergrowth at the edges of the Lake show the work had only just been completed. A man is standing up sculling a small boat on the Lake, with a woman lounging under her parasol.
Photograph of Woodgate House from the field to the south-west showing the very newly created ha-ha wall at this corner of the garden grounds. A woman stands in the doorway which shows the interim brickwork above the door itself. The house and all the buildings to the rear have been completely modernised. [
The three photographs are all produced in the same format with keyline with identical mounts and with similar levels of foing. They date from 1872-3 or at latest 1874.
[ Given the close connection to WJ Finch, the Aylsham photographer from about 1870, they are almost certainly taken by him.] (3 photographs), 1870s.

Coloured photograph of Woodgate gardens with notes re trees on reverse. The 100ft Wellingtonia, on left foreground, died after drought of 1976 and felled in 1982 when 120 rings were counted (1 photograph) nd [c1893]

Two photographs of Millgate House, Aylsham. [Tom Purdy jnr born at Millgate House 1909] (2 photographs) nd (c1900; c 1920s)

Photograph of interior of Woodgate house by B[erney] Seymour of Commercial Rd Aylsham [fl 1890-1920] (1 photograph) nd [c 1900]

Photograph of Nona Purdy nee Hunt and ?visiting family at Woodgate, by Dawson of Norwich (1 photograph) nd [c 1910]

Mounted photograph of shooting group [probably on Woodgate estate with ? RJWP 5th from right] (1 photograph) nd [c 1910]

Estimate and sketch for lawn tennis court for TW Purdy by Barker of Aylsham (1 paper) May 1910

Envelope re installation of electric supply and lighting at Woodgate House by A Pank & Son Norwich (with quote from E & C Gates of Norwich) (1 envelope) 1922

Letter to Col Thomas Purdy from Walter Rye with advisory notes and photographic eamples of panelling being redone at Woodgate House (1 envelope) 1926

Envelope of letters and estimates for work at Woodgate in the library and renewing bathroom and lavatory, J W Palmer of Aylsham (1 envelope) 1935-1936

Items clipped together: envelope addressed to TWP; notes re farm implements and furniture sold at auction (signed by H Hagon) at North Walsham; note of two addresses in Africa (1 file) nd

Typed inventory and condition of contents of Woodgate House (1 paper) Feb 1949.

Papers relating to Woodgate Estate of Robert John Woods Purdy and other Aylsham material

Aylsham: other properties and papers
Copy of Terrier of the Parsonage house and glebe lands belonging to the Impropriation of Aylsham and also how the partable lands of the vicar (Mr Jonathan Wrench) and Mr Thomas Coulson the Impropriator are divided. (Details the acreages in each close on two Soames farms near Cawston Road and Cawston Heath and how they are split) (1 paper) Aug 1720
Land tax assessment for Aylsham 1737 (with 1737 assessment for Burgh next Aylsham folded inside) (2 papers) 1737
Sketch 'A Plan of Parsonage Land situate in Aylsham ... belonging to the Parish of Buxton ... taken 1793' with key to fields. Shows cottages and lands owned by Buxton parish poor trustees. [The original has not yet been found.] Pencil on tracing paper. Watermarked 1884 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Printed pages of Aylsham section of 1792 Universal British Directory (small item placed in modern envelope for safety) (Printed paper) 1792

Marriage settlement for Thomas Soame gent, a son of Samuel Soame gent of Aylsham, with Elizabeth Gay of Aylsham spinster. Samuel settles a messuage on road to Cawston and c 76 acres [now Sankence Lodge farm] (1 parchment) Nov 1724

Aylsham parish bounds, signed by Wm Repton (1 booklet) nd (watermarked 1806)

List of Aylsham population, for the census, listing head of household, numbers and ages of members and location of houses, compiled by William Morris, assistant overseer. [A second copy is in the Aylsham Town Archives and was published as Aylsham in 1821 by the Aylsham Local History Society in 1997.] (1 booklet) May 1821

Letter from G E ?Cain, Jesus College Cambridge to his college fellow Revd R A Rackham at Rackham's being presented with living of Whatfield rectory (1 letter) Oct 1832

Terrier of lands, as required by Poor Law Commissioners: Aylsham parish property for the use of the poor (inc Church rate land) with names of tenants and charity trustees. (Shows Cressy charity: the workhouse rented by the union (£68 pa) in 1836 but unoccupied 1837, pt occupied by Wade and Mash 1838, one cottage & garden built by Edw Platten his for life one cottage and garden. All Ayl Lancaster copyhold. Four cottages on hill called Alms yard supposed freehold. Porters & Snellings charity - three cottages adj Mr Wickes land (Ayl Wood copyhold). Town meadow (used for church rate); Town Houses (4 and shop) near the Anchor, supposed freehold.
[cf to C/GP 1 494 Union terrier for Aylsham parish entry; in both, property descriptions have been muddled between bequests] (1 volume) Mich 1836-Mich 1838

Cpt lease of Stonegate Farm and 96 acres for 12 years at £180 from Rev Robert Alfred Rackham of Suffolk to John Chapman of Aylsham. With tracing plan of lands and valuation notes inc Buxton poor land (not in lease). [now Stonegate Farm but not including Abbey Farm] (1 parchment) July 1860

Map of land at Aylsham occupied by Mr Richard Clarke [Spa Farm] surveyed by Wm Mileham of Aylsham with printed coloured key with 18 plots; abuttal Warnes execs .
[see Part 20 for larger version of same map] (1 rolled map) 1861

Sale particular of farming stock at Spa Farm Aylsham for RJW Purdy (1 paper) Oct 1898

Photograph of full stagecoach outside the Black Boys with 'Garner' sign on the inn. Note on reverse says Henry Garner landlord there 1865-74 (1 photograph) nd c 1874 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Newscutting re vipers (Aylsham) BB Sapwell (1 newscutting) 1891 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Small sketch showing a very small section of railway line, with a building. A road and a line 'produced from approach to Blickling Hall' give measurements, possibly for footpath change. [Location possibly near Middleton's Dole, Aylsham.]. Scale 12 inches to a mile. (tracing paper) nd (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Letter from Frederick Duleep Singh to RJW Purdy re unveiling of tablet to Christopher Layer in Aylsham (1 letter) 1908 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Auction notice for household sale at Vicar Street, Wymondham, property of T A Rackham esq, annotated with sale prices. [Thomas Alfred Rackham died in summer 1912; his mother was Elizabeth Ann Saunders of Aylsham and father Rev Robert A Rackham had sold Stonegate farm in Aylsham to Robert Woods c 1867] (1 poster) Aug 1912

Schedule of Aylsham tithe rent charges 1921 and certificate of rentcharge (2 papers) Dec 1921

Sealed certificates of Aylsham tithe rentcharge, 31 Dec 1921 (annotated J E R Vicarial and Rectorial) 16 May 1922, 31 May 1922, 31 Dec 1922 (annotated TWP), 31 Dec 1923 (annotated Copeman: Butterfield garden and Mrs Edward. All impropriator.) See Part 23 (1-5) for altered apportionments. (5 parchments) 1921-1923

Aylsham Conservative Association: bundle of accounts and posters re fetes at Woodgate (1 bundle) 1928-1931

Envelope of cheques for expenses of Woodgate fetes 1927 and 1928 (1 envelope) Aug 1927-Aug 1928

Notice of assessment for drainage rates Spratts Green Farm, Aylsham (1 paper) 1931

Papers re T A Rackham estate legacy of timber to Purdy (1 envelope) 1933

Development value claim for 'John Soames mill stackwood close' (1 paper) 1950 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Draft letter to 'John' re work at Spratts Green bungalow and application to the RDC for a grant. Written on paper dated Jan 1956 (1 paper) nd (c 1956)

Notes re rent of Spratts Green by Sq Leader G Churton Knowles (up to Aug 1956) and Fl Lt J M Preston June 1957 (1 file of papers) 1956-57

Plan and elevation of proposed Bull House for Mr Monk Cawston Road Aylsham by Hodgekiss & Son (Plan; tracing paper) nd [20th century]

Photograph of William Forster, solicitor in Market Place (1 photograph) nd [pre 1906]

Photographs of Rev Samuel Shepheard, vicar of Calthorpe, later RC chapel Aylsham and William Forster in churchyard (Mounted photos) nd [pre 1906]

Notes of exchequer bill 1669 re Fawcett and Purdy re vicarage tithes in Aylsham. Wm Purdy was farmer and miller in Aylsham. (1 paper) nd [modern] (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Tax letter re Purdy and Holley solicitors partnership to be deemed continuous through 1979 changes (1 letter) 1979 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety).

Boulderson tenancy of Woodgate House, Aylsham

Four small photograph albums, all similar sized photos c2 inches x2 inches

  1. annotated Beatrice E Cross from Nurse Bennett July 1911. Most being taken in front of Woodgate House with staff and dogs, horses
  2. Woodgate (maids, dogs, children, car, bicycles) plus London and Ingworth Church at end
  3. Staff, gamekeeper, children, staff wedding with car, service men
    4.Annotated Beatrice E Cross from Nurse Bennett May 1912. starts with Heath Farm, Westwick Arch, but then staff in front of Woodgate House, car, dogs, wedding, Norwich cattle market, Cromer Pier, Yarmouth

Letter to [RJW d1916 or T] Purdy from ?JM Glubb (former Aylsham curate) from Woodgate House re Mrs Boulderson. Glubb, Sir Elliot Colvin and Col Colvin 'view the prospect of Mrs Bouldersons having to quit Woodgate with the greatest apprehension ... she is an old lady [with] a weak heart ... all her later recollections of her husband are so connected with this place and ...she has told me that he is in some way very near to her here. We all of us think the shock and the worry of finding a new home might have a very serious & perhaps a fatal effect on her, in fact break her heart.' Glubb adds that they are 'not influenced by any selfish feelings' concerning the potential loss of their shooting at Woodgate.
Inventory of household furniture at Woodgate House belonging to RJW Purdy for occupation of house by Mrs Boulderson. By Walter Wm Wade . (Not including plate, linen or wine in cellar). Loose insert account of Wade for left over items after sale.

Inventory of household furniture at Woodgate House belonging to RJW Purdy for occupation of house by Mrs Boulderson. By Walter Wm Wade. (Not including plate, linen or wine in cellar). Loose insert account of Wade for left over items after sale. 12 April 1916 (1 volume)

Envelope (dated 1953) of photographs labelled 'send to Boulderson relatives sometime': photos (not Woodgate, possibly Westwick?) c. 1900

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