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Hamond of Westacre Collection
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Hamond of Westacre Collection

  • HMN
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  • 1311-1976

HMN 1/1-11 Title Deeds
HMN 2/1-7 Estate and Family (Mixed Bundles)
HMN 3/1-93 Estate
HMN 4/1-35 Family
HMN 4/36-444 Anthony Hamond (1742-1822) and Sarah his wife
HMN 5/1-262 Later Hamonds and the Chaworth-Musters
HMN 6/1-383 Anthony Hamond (d 1991), personal
HMN 7/1-341 Anthony Hamond (d 1991), manuscript collections

Hamond family; early 17th century-1991; Westacre, Norfolk

Various properties, mainly in South Wootton

Final Concord between Thomas Houghton clerk and Hamon Lestrange kt. and wife Anne re manors of Berefordes alias Anmer and Castelhall with lands etc. in Anmer, Dersingham and Harpley, 1539; Copies of Court Roll of the manor of South Wootton re Holwoodes pightle with messuage built to which William Salter was admitted on surrender of John Perkyn 1562 and to which Edmund Dallameir was admitted on the death of Agnes his mother in 1638, messuage and 6a. to which James Hendry and wife Alice were readmitted in 1613, one messuage built and one messuage vacant to which Elizabeth wife of Nicholas Saye and Ann and Joan Salter were admitted on death of their father William Salter in 1628, messuage and 4a. to which Unicia widow of James Hendry was admitted in 1644, messuage and 5a. to which Mary wife of William Barker was admitted on death of Robert Howlett her father in 1656, and the property (undescribed) of Anne Hobbart widow to which Edmund Hamond was admitted under her will in 1694; note by Anthony Hamond re identity of Edmund Hamonds, one of whom signs the Copies of Court Roll of 1613-1637 as steward; Copy of Court Roll of the manor of Pakenham Hall and Snoring Hall in Dersingham being admission of Robert Piper on death of his brother William to 5a. called Garlandes with cottage built near ways called Redisdale and (?) Gollsmire stye, 1623; copy conveyance from the Commissioners for sale of Crown lands to Edward Barkham Esq. of the manor of East Walton and lands (described), formerly of the Bishop of Norwich, excepting advowsons, 1649; acknowledgment of receipt by Thomas Thorisbye Esq. of Havelesse in Mintlyn from Henry Pope of King's Lynn upholster of £540 as in indentures of like date, 1658, and note of judgement in Pope vs Thorisby 1658; receipt following (?) Final Concord between Mr Hammond and William, Lord Craven, re four messuages, five acres of land and 170a. pasture in South Wootton, 1664; Chancery order following suit between the administratrix of Susanna Crow widow and Francis Dusgate re foldcourse in Swaffham, 1691.

Title deeds to Francis, late Savory, properties

Deed of partition between Coulsey Savory jun., Revd Samuel Henry Savory and Edward Savory of two farmhouses, two cottages and a messuage in Twyford, Twyford Hall or Lodge, lands there and in Foulsham, Bintry and Guist, and a cottage in Bintry, with plan by Browne and Taylor, surveyors, Norwich, naming pieces and showing Twyford Church in perspective, 1818. Deeds of Coulsey Savory's share of the above comprising Rectory Farm in Twyford, lands in Twyford and Bintry, and two cottages (one the former Falcon Inn) in Twyford, ultimately measuring 90a. 3r. 26p., mortgaged by Coulsey Savory in 1821 and sold in 1829 by his mortgagees to John Francis. In 1877, Colonel John Thomas Francis sold Norwich Pightle in Bintry, part of the property, to Edmund Savory and others and in 1902 abstracts of the title of John Francis deceased were prepared presumably for sale. An endorsement refers to a Chancery suit of 1827 and there are suit papers of 1873 in Raven vs Francis mentioning a newly-built messuage, succession duty papers of 1873 on the death of Benjamin Francis, and a plan in the conveyance of 1875.

Various properties, late Spelman

Draft (?) mortgage from William Spelman Esq. and Lady Elizabeth his wife to Thomas Tomlinson Esq. of the manors of Wickmere, Dame Kates and Hook Hall (in Calthorpe), the manor of Carbonells (in Rockland St. Andrew) and fee farm rents payable from the City of Lincoln and the manors of East and West Rudham and Houghton, 1710; draft conveyance by Charles Spelman alias Yallop Esq. then living in Holland and Edward his son to Hugh Naish Esq. of reversion after the death of Lady Elizabeth Spelman of the manors of Wickmere, Dame Kates and (?) Aldborough, lands in Wolterton, and the manor of Carbonells, 1722; draft conveyance from Lady Elizabeth Spelman to said Hugh of the manor of Leppington, manor or farm of Barthorpe, and property there and in Acklam, 'Alcom', 'Scrimingham' and Whitby, all in Yorkshire, 1720s. With same, notes by Rachel Daubeney on the Spelmans, the history of Swaffham, and Westacre Priory.

Various properties in Norfolk, mainly Swaffham inc. the manor of Swaffham with members

Copy conveyance from Charles Spelman alias Yallop Esq., then in Holland, to Edward his son of the Honour of Richmond Fee and manor of Swaffham with members in Westacre, Gayton Thorpe, and East Walton; the High House farm; and lands etc. in Swaffham, Westacre, East Walton, Bilney, Pentney, Narford, Wyken, Gayton Thorpe, Gayton, East Winch, Stowborrough, and Castle Acre; the manor of Gimingham Lancaster on the part of Northrepps; and closes and foldcourse called Lomnors in Thorpe next Norwich, Northrepps, Palling, Rockland and Surlingham, 1724: draft conveyances from Edward Spelman Esq. to Richard Hamond Esq. of the Honour of Richmond Fee and manor of Swaffham, tolls of fair and markets of Swaffham, manor and donative of Westacre, new built capital messuage called the hall with park in Westacre, High House farm, Abbey farm, and other farms and water mill in Westacre and Castle Acre (save 100a. heath in Gayton Thorpe sold to Philip Case), and lands etc. in Swaffham, Westacre, Narford, Castle Acre and Wyken, with assignments of mortgage interests and grant from Hamond to Yallop of life annuity of £280, 1761: schedule showing state of titles to the Hamond estates, 1806: Norfolk Estuary Company papers inc. meeting and share notices, directors' report 1874, and papers re Anthony Hamond's interest therein including his petition of 1876 against the Estuary Bill as touching his marshes in North and South Wootton and draft agreement re drainage of his marshes, 1852-1884. With same, copy letter from Tom Gray re hire of Bawsey sand pits 1879.

Papers of Rachel Daubeney

Including notes on the family, press cuttings with extracts from the Farington diary, and these original documents; Fragment of (? testamentary) letter from Anthony Hamond to his children, [17th century]; acknowledgment by Simon Alexander yeoman of East Dereham of £10 received from Robert Alexander yeoman of Swaffham under family arrangement of 1624; account by Nicholas Hamond of expenditure on 'Mr. Winds or the Lord (? Craven's) Houses' in South Wootton, 1660-1663; undertaking by same that Goodwife Child should be paid for haystack purchased by John Mynott, 1664-1665; draft letter from (same) to Sir Henry Capell his landlord re presentment of account and his sickness, c 1674; Daniel Jones' solicitor account to Mrs Hamond, settled 1754; particular of estate of Edward Spelman Esq. in Westacre, Narford and Swaffham, c 1761; acknowledgment by Nicholas Barrett of legacy received by his wife from Robert Hamond her father, 1767; epitome of will of Richard Hamond dated 1774; receipts for salary paid to George William Lemon by Anthony Hamond, 1788; return of three companies of Volunteer Infantry commanded by Anthony Hamond, listing infantrymen by parish, 1803; list of recipients of cake on Philip Hamond's marriage, 1803; list of 'Things sold by the Robert Hamonds i.e. Mrs Mann about 1804 or 5'; note of ages of various members of the family in 1811; MS poem 'To Fanny with a candlestick' by A.R., 1819; letter from Andrew Fountaine to Philip Hamond re 'Mrs Buck's business' and rights of the manor of Great Thorns in East Walton, 1822; letter from William Yarington, Swaffham, to Philip Hamond re payment of debt, 1823; letter from Tom Moore the poet to Mrs Musters on proposed biography of Byron and promising to copy a Beethoven waltz, 1828; MS copy of poem 'The Country Clergymans Trip to the Cambridge Election, May 1827' by Lord Macaulay; note from Richard Charles Hamond to (Sarah Hamond), with note by her of his death from a hunting fall, 1833, impression of (? his) seal and photograph of Sarah; photograph of the Misses Denton of East Walton with MS poetry, 1842 and 1844, by Miss Denton; last letter of Ann Hamond (d 1848) to her daughter Fanny; undated recipe for orange wine; printed poem 'The Cuckoo and the Hedge Sparrow' directed at the Fountaines of Narford, c 1852; plan of Hamond vault at South Wootton and notes from monumental inscriptions, nd; leaf from notebook recording various Hamond deaths, 1826-1848; section of anonymous diary describing a World Fair and attendant social events, late 19th century; letters to Richard Hamond, in the navy, from his sisters Emmy, Katherine and C.P. Harbord and from his parents, on family and sporting matters and referring to the waits at Gayton, 1856-1859; letter from Anthony Hamond to his wife on family matters and building a house at Hunstanton with Holkham brick, nd.

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