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Records of Felbrigg Hall and the Ketton-Cremer family
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Records of Felbrigg Hall and the Ketton-Cremer family

  • MC 3445
  • Fonds
  • 1717-1975

Deeds and papers relating to the estates of various members of the Ketton-Cremer family, and records of Felbrigg Hall, including material from before and after their ownership.

Ketton-Cremer family; 13th century-20th century; Felbrigg, Norfolk

Correspondence and mixed papers

Corespondence, and copy draft conveyance. concerning the sale of landing forming part of Sustead Glebe from Canon Meiklejohn to Mrs W.M. Simmons, R.W. Ketton Cremer acting in his role as Patron, 1948-9.
Form letter from the Forestry Commission re Dedication of Woodland on the Felbrigg estate, 1963.
Photostat copy of the probates of Robert William Ketton and Robert Blake, and related correspondence, 1953.
Death certificate of Robert William Ketton, 1935.
Small group of letters addressed to Mr Woolsey, from R.W. Ketton-Cremer, 1935.
Extracts from the Institution books for Sustead, Felbrigg w. Melton, and Aylmerton w. Runton, c 1862 [rust-damaged].

Writings relating John Ketton's purchase of Felbrigg Hall, and other estates

Abstracts, case papers,and correspondence, plus, inter alia, death, and certificates for the Hudson family, and marriage certificate for William Howe Windham and Lady Sophia Elizabeth Caroline Hervey, extracts of the will of William Hervey, declaration of Lady Sophia that she had only one child, William Frederick, with her former husband. There are case papers related to attempts by his uncle and a group of trustees to limit William Frederick's expenditure to £1000 per annum (his liabilities were believed to amount to £120, 000) and assume financial power over his estate to prevent increased debt. The sale of the Felbrigg Hall is as consquence of this debt. The papers include copies of proceedings on a petition in lunacy, which feature allegations that Windham married a woman named Agnes Willoughby while of 'unsound mind', but ultimately ending with a commissions decision that William was sane. There are also copies of proceedings of a case against Wiliiam and Agnes relating to payment for repairing and furnishing a house Agnes took in London after separating from William.
The main abstracts relate to the Thurgarton and Alby estates of Horatio Earl of Orford.

Deeds for Aylmerton and Kelling

Conveyance of estate at Aylmerton from Robert Gray to John Ketton, 1865.
Conveyance of double cottage at Aylmerton, in the occupation of Thomas Massingham and Robert Gray, from the Erpingham Guardians of the Poor to John Ketton, 1866.
Conveyance of freehold land and cottage in Aylmerton, from Thomas W. Cremer, to John Ketton, 1871.
Indemnity of £40 charged on an estate at Kelling, from Onisiphorus Randall to John Ketton, 1866.

Assorted Deeds

Leases for the Old Vicarage, Sustead, 1947-52.
Release of Robert Cawston of apiece of land claimed by him but forming part of the Felbrigg estate, 1874.
Conveyance of the legal estate of Felbrigg Hall from George Kitton to Thomas W. Cremer, 1882.
Faculty for confirming the construction of a vault and erection of a tomb in Felbrigg churchyard as a burial place to Rachel Ann Ketton, 1874.

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