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Deeds relating to the Earl of Yarmouth, 1709-1727; Deeds to Premises in Great Yarmouth, 1713-1761; Deeds relating to the Ramey Family; 1752-1808; and Deeds relating to Premises in Mattishall Burgh, 1771-1813
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Assignment of Judgement

From John Gascoyne of London, gent, to Thomas Robins and Richard Robins of Itteringham, yeomen, of judgement against William, Earl of Yarmouth, for £1000, the judgement having been satisfied on Yarmouth's sale of manors (not named).

Thomas Robins; fl 1709; yeoman; Itteringham, Norfolk

Extract from the Court Roll of the Manor of Mattishall Tuddenham

Surrender by John Overton of Mattishall Burgh, tailor, and Esther Overton, his wife, of a messuage in Mattishall Burgh to Clement Overton of Watton, schoolmaster.

John Overton; fl 1771; tailor; Mattishall Burgh, Norfolk

Lease for a Year (as part of a Lease and Release)

From John Ebbetts of Felthorpe, farmer, to Robert Overton Mattishall Burgh, yeoman, of a messuage with two enclosures containing 3 acres in Mattishall Burgh.

John Ebbetts; fl 1813; farmer; Felthorpe, Norfolk

Assignment of Interest

From Anne Jolliffe of Clapham, widow, to the use of John Croshold of Gresham, clerk, of the interest by virtue of a mortgage of 1699 by William, Earl of Yarmouth, and the Hon Charles Paston, Lord Paston, his son, of the manors of Gresham and Bassingham and other property.

John Croshold; fl 1710; clerk; Gresham, Norfolk

Title Deeds to a Messuage in Great Yarmouth, part of a Messuage Called Ashfields

Described as lying both east and west of Middlegate, purchased by Thomas Moore, gent, from the children of Henry Dunn, 1713; a moiety being sold by Thomas Adkin, Moore's grandson, to Robert Adkin, gent in 1738.

Thomas Moore; fl 1713; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Conveyance of the Angel Inn, Great Yarmouth

From the assignees of Thomas Dawson late of Great Yarmouth, a bankrupt merchant, to John Smith of Great Yarmouth, cordwainer, of the Angel Inn, with barber's shop, near the Market Place and Angel Row, Great Yarmouth.

John Smith; fl 1761; cordwainer; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


  1. Revd William Adams of Rollesby, clerk, and Elizabeth Adams, his wife
  2. John Ramey of Great Yarmouth, gent and William Hurnard of Blofield, gent (Elizabeth's trustees under her marriage settlement)
    Of the remainder of the term of a lease of the manor of Thurne, Ashby and Oby, leased by Ramsey from the Bishop of Norwich for 21 years in 1752 and by him assigned to Adams.

William Adams; fl 1752; clergyman; Rollesby, Norfolk