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Deeds of 125-129a King Street, Norwich, and adjacent properties
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129 and 129a King Street

Deeds of property described in 1765 as capital messuage with gardens, staithes etc., public house adjoining called the Green Man, and messuages (19 occupations) lying between Conesford Street and the River, sold by the legatees and executors of Ann Hainsworth widow to Robert Francis gent., trustee for Isaac Jackson beer brewer and William Fitt carpenter, in 1765. In the same year Thomas Fitt bought from Francis part, three tenements in Conesford Street with cart way or yard from the Great Gate to the river side with use of staithe and boghouse (garret, court and vance roof are also mentioned). The property is ultimately described, in 1903, as two shops and two dwellinghouses, 129 and 129a King Street, but previously, from 1794, the ground, chamber and garret floors were separately occupied. An Abstract of Title states that in 1633 it was formerly of the Gawdy family and sold by Edward Mileham, gent., and Augustine Holl, Esq., to John Lulman, gent. It passed from the Lulmans to Edward Moulton in 1726 and to the Hainsworths in 1731 and then passed Fitt-Lewis-Scott-Base-Burton-Bolingbroke-Barnes and in 1948 was sold by Arnold Barnes furniture manufacturer to Frederick and Tom Joffre Watts furniture dealers. Documents include Opinion re title, 1764, Fitt marriage settlement, 1772, copy wills of Thomas Fitt, dyer, proved 1770 and John Lewis, supervisor of excise, proved 1785, release of legacies by Lewis, 1794, conveyance of 1809 by Edward Gooch Mann to William Base of a cellar under the property, and exchange, 1952 with Messrs. Lacey and Lincoln of rooms over the arch, part of 125 King Street.

Robert Francis; fl 1765; Norwich, Norfolk

3-6 Old Barge Yard

Deeds of four cottages behind the late James Wilch's dwellinghouse and bake office, sold by Henry Parfitt and others to Mary Ann Wilch, widow, in 1868 and by her in 1877 to Albert Horne Nash. Declared in 1952 to have belonged to James William Abel and to have been demolished c 1938. The sites then passed from Abel to Plumstead and were purchased by Messrs. Watts from Gladys Winifred Plumstead in 1953.

Henry Parfitt; fl 1868; Norwich, Norfolk

7-9 Old Barge Yard

Bequeathed by William Humphreys, bricklayer, to his daughter Elizabeth Chaplin in 1874 and in 1909 possessed by Norwich Corporation for failure by her to pay for sewerage and other works. In 1954 the Corporation sold the sites to Messrs. Watts. Documents include papers in suit Norwich Corporation vs Chaplin, 1906-1907, and plans.

Elizabeth Chaplin; fl 1874; Norwich, Norfolk

1-2 St Ann's Lane

Sold by Samuel Mitson to William Pooley and June his wife, 1889, and by Edward Richard Pooley to William Moore, 1901. In 1954, Messrs. Watts purchased from John Towers Moore. With Abstract of Title from 1854 and plan in conveyance of 1954.

Samuel Mitson; fl 1889; Norwich, Norfolk

125 and 125a King Street

Deeds of baking office and dwellinghouse fronting King Street with outhouses, stable, dwellinghouses, chambers, rooms etc. and use of pump, staithes and wharves, in two occupations, 1802, later described as dwellinghouse with shop, yard etc. (in 1901 baker's shop and fish shop are mentioned) and adjoining tenement consisting of two rooms over Old Barge Gateway. In 1802 sold by John Martin surgeon (as the residue of hereditaments devised to him by Benjamin Leeder) to Robert Bensly and then passed Bensly-Wilch-Tillett-Twiddy-Southgate and in 1953 purchased by Frederick, Tom Joffre and John Frederick Watts from Henry Charles Southgate. Documents include mortgage deeds; declarations before sale following the death of James Wilch, baker, 1887; sale particulars, 1888-1901, relating also to property on Gordon and Queen's Roads, St Martin at Palace Plain and White Friars' Street, and Somerleyton Street.

Frederick Watts; fl 1948; furniture dealer; Norwich, Norfolk

Tom Watts (Furnishings) Ltd.

Conveyance by Messrs. Watts to Tom Watts (Furnishings) Ltd. of property at and near King Street and Cathedral Street, 1955, and mortgages and other papers concerning 125-129 King Street and the whole King Street site. Inc. agreement re cellar flap, 1954, drawings for proposed furniture warehouse and showroom, 1955-1956, and for signboard on the river front, 1956-1958, and agreement for rainwater channel over the pavement, 1958.

Tom Watts (Furnishings) Ltd; fl 1955; furnisher; Norwich, Norfolk

127 King Street

Deeds of dwellinghouse and shop fronting King Street with yard and garden and use of privy, bin and staithe in Barge Yard, latterly described as butcher's shop, 127 King Street, and stable and carthouse in Barge Yard, sold by Harriet Wilch, widow, to Edward Burton in 1870, by Henry Burcham to Samuel Arthur Swatman in 1947, and by Swatman to Messrs. Watts in 1952. With Abstracts of Title from 1802; release of dower by Maria Wilch 1848; sale particular of 1903 relating also to shop and dwellinghouses 129 and 129a King Street, shoeing forge and blacksmith's shop 194 King Street and dwellinghouse 69 Shadwell Street, Crook's Place; and mortgage deeds.

Harriet Wilch; fl 1870; Norwich, Norfolk

St Julian's House, King Street

Deeds of property so called behind the King Street frontage and between Old Barge Yard and Hobrough's Lane, parts being purchased separately in 1930 by Lacey and Lincoln Ltd. from the East Anglian Wood Wool Company and from Coleman and Company and parts of which were acquired by Messrs. Watts from Lacey and Lincoln by exchange and purchase in 1952 and 1955. With plans.

Lacey and Lincoln Ltd; 1898-1993; builders' merchants; Norwich, Norfolk

Tenement described in 1807 as on left-hand side of the Yard with wash house, as three cottages in 1839 and as two tenements in 1903.

In 1807 sold by Samuel Wickham and others to John Rolfe and then passing Rolfe-Taylor-Spinks-Colman-Gibson-Daynes. In 1933 Messrs. Lacey and Lincoln and John Norman Daynes conveyed it (then described as land with storehouses) to the Norwich Co-operative Society which in 1955 sold it to Messrs. Watts.

Samuel Wickham; fl 1807; Norwich, Norfolk

Deeds of ground with stables and shed

Formerly a curing house previously of the Robinson family sold in 1888 by Rawdon Hunter Muskett to James Gibson to whom it passed by mortgage to John William Crook Daynes whose representatives sold it to the Norwich Co-operative Society in 1938 after which it passed with the property last described. With Abstract of Title from 1822.

Rawdon Hunter Muskett; fl 1888; Norwich, Norfolk

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