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Lothian of Blickling (Additional)
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Lease for 7 years from John Brewster, gent., to Daniel Longe

Of capital messuage in Fundenhall save hall, parlour, little buttery and pantry lately built, with all the rooms at that end of the capital messuage, chamber over hall, garrets, brewhouse, use of backhouse, little stable and courtyard, Kempes working shopp, liberty of taking water from pond next the Killhouse Orchard, corn barn, and end of hay barn.

Deeds of messuage and 8a. in Hempstead, the messuage and 3.5a. lying partly in piece called Slattgate being copyhold of the manor of Matlaske, formerly of the Brettingham family and conveyed in 1744-1745 following a Common Recovery by Ursula wife of John Yaxley, Martha wife of Henry Sotherton, and Sarah wife of Richard Webber to Robert Britiffe, Esq., the copyhold being surrendered to the Hon. John Hobart.

With Abstract of Title from 1663 and copy wills of Thomas Brettingham, worstead weaver, of Hempstead, dated 1721 and proved 1729, and Elizabeth Brettingham, singlewoman, of Little Barningham, dated 1732 and proved 1734; also undated note of quitrents payable by Robert Britiffe from his Briston estate.

Grant by Peter son of Adam son of Jordan de Leringsete to Beatrice de Stodeye

Of 6d. rent that Beatrice rendered for her tenement held of him, homage and rent that William Bruri of Hunworth son of Ralph son of the priest rendered with the tenement held of him and with his sequel, homage, rent and service of Alan son of H'de de Hunewrt with Alan's tenement and their sequel. Endorsed 'A ded of Rentes & seruices in Stodye'.

Deeds to property belonging to Bell

Three pieces of land cont. 1r.; 1a.; and 12a. near Wolmer pitt and the way from Estgate to Cawston, purchased by Nicholas Bell, yeoman, of Clement Harward, Esq., 1571.
7a. arable in 5 pieces, in place called the Mosse, copyhold of the manors of Kirkhall and Stinton in Salle, purchased by Nicholas Bell, gent., of Philip Elder and Christian Elder, widow, 1626.
2a. 1r. land in 4 pieces inc. near Wollmerpitt waie, purchased by same of same 1629.
Messuage with bakehouse (also called Backhouse), barn, stables etc. and 35a. 1r., formerly of Thomas Lomb, mortgaged by Nicholas Bell, gent., to Daniel Paull, 1703, with assignments ultimately to Samuel Choyce, gent., 1713.
12a. in 10 pieces inc. in furlongs called Eastgate Slade, Hungry furlong and Longlands mortgaged, together with some of the property described above, by Nicholas Bell, gent., to William Barker in 1707 and assigned by William Barker, gent., to Nicholas Bell, jun., gent., son of Nicholas Bell, sen., gent., a lunatic, 1720, and by Bell to John Robson, gent., 1721.
With same, release of actions from Samuel Choyce, gent., Mary Tidd and Nicholas Atthill to Nicholas Bell, sen., and Nicholas his son, 1721: Copies of Court Roll being admissions of Nicholas Bell on death of Nicholas his father to - messuage and 18a. 1r. in several pieces in furlong called Longlands, held of the manor of Sallkirkhall with members; 1a. 1r. at Southgate and 2a. in Oulton Eastgate, held of the manor of Heydon with members; 3r. in furlong called Marlpitt Cross, 2a. called Lingate, and other lands, held of the manor of Stinton; four inclosures formerly one close cont. 5a. of the fee of Waborn in Oulton, held of the manor of Oulton Saxlingham and Leeches, 1735: copy of will of Thomas Bell, sen., gent., of Oulton, dated 1680.

Similar plan as MC 184/10/1

Probably draft for MC 184/10/1 but lacking some detail (e.g. boats on Thames). Coloured. No surveyor given. On dorse an unfinished park layout and manuscript map of the coast of Ayrshire.
The design of the garden at Marble Hill is attributed to Charles Bridgman and Alexander Pope. For more details see [website accessed June 2018] and Alexander, Magnus and others, 'Marble Hill, Twickenham, Greater London: Landscape Investigations' (English Heritage, 2017), available on the searchroom shelves.
Information supporting an alternative view was supplied by Janine Fotiadis-Negrepontis in June 2018, suggesting that MC 184/10/2 is a proposed garden design for Marble Hill, c. 1750 drawn up by James Dorret (fl. 1744-1761), and likely commissioned by the Duke of Argyll. James Dorret was cartographer to Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of Argyll, a trustee at Marble Hill who bought the estate on behalf of Henrietta Howard, Countess of Suffolk. Argyll was a keen amateur horticulturist and the 1766 plan of his lost garden at Whiten (drawn up by James Dorret) bears a striking resemblance to the garden proposal drawn up for Marble Hill, Twickenham. Other papers at the Norfolk Record Office (NRS 8899/52 and NRS 8899/51) state that 'The present Duke of Argyll purchased a field called Marble Hill, upon part of which his Grace erected a house and planned out the rest for a garden continuing possessed thereof till the year 1748.' The map of the coast of Ayrshire on the back of MC 184/10/2 may be based on part of James Dorret's 1750 map of Scotland.

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