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Town Clerk's Department
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Town Clerk's Department

  • N/TC
  • Fonds
  • 13th century-1993

N/TC 1 Council
N/TC 2 Education before 1902 (Norwich School Board)
N/TC 3 Guardians of the Poor: Norwich Incorporation
N/TC 4 Board of Health
N/TC 5 Statutory Authorities
N/TC 6 City Committee
N/TC 7 Watch Committee
N/TC 8 Markets Committee
N/TC 9 Special Committees
N/TC 10 Tonnage Committee
N/TC 11 Gaol Committee
N/TC 12 Finance Committee
N/TC 13 Executive Committee
N/TC 14 General Purposes Committee
N/TC 15 Health and Sanitary Committee
N/TC 16 Sewerage and Irrigation Committee
N/TC 17 Asylum Committee
N/TC 18 Mental Treatment Committee
N/TC 19 Maternity and Child Welfare Committee
N/TC 20 Museums Committee
N/TC 21 Public Libraries Committee
N/TC 22 Parks Committee
N/TC 23 Law and Parliamentary Committee
N/TC 24 Town Planning Committee
N/TC 25 Electricity Committee
N/TC 26 Water Committee
N/TC 27 Wages and Staff Committee
N/TC 28 Defunct and ad hoc Committees
N/TC 29 Housing Committees
N/TC 30 Allotments Committee
N/TC 31/1 Public Assistance and Social Welfare Committees
N/TC 31/2 Welfare: Allowances Sub-Committees
N/TC 31/3 Welfare: Children's Sub-Committees and Children's Committee
N/TC 31/4 Welfare and Children's Maintenance Sub-Committee
N/TC 31/5 Social Services Committee
N/TC 32/ Advisory Committee for the Development of Industry
N/TC 33/ Norwich District Liaison Committee
N/TC 34/1 Amenities Committee
N/TC 34/2 Amenities Committee: Allotments Sub-Committee
N/TC 34/3 Amenities Committee: Grants Sub-Committee
N/TC 34/4 Amenities Committee: Parks and Community Sub-Committee
N/TC 34/5 Amenities Committee: Recreation Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/1 Education Committee
N/TC 35/2 Education: General Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/3 Education: Finance Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/4 Education: Building and Sites Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/5 Higher, Secondary and Further Education Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/6 Elementary Education Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/7 Education: Schools Staff Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/8 Education: School Attendance and Physical Care Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/9 Education: Advisory Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/10 Education: War Emergency Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/11 Education: Salaries and Appointments Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/12 Education: General Purposes and Policy Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/13 Education: Management Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/14 Education: Youth Employment Sub-Committee
N/TC 35/15 Education: Youth and Community Sub-Committee
N/TC 36 Car Parks and Traffic Committees
N/TC 37/1 Policy Committee
N/TC 37/2 Policy: Arts Sub-Committee
N/TC 38 Property Committee
N/TC 39 Airport Joint Committee
N/TC 40 Fire Service and Civil Defence Committee
N/TC 41 Norfolk and Norwich Joint Records Committee
N/TC 42 Chief Officers' Committee and Management Team
N/TC 43 Norfolk and Norwich Joint Computer Committee
N/TC 44 Norwich School Board: School Managers' Meetings
N/TC 45 Norwich Electric Tramways Company
N/TC 46 Norwich Electric Tramways Company; and meeting of British Association for Advancement of Science, 1961
N/TC 47 Norwich Paving Commissioners
N/TC 48 Norwich Burial Board
N/TC 49 Parliamentary Acts and Orders
N/TC 50 Legal Miscellanea
N/TC 51 Finance and Administration
N/TC 52 Corporation Properties and Public Works
N/TC 53 Housing matters
N/TC 54 Improvement Schemes
N/TC 55 Highway Orders
N/TC 56 By-laws and Regulations
N/TC 57 Town Clerk's Miscellanea
N/TC 58 Private street works
N/TC 59 Billeting Officer
N/TC 60 Photograph album of Alderman H. Deacon
N/TC 61 Swan roll
N/TC 62 Norwich maps
N/TC 63 Charities
N/TC 64 Norwich Electricity Company Ltd.
N/TC 65 Registration 1837: Heigham tithe commutation
N/TC 66 Registers of electors
N/TC 67 Sewerage works plans
N/TC 68 River contracts
N/TC 69 Municipal Offices Committee
N/TC 70 Committee of Visitors of the City Asylum
N/TC 71 Miscellaneous
N/TC 72 Freeman's Admission Records
N/TC 73 Pharmacy and Poisons, All Registers
N/TC 74 Registers of leases of Corporate property
N/TC 75/1 Administration and Licensing Committee
N/TC 75/2 Administration and Licensing Committee: Licensing Sub-Committee
N/TC 76 Airport Industrial Estate Joint Committee
N/TC 77 Chief Officers Meeting
N/TC 78/1 Competition Regulations Committee
N/TC 78/2 Competition Regulations Committee: Client Co-ordination Sub-Committee
N/TC 78/3 Competition Regulations Steering Committee: Contracting Services Sub-Committee (
N/TC 79 Computer Strategy Group
N/TC 80 Direct Labour Committee
N/TC 81 Economic Development Committee
N/TC 82 Employment Promotion Committee
N/TC 83/1 Health Committee (1974 Authority)/Public Health Committee/Environmental Health Committee
N/TC 83/2 Environmental Health Committee: Environmental Protection Sub-Committee
N/TC 83/3 Environmental Health Committee: Hazards Sub-Committee
N/TC 84/1 Finance Committee (1974 Authority)
N/TC 84/2 Finance Committee: Markets (Joint) Sub-Committee
N/TC 85/1 Housing Committee (1974 Authority)
N/TC 85/2 Housing Committee: Private Sector Sub-Committee
N/TC 85/3 Housing Committee: Public Sector Sub-Committee
N/TC 85/4 Housing Committee: Welfare Sub-Committee
N/TC 85/5 Housing Committee: Catton Area Housing Committee
N/TC 85/6 Housing Committee: Central Area Housing Committee
N/TC 85/7 Housing Committee: Colman Road Area Housing Committee
N/TC 85/8 Housing Committee: East Norwich Area Housing Committee
N/TC 85/9 Housing Committee: Lakenham Area Housing Committee
N/TC 85/10 Housing Committee: Mile Cross Area Housing Committee
N/TC 85/11 Housing Committee: West Norwich Area Housing Committee
N/TC 85/12 Housing Committee: North Earlham Development Group
N/TC 85/13 Housing Committee: Decentralisation of Estates Working Party
N/TC 85/14 Housing Committee: Review of Rents Working Party
N/TC 85/15 Housing Committee: Transfers Working Party
N/TC 86 Norwich Area Tourism Agency
N/TC 87 Norwich Music and Arts Trust
N/TC 88 Norwich Road Safety Committee
N/TC 89/1 Personnel Committee
N/TC 89/2 Personnel Committee: Sub-Committees
N/TC 89/3 Personnel Committee: Appeals Sub-Committee
N/TC 89/4 Personnel Committee: Joint Advisory (Staff) Sub-Committee
N/TC 89/5 Personnel Committee: Joint Consultative (Works) Sub-Committee
N/TC 89/6 Personnel Committee: Vacancy Monitoring Panel
N/TC 90/1 Planning Committee (1974 Authority)
N/TC 90/2 Planning Committee: Bowthorpe Development Group
N/TC 90/3 Planning Committee: Conservation and Renewal Sub-Committee/Group
N/TC 90/4 Planning Committee: Development Control Sub-Committee
N/TC 90/5 Planning Committee: Inner Area Sub-Committee
N/TC 90/6 Planning Committee: Outer Area Sub-Committee
N/TC 90/7 Planning Committee: Traffic Sub-Committee
N/TC 91/1 Policy Committee (1974 Authority)
N/TC 91/2 Policy Committee: Equal Opportunities Sub-Committee
N/TC 91/3 Policy Committee: Performance Review Sub-Committee
N/TC 92 Property Committee (1974 Authority)
N/TC 93 Twinning Committee
N/TC 94/1 Works Committee
N/TC 94/2 Works Committee: Housing Erection Sub-Committee
N/TC 95 Bowthorpe Committee
N/TC 96/1 General Purposes Committee
N/TC 96/2 General Purposes Committee: Emergency Sub-Committee
N/TC 97 Local Government Review
N/TC 98 Norwich Information Technology Centre
N/TC 99/1 Norwich Local Pension Committee Minutes
N/TC 99/2 Old Age Pensions Registers
N/TC 100 Seal Books
N/TC 101 Register of Agreements and Documents Signed by Town Clerk
N/TC 102 Town Clerk's Opinions Book
N/TC 103 Register of Disclosures and General Notices [by Councillors]
N/TC 104 Town Clerk's Strongroom Registers
N/TC/D Town Clerk's Deeds

Norwich City Council, Town Clerk's Department; ?-?; Norwich, Norfolk

Council minute book

Relates to Norwich District Council, which took power on 1 April 1974 as a result of the Local Government Act 1972, and became Norwich City Council on that date. For several months the [Old] Norwich City Council and the Norwich District Council both held meetings but the Old Council remained the legally-empowered body until 31 March 1974.

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