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Bulwer of Heydon Family Papers
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Bulwer of Heydon Family Papers

  • BUL
  • Fonds
  • early 13th century-1979

BUL 1 Diplomatic Papers of William Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer, Baron Dalling and Bulwer (1801-1872)BUL 2 Title Deeds: Norfolk Suffolk and GeneralBUL 3 Settlements and MortgagesBUL 4 Family Papers: Earle, Earle Bulwer and Lytton BulwerBUL 5 Family P...

Bulwer family; early 13th century-20th century; Heydon, Norfolk

Diplomatic Papers of Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer

The bulk of the papers listed here concern Bulwer's diplomatic career, principally in Spain, the Danubian Principalities and Constantinople. There are several boxes of papers relating to his Parliamentary career in the 1830s but very little a...

Sir (William) Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer; 1801-1872; Baron Dalling and Bulwer, diplomat

Letters from HLB

Draft letters from HLB to Lord Melbourne (DNB), 1828-1829 (5, relating to war between Russia and Turkey); draft letter from HLB to Prince Lieven, nd, asking to accompany him on Turkish Campaign; John Backhouse, Foreign Office, 1828; Sir Brook Tayl...

Letters to and from HLB

Lord Clarendon (DNB), 1853-1854 (4; 2 copy letters from HLB); John F. Crampton (DNB), 1852, 1854, 1856 (3); Sir Philip Crampton (DNB), 1852; John Wilson Croker (DNB), 1852 (written on reverse of letter from E. Magrath to Croker announcing HLB'...

Letters to and from HLB

Count Forni, 1852 (2; 1 copy letter from HLB); Thomas de Fossi, British Vice-Consul at Portoferrajo, 1852 (enc. certificate on conduct of Elena Bambrick); J.A. Galiffe, 1852; Horace Hall, 1852; G. Hamilton, nd; C. Hantoy, 1852; Lord Marcus Hill, [...

Letters to HLB

From: Alexander Macbean, British Consul at Leghorn, 1852-1855 (37 incl. 1 to Henry Drummond Wolff (DNB) and 1 official despatch; many enclosures incl. 7 letters or extract of letters to Macbean from his brother Lucas in Rome, 1852, extracts of let...

Letters to HLB

From: Lord Malmesbury (DNB), 1852 (3 letters about HLB's appointment to Court of Tuscany, March 1852 with copy letter from HLB); 35 letters, June-Dec. 1852 with enclosures: copy letter from James Hudson (DNB) to Malmesbury, copy letter from H...

Letters to HLB from

Richard Mitton, 1854; Mrs Mivart to Lady Bulwer, 1854; Edmund Molyneux, British Consul at Savannah, 1855; P.O'Brien (2 letters to Lord Derby (DNB)); William Barry O'Hara, 1854; (addressed to Sir Edward but meant for HLB); Thomas Godfrey ...


From: Boislecourt to 'Milady', William Cowper (later Lord Mount Temple (DNB)); Lord Ellesmere (DNB), Lord Hardinge (DNB), Emily, Lady Palmerston (3), Mme. L. de Rothschild, José de Salamanca, John L. Stephens, G. Wellesley (DNB).

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