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Diocese of Norwich: Consistory Court Deposition books and files
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Diocese of Norwich: Consistory Court Deposition books and files

  • DN/DEP
  • Fonds
  • 1499-1788

Depositions, informations and examinations at the bishop's Consistory court. Typical causes involved such subjects as marital and probate complexities, along with societal and moral issues such as defamation and adultery or fornication. Priests might also be disciplined at hearings of the Court.

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

Deposition of Simon Feake in marriage cause against Alice Stywardson, widow

Abstract: Taylor v Stywardson. Lived for seven years in Norwich before moving to Stody. Has known Peter Savery for two years and Alice for half a year. Last harvest he met Peter by chance, and Peter confirmed that he was a suitor for Alice Stywardson. They found here in a hay meadow and went back to her house with her, where they confirmed with her that she was free of all men and contracts of matrimony (there had been suitors, but they had required a feoffment of her land, so she broke off their suits). Peter offered her a 'royall of gold' if she would plight 'her faithe and trothe', which she did. At breakfast the next day (having stayed overnight), the town's parson came and they recited the words before him, and appointed the time when the banns were to be read. They were read in Wells, but were delayed from being so in Thurning due to the widow asking for a week's delay. She has a gold ring from Savery.

Deposition of Edward More in testamentary cause against unidentified

Abstract: Testament of John Reade of W. St German. Edward Williamson, clerk v Richard Burnett. Witnesses examined on 5 March 1567/8. This dept. lived for 20 years in West Dereham before moving to Wiggenhall St Mary. That on 12 November last, Sir Edward Williamson asked him to go to John Reade's house in Wiggenhall St German to bear witness to Reade's testament (already written). They found Reade in a low bed by the fire-side in the hall.

Deposition of William Malbye in defamation cause against William Malbye

Abstract: Anne, wife of William Deye, gent. v Malbye, made 4 March 1567/8. Malbye was talking with a neighbour, who told him that Alice Deye had said that Little Snoring was like Great Snoring, 'for yt was never withoute hores and theffes…'. At which, Malbye meeting with her husband and one, Tolie, told him that it was, 'not honestlie spoken of his wife to give the towne suche an evill reporte...'. He denies saying anything to the hinderance of the good name of Alice.

Deposition of William Cooke in marriage cause against Alice Stywardson

Abstract: Taylor v Stywardson. 8 March 1567/8. Lived for a year previously at Corpusty and before then, at Baconsthorpe for 17 years. Has known Robert Taylor for 18 years. Last April, he was living in the house of Katherine Taylor, widow and mother of Robert T. in Corpusty. That last April, he went with John Taylor to Alice Stywardson's house, and they asked her if she was free of men and contracts of matrimony. She said she was free. Then Taylor produced from his purse and silver and gilt ring, put it on her finger and they plighted each other and 'drew hands' in the presence of this dept., Thomas Claxton and John Ringested. Taylor and Stywardson were married by bishop's licence in the parish of St Stephen's, Norwich. William Cooke was cousin to John Taylor, for his mother and Taylor's mother were sisters. He was present at the obtaining of the licence and at the wedding. He has heard that Banns were called for Savery at Wells, but not at Thurning.

Deposition of Thomas Claxton/Claxon in marriage cause against Alice Stywardson

Abstract: Taylor v Stywardson. Previously lived in Burlingham for four years. Brother in law to Alice Stywardson, having married her sister. On Low Sunday in April, he walked from his house in Boroughe and, calling on Ringested, asked him to come with him to his sister-in-law's house in Thurning.

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