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Privy seal writs and letter

The parchment writs and an undated letter to the Mayor and burgesses were pasted onto paper in the 19th century and the papers made into a gathering. This was taken apart and the paper trimmed in the late 20th century in order to relieve evident s...

Poll Books

Poll Books for elections in 1747 and 1768. They record the name, profession, place of residence and who each individual voted for with their two votes.

Deeds to estates in King's Lynn

Streets in Lynn1-5. Baxter Row, formerly Fynnes Lane (now Tower Street): east side6-10. Baxter Row: west side11-13. Blackfriars Street14-17. Boal and Boal Street18-38. Bridgegate or Briggegate (now High Street): east side39-78. Bridgegate: west si...

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