Horningtoft, Norfolk



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Horningtoft, Norfolk

TG Norfolk

Horningtoft, Norfolk

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Horningtoft, Norfolk

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Horningtoft, Norfolk

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Case Record of William Andrews

Name: William Andrews; Age: 55; Gender: Male; Occupation: Farm Labourer; Residence: Horningtoft; Religion: Dissenter; Education: Read; Martial Status: Single; No. of Children: ; Admission Photo: No; Notes Prior to Admission: : Classification: Mani...

Whissonsett, Stanfield and Horningtoft

Award: 1816. Maps (3): Whissonsett, 1816, 1 inch: 6 chains, 78 by 88; Stanfield, 1816, 1 inch: 6 chains, 72 by 80; Horningtoft, 1816, 1 inch: 7 chains, 66 by 76. Surveyors: Robert Corby of Kirstead and William Cross of Norwich.

Parish Records of Horningtoft

  • PD 642
  • Arquivo
  • 1539-1998

Horningtoft Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Horningtoft, Norfolk

Various Parishes

(1-5) Barmer(1) Grant by Reginald son of Ralph de Bermer to Richard son of William de Backetorp of 1a. in fields of Barmer at Croshous, [early 13th century] (1 parchment)(2) Grant in pure alms by Martin de Beremere to the church of St Mary of Rudh...

Horningtoft Parish Council

  • PC 61
  • Arquivo
  • 1894-2009

Minutes, accounts and Charity Commission scheme for Charity Land and Jubilee Cottage.

Horningtoft Parish Council; 1894-; Horningtoft, Norfolk

East Raynham, South Raynham, Helhoughton and Toftrees

(1-30) East Raynham and elsewhere(1) Grant by Ralph son of Mathew de Renham to John son of ?William Roberd and Cecily his wife for homage, service and ?2s. of messuage with croft at Galowgat' near free land of church of Blessed Mary of Raynha...

Scales Manor; 1189-1925; South Raynham, Norfolk

Documents relating to estates in Norfolk

Lease for a year between Robert Money, bricklayer, and James Stacey, innholder, of messuage in St Martin at Coslany, 'in a yard there late called Queen Carolines Yard', 23 June 1760.Conveyance between Edward C. Ridgeway and others to Jam...

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