Horatio Bolingbroke (c 1798-1879) Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
BOL 1/43, 738X7 Ledger, including investment account File 1823-1878
BOL 1/47, 738X9 Bolingbroke, Enfield and Co. in account with Harvey and Hudson, mostly re investments File 1846-1879
BOL 1/50, 738X9 Share certificates and notices of registration of shares File 1855-1865
BOL 1/68, 739X1 Papers concerning wills of Horatio and Nathaniel Bolingbroke and Eliza Johnson. File 1884
BOL 1/45, 738X9 Papers re trust for benefit of Abel Peyton Phelps and family (Bolingbroke a party) File 1832-1870
BOL 1/48, 738X9 Cash book, with receipts for payments from executors of late Horatio Bolingbroke, 1886, 1893. File 1851-1893
BOL 1/51-54, 738X9 Bolingbroke's bank books, 1856-1870, 1876. File 1856-1876
BOL 1/57, 738X9 Cash book, Bolingbroke in account with Bolingbroke, Woodrow and Co. File 1868-1878
BOL 1/61, 738X9 Executorship costs account of Bolingbroke File 1879
BOL 1/64, 739X1 Deed of covenant to produce deeds, Richard Marston to Horatio Bolingbroke, 1858. File 1855, 1858
BOL 1/69, 739X1 Correspondence with Horatio Bolingbroke and Alfred Mottram and papers re the Westminster Improvement Commission File 1890-1892
BOL 1/46, 738X9 Copy declaration of trust in lieu of lost marriage settlement, Bolingbroke to Richard and Ann Norman, 1842 with release of trusts, 1864. File 1842-1864
BOL 1/49, 738X9 Executorship account of Frances Sarah, wife of John Reade of Ash Leigh, Walton Bruck (Lancs.) 1852-1865, enclosing administration, share certificates and letters to Horatio and N. Bolingbroke. File 1852-1865
BOL 1/55, 738X9 Ledger of Bolingbroke's executors, including letters and papers File 1866-1904
BOL 1/58-59, 738X9 Private account books nos. 3 and 4 File 1869-1899
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