Hoe, Norfolk



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Hoe, Norfolk

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Hoe, Norfolk

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Hoe, Norfolk

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Hoe, Norfolk

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Hoe & Worthing enclosure survey

References with details of properties, values, occupiers and field names. Includes Enclosure Act for land in Scarning, How, Worthing and Dillington, 1811 plus loose plans of Worthing.

Deed of exchange

Marlepitt pightles, 8a. 3r. 36p., in Swanton Morley; 2a. 37p. next to highway from Swanton Mill to East Dereham, north; 4a. 2r. in Worthing, abutting north on the river; 2a. 3r. of meadow in Worthing, next highway from Worthing church to Hoe, sout...

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