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Letters to and from Lord Suffield

W. Cavendish re Cambridge election; J. Neville White re Church of England Societies' anniversary; W. Simpson re surrender of copyhold at Woodbastwick in Salhouse; Amos Ogden re desolving the Middleton Mechanics' Institute; Circular from Cross Keys Bridge and Embankment Company; T.W. Coke and Francis Blaikie re timber tithe; W.L. Hanbury re anti-slavery cause in Ireland; Col. J. Wodehouse; Mr Slater wishing to borrow back his drawings of Lord Suffield's childern for exhibition; G. Crofts, Wells re lifeboat there; C.G. De Blauchy, Bristol and Mr Dalrymple enclosing statement from R. Parker, ship agent, Wells, and draft reply by Gurney; Joseph Brotherton re Salford Improvement Bill ; Sir W.B. Cooke re his policy as landlord; Meadows Taylor, Diss, petition re tithe laws; William Tooke re Diffusion of Knowledge Society; Edward Bailie re employment of the poor; W.G. Mason re fox hounds; J.H. Capper re Robert Beavis' conviction of sheepstealing; William Allen, Lindfield, re model cottages and allotments for the poor and seperately re School of Agriculture, sent from Stoke Newington; F. Townsend, College of Arms, re Lord Suffield's arms for a ship flag; Alfred Mallalieu seeking letter of recommendation; F Wayland, Wood Rising, re Swanton Bridge Committee.

Marked 'No.14 examined and scheduled R.M. Bacon'.

Thomas William Coke; 1752-1842; 1st Earl of Leicester, agriculturalist

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies)

From: Revd J. Brown (Norwich) re poaching and its cause, prisoner's accounts, receivers' network. 1 Feb; re present state of prison discipline, problems caused by accommodating influx of rioters, writer's talks with rioters, criticism of farmers' attitudes and actions - 'at bottom of all the mischief' and against 'peasantry' and 'landlords', rents and tithes, Thoresby (Lincs.) living. 14 Dec: Lord Dacre (Chesterfield Street) re Suffield's address to Quarter Sessions, condition of poor, agricultural distress, parish allotments [Bacon p. 308] re Suffield's charge, writer's illness, George IV and 'Mrs Kent' [Bacon pp. 308-9]: March-May : James Temple (Bradfield, Norfolk) expressing gratitude to Suffield for help with Antingham School. 13 April: enclosed together:- 1) G. Mason (Committee Secretary-Norfolk foxhunting club-East Dereham, Norfolk) re possible membership of Suffield [Bacon p. 311]: 2) Suffield's reply re preservation of foxes in Gunton area, reasons for opposition [Bacon p. 311]: April: Sir George Walpole (Larlingford, Norfolk) re Suffield's 'charge' [to March Quarter Sessions], Poor Law. 6 June [Bacon p. 309]: H. Townsend (College of Arms) re arms to be flown on yacht, Suffield's armorial bearings. 17 June: John Fleming [?] re Suffield's 'charge', writer's Bill on agricultural distress in Commons, old fellow Etonians, allotments for poor. 25 June: Edmund Wodehouse (Thorpe Market, Norfolk) re candidacy of Sir William Folkes. 28 July [Bacon p. 313]: Suffield to T.W. Coke re Swanton Mills bridge, Aylsham to Dereham Turnpike, third County newspaper, why opposed, next meeting of parliament and its interference with shooting. 8 Sept: Lord Ribblesdale (Gisburn Park, Yorks., W.R.) to J. Spencer Stanhope re possibility of cattle-cross with Suffield's cattle. 14 Nov [Bacon p. 286]: Lord Melbourne (Home Office) re Suffield's letter, approval of action taken, Suffield's responsibility for arms issued by Ordnance Dept. 6 Dec [Bacon p. 332]: G. Pellew re rioting of agricultural labourers, gratitude to Suffield, garrison, arms, locations of trouble. 8 Dec [Bacon pp. 331-2]: Printed circular (29 Nov) signed by William Postle re wages, reduction of rents, tithes and Suffield's reply to Postle (King's Arms, North Walsham) re enclosure, agricultural labourers' wages, tenants' rents. 13 Dec [Bacon p. 333].

Thomas William Coke; 1752-1842; 1st Earl of Leicester, agriculturalist

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