Gurney of Bawdeswell Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
North Barsham Sub-series 1601, 1618
Cringleford Sub-series 1923
RQG 169, 488X9 Rental and account for Eaton estate File 1829-1833
RQG 173, 488X9 Manor of Gowthorpe: copy of court roll. Surrender by Richard Kemp of Swardeston, yeoman, to the use of Richard Sneast of Dunston, carpenter. File 19 Apr 1718
RQG 13, 488X3 Charter: Grant. Robert Waryn of Hethill to William de Curtoun of Carleton and Margaret his wife. File 1 Nov 1285
RQG 19, 488X3 Charter. Grant by William de Cursun de Estcarleton’ to John de Thweyt de Hethill. File 3 Mar 1320
RQG 20, 488X3 Charter. Grant by Schypmannus Godenyld of Hethyll’ to John de Thweyt. File 14 Sep 1320
RQG 33, 488X3 Charter: Grant. Agnes widow of Robert Gobet of Hethill to Robert Heyward of Hethill and William Crooke of Norwich. File 29 May 1385
RQG 34, 488X3 Charter Indented: Grant of Exchange. William Appelyerd citizen of Norwich to Thomas Vaus of Hethill. File 5 Nov 1393
RQG 7, 488X3 Charter Indented: Feoffment. Sir Edmund de Thorp, Kt., Richard Blomvyle, Roger de Bliclyngg, Rochard de Donston and Roger de Heylesdon to Thomas Chaunceux, Thomas Crowe, clerk, John Rikedon, clerk, William Caunceler, chaplain, and John Monk, junior, of Thetford File 24 Sep 1408
RQG 122, 488X5 Extracts from East Carleton Court Rolls File 1422-1609
RQG 38, 488X3 Charter: Grant. Robert Godewyn of Norwich worstead weaver and Alicia his wife daughter of Margaret Gryngham to John Talyour of Hethyll and William Fykeer. File 2 May 1429
RQG 42, 488X3 Charter indented: Grant. John Wryghte of Hethill, taylor, to John Wryghte of the same, taylor, his son and Walter Canewald of the same, carpenter. File 18 Sep 1432
RQG 124, 488X5 Extracts from East Carleton Court Rolls File 1458-1575
RQG 55, 488X4 Charter: Grant. Margareta Bartelot daughter and heir of William Bartelot late of Hethhyl to Robert Meka, senior, of the same, Margaret his wife and Thomas Meke of Schotysham, senior. File 25 Jan 1465
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