Gt. Yarmouth Borough: records transferred from library Inventory list

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Y/L 20/1/123 M[atthew] Gunthorpe. Refusing dinner invitation. File nd
Y/L 20/1/132-136 Benedictus Marwood Kelly (admiral), United Services Club and Yarmouth. Re recommendation of Palmer as agent for the Argus Life Insurance Office, enclosing letter from S. Barrett the Argus Secretary. File 1834
Y/L 20/1/140 John Mortlock Lacon. Accepting dinner invitation. File 1833
Y/L 20/1/144 W. Meggy (Yarmouth printer). Enclosing copy of Thomson's Essay on Magna Charta. File 1833
Y/L 20/1/161 The High Sheriff (Sir William Beauchamp Proctor), Norwich. Invitation to dinner at the 'Swan'. File 1834
Y/L 20/1/164 R[obert] Rising, Lincolns Inn. File 1836
Y/L 20/1/172-176 John Robinson (husband of Palmer's sister Cordelia), Banff and Harrogate. Family matters, inc. Palmer's illness, and pleasures of Harrogate. Inc. letter from Cordelia Robinson. File 1837
Y/L 20/1/181 Vice-Admiral and Mrs Stephens. Accepting invitation. File nd [post 1832]
Y/L 20/1/201 Charles Clark. Accompanying Appointment under Act abolishing Fines and Recoveries. File 1834
Y/L 20/1/205 Francis G. Hamilton, East of England Bank, Bury St Edmunds. Business and personal matters, inc. that 'My Bank is beginning to make its way'. File 1836
Y/L 20/1/208 Adam Taylor, Norwich File 1836
Y/L 20/1/211 Arthur Abercromby, Glassaugh (co. Banff). Invitation to Robinson and C.J. Palmer. File nd [? 1837]
Y/L 20/1/213-214 William Gordon, Fyvie Castle (co. Aberdeen). Invitation for visit to Robinson and Palmer. File 1837
John Robinson, Banff Sub-sub-series 1837
Y/L 20/1/218 Letter from Richard Gooch, Frostenden Ledge, (co. Suffolk) to 'Bird', Star Inn, Yarmouth. Ordering turtle soup for his sister, who was seriously ill. File nd
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