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Termo de Género Nota de âmbito
Bastardy warrants
Banns registers
Burial registers
Baptism registers
Marriage registers
Local government yearbooks

Usado por: Municipal yearbooks

Quinquennial reports

Usado por: Quinquennial surveys

  • Building surveys undertaken every five years by qualified architects. Applies to Church of England, Methodist and Union of Baptist places of worship.
Patient Case Record
Apprenticeship indentures
Removal orders
Bastardy orders

Usado por: Affiliation orders

  • Issued by the Justices of the Peace obliging the father of a child of an unmarried mother to pay maintenance or face a prison sentence.
Bastardy examinations
Bastardy bonds
  • An agreement whereby the father of a child whose parents were not married consented to pay for its upkeep. It remained in force as long as the child was dependent.
Portrait miniatures
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