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Accounts, personal
  • Personal financial accounts.
  • Original documents re-formatted at a reduced scale onto microfilm. Films are available as either 16mm or 35mm rolls. Microfiche consist of 16mm rolls cut up and placed under flat plastic.
Local newspapers
  • Mainly held by the "Norfolk Heritage Centre": See also the "British Newspaper Archive":
  • A legal document created as part of a case in an ecclesiastical court. Contains witness statements.
Botanical specimens
Born digital
  • Digital records created and maintained on a computer or in a computer system. Do not use for digitized images of hard-copy documents.
  • A chart showing a family tree.
Personal correspondence
  • Letters between two or more correspondents, whether or not there are copies of outgoing letters, usually dealing with personal matters which can include land and other legal transactions.
Press cuttings books
  • Newspaper clippings grouped together in the form of a book or album.
Printing plates
Parish apprenticeship indenture
Charter / letters patent
  • Single-sheet notices or announcements printed on one or both sides, intended to be read unfolded.
Music, notations of
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