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KL/TC 2/1


General Committees


  • 1793-1902 (Creation)

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KL/TC 2/1-21: index of committees
Index of the names of committees, excluding some special and ad hoc committees, minutes of which are entered in a series of General Committee books, 1793-1802, and in series of minute books of named standing committees
Indexes of subjects are to be found in the minute books
Adoptive Powers 1895-1897 KL/TC2/1/14-15
Agricultural 1864-1865 KL/TC2/1/6
Agricultural Rates 1896 KL/TC2/1/15
Air Raid Precautions (unprinted minutes only) c.1946-1949 KL/TC2/20/2
Allotments 1897 KL/TC2/1/15
Allotments/Allotments and Horticultural (unprinted minutes only) c 1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Allotments, Garden 1856-1859 KL/TC2/1/4-5
Arrears of Town Dues 1801 KL/TC2/1/1
Assembly Room 1846 KL/TC2/1/3
Athenaeum 1853, 1864 KL/TC2/1/4, 6
Baines's Testimonial 1858 KL/TC2/1/5
Ballast 1844, 1849 KL/TC2/1/3
Baths and Bathing Accommodation 1901-1902 KL/TC2/1/17
Baxter's Bridge 1804 KL/TC2/1/1
Beaconer 1804, 1811 KL/TC2/1/1
Beaconer's account 1813 KL/TC2/1/1
Beaconer's plan respecting sea buoys, to consider 1818 KL/TC2/1/1
Beaconer's salary 1854 KL/TC2/1/4
Beacons 1861 KL/TC2/1/5
Beacons; see also Buoys
Beastmarket, New 1809 KL/TC2/1/1
Blackfriars Road near St John's Church 1853 KL/TC2/1/4
Boal Quay 1855-1860 KL/TC2/1/4-5
Broad Street, to view Stables in 1838 KL/TC2/1/3
Buoys and Beacons 1794 KL/TC2/1/1
Buoys and Beacons 1862-1875 KL/TC2/1/5-9
Burial Board and Corporate Fund 1856 KL/TC2/1/4
Burial Board: see also Property Committee
Burial Ground, additional/new 1803, 1805 KL/TC2/1/1
Burial Ground 1846 KL/TC2/1/3
Burial Ground Fence 1854-1855 KL/TC2/1/4
Burial Ground, South Lynn 1849-1850 KL/TC2/1/3
Byelaws 1855-1856 KL/TC2/1/4
Cattle Disease 1865-1901 KL/TC2/1/6 KL/TC2/6/1-2
Cattle Market 1848-1858 KL/TC2/1/3-5
Cattle Market: see also Beastmarket
Cattle Plague 1866 KL/TC2/1/7
Celebration of marriage of H.R.H. Prince of Wales 1863 KL/TC2/1/5
Celebrations: see also Festivities
Cess next Thos Oxley's warehouses (including ferry rights petition) 1805 KL/TC2/1/1
Chamberlain's Office, for regulations in 1811 KL/TC2/1/1
Charity Money 1823 KL/TC2/1/2
Charity Petitions 1829, 1831 KL/TC2/1/2
Charity Trustees, Late 1838 KL/TC2/1/3
Charities (Special Committee to meet Committee of Charity Trustees) 1839 KL/TC2/1/3
Charities, Public 1891 KL/TC2/1/14
Chase: Land Exchange (Diversion of Chase and exchange of land in South Lynn) 1850-1851 KL/TC2/1/3
Chase Encroachment 1852 KL/TC2/1/4
Child Welfare, Maternity and (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Church, site for New 1843 KL/TC2/1/3
Church, St Margaret's 1854 KL/TC2/1/4
Coal Engines 1839 KL/TC2/1/3
Committees, Rearrangement of 1861 KL/TC2/1/5
Common Lodging Houses 1854 KL/TC2/1/4
Common Staithe Quay 1811 KL/TC2/1/1
Common Staithe Quay and Tolls 1856 KL/TC2/1/4
Common Staithe Yard 1799 KL/TC2/1/1
Compensation to the late Clerk to the Paving Commissioners 1872 KL/TC2/1/9
Conservancy Bill, King's Lynn (Joint Parliamentary) 1897 KL/TC2/1/15
Conservancy (see also Port and Harbour) 1898 KL/TC2/1/15
Corn Exchange 1852-1859 KL/TC2/1/4, 5
Corporation, Whole 1823 KL/TC2/1/2
Corporation 1831 KL/TC2/1/2
Corporation Accounts 1856 KL/TC2/1/4
Corporation Assessment (to Paving Rates) 1857 KL/TC2/1/4
Corporation Income and Expenditure 1798 KL/TC2/1/1
Corporation Lands (select) 1809-1811 KL/TC2/1/1
Corporation Lands 1844 KL/TC2/1/3
Corporation Roads 1856 KL/TC/2/1/4
Council, Full (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Cranes, Steam (Special Committee) 1860 KL/TC/2/1/5
Docks Bill, Wormegay Navigation and Lynn (Special Committee to watch the progress of) 1847 KL/TC2/1/3
Docks 1863-1866 KL/TC2/1/6-7
Dock Bill 1869 KL/TC2/1/8
Dock Sub-Committee 1877 KL/TC2/1/10
Duchy of Cornwall (Tollbooth) 1856-1863 KL/TC2/1/4-6
East Anglian Railways Bill 1852 KL/TC2/1/4
Eastern Counties Railways, Amalgamation Bill 1862 KL/TC2/1/5
Eau Brink Cut 1806, 1816, 1819 KL/TC2/1/1
Eau Brink Drainage Bill 1860 KL/TC2/1/5
Eau Brink Drainage Bill: see also West Lynn Frontage
Educational (including Grammar School) 1858-1859, 1865-1875 KL/TC/2/1/5-9
Education: see also Schools, Technical Education
Electric Lighting 1897-1902 KL/TC/2/12/1
Electric Lighting 1898 KL/TC/2/1/16
Electricity Committee of Inquiry 1902 KL/TC/2/1/17
Electricity (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC/2/20/1,2
Expenses of Prosecutions 1850 KL/TC2/1/3
Ferry 1855 KL/TC2/1/4
Ferry (Special) 1899 KL/TC2/1/16
Ferry Landing 1855 KL/TC2/1/4
Ferry Rights 1832, 1844 KL/TC2/1/2-3
Ferry Tolls 1852-1858 KL/TC2/1/4-5
Ferry Tolls: from 1862 see Property Committee
Festivities (Queen's Marriage) 1840 KL/TC2/1/3
Finance 1809 KL/TC2/1/1
Finance 1816-1899 KL/TC2/1/1-16
Finance 1899-1902 KL/TC2/15/1
Finance (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Financial Board 1867-1895 KL/TC2/1/7-14
Fines: see Guardians' and Hall Keeper's
Fire Brigade, Watch and (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Fire Engines 1839 KL/TC2/1/3
Fish Shambles (Common Staithe Yard/Tuesday Market) 1805 KL/TC2/1/1
Fisher Fleet (for considering petition for preserving outlet of) 1836-1837 KL/TC2/1/3
Fisher Fleet Encroachment 1851 KL/TC2/1/3-4
Fisher Fleet 1853 KL/TC2/1/4
Fishery 1858-1863 KL/TC2/1/5-6
Fishery Sub-Committee 1871 KL/TC2/1/8
Fishery 1872-1902 KL/TC2/7/1-2
Fisheries, Sea 1891 KL/TC2/1/14
Fleets and Reservoirs 1857 KL/TC2/1/5
Fleets, Lighters in (to settle a Bye Law re mooring of) 1842 KL/TC2/1/3
Framingham's Hospital 1846, 1850 KL/TC2/1/3
Free Bridge 1857 KL/TC2/1/4
Free School, New Site 1849 KL/TC/2/1/3
Frontage (between Fort and Common Staithe) 1853 KL/TC2/1/4
Frontage Rights along Mill Fleet and River Nar 1855 KL/TC2/1/4
Gaol 1863-1864 KL/TC2/1/6
Garden Allotments 1856-1859 KL/TC2/1/4-5
Garden Allotments: see also Allotments, Lands, letting, from 1859 and Property Committee from 1862
Gas (inc. Sale of Gas Act) 1859-1861, 1863 KL/TC2/1/5-6
Gas Works 1856 KL/TC2/1/4
Gaywood Hospital (Committee of Mayor and Aldermen) 1826 KL/TC2/1/2
Gaywood Mill 1806 KL/TC2/1/1
Gaywood River (to meet a Committee of the Court of Sewers) 1825 KL/TC2/1/2
Gaywood and Grimston River 1860 KL/TC2/1/5
General Purposes 1813-1860 KL/TC2/1/1-5
General Purposes (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Grammar School 1836, 1840, 1850-1851
Grammar School Exhibitions 1855 KL/TC/2/1/4
Greyfriars Estate, to survey 1807 KL/TC2/1/1
Guanock Terrace (Special Committee on Mr Goodwin's plan) 1842 KL/TC2/1/3
Guardians' Fines 1867 KL/TC2/1/7
Hall Keeper's Fines 1854 KL/TC2/1/4
Hall, Whole: see Whole Hall
Harbour 1829, 1840, 1842 KL/TC2/1/2-3
Harbour: see also Conservancy, Port and Harbour
Harbour Conservancy Sub-Committee 1896 KL/TC2/1/15
Harbour Moorings Commissioners, Joint Committee with 1896-1898 KL/TC2/1/15
Harbour Quay 1854-1856 KL/TC2/1/4
Harbour Shoals 1856, 1866-1867 KL/TC2/1/4, 7
Harbour Tramway and Mr Cresswell's Garden 1856 KL/TC2/1/4
Harbour Tramway 1857 KL/TC2/1/5
Health and Port Health (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1940 KL/TC2/20/1
Health and Port Sanitary 1901-1902 KL/TC2/8/8
Health and Port Sanitary (unprinted minutes only) c.1947-1949 KL/TC2/20/2
Hob in the Well 1851 KL/TC2/1/3
Hospital (West Norfolk and Lynn Hospital) 1834 KL/TC2/1/2
Houses and Buildings (Select) 1809-1811 KL/TC2/1/1
House Committee (for repair and letting of Corporation buildings and repair of bridges) 1813-1833 KL/TC2/1/1-2
Housing (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Infirmary Accommodation 1901 KL/TC2/1/17
Insurance of Corporation Buildings 1807 KL/TC2/1/1
King's Lynn Improvement Bill 1858-1859 KL/TC2/1/5
Land Committee (for letting Corporation land and superintending waterworks) 1813-1840 KL/TC2/1/1-3
Letting Corporate Estates/Lands 1858-1859 KL/TC2/1/5
Letting Lands and Markets and Fairs Tolls 1806 KL/TC2/1/5
Letting Lands 1860-1861 KL/TC2/1/5
Letting Lands: see Property Committee from 1862
Library, Public c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Lighters in Fleets (to settle a Bye Law re mooring of) 1842 KL/TC2/1/3
Lighting: see Electric Lighting
Littleport Bridge Improvements 1837 KL/TC2/1/3
Littleport Reservoir Encroachment 1851-1852 KL/TC2/1/4
Local Fuel and Lighting 1918-1919 KL/TC2/19/1
Local Government Act 1858 KL/TC2/1/5
Lodging Houses, Common 1854 KL/TC2/1/4
Long Bridge 1838 KL/TC2/1/3
Lunacy Visiting, Pauper 1901 KL/TC2/17/1
Lunacy Accommodation 1902 KL/TC2/17/1
Magistrates (meeting of) 1821, 1832-1833 KL/TC2/1/2
Market Cross 1806 KL/TC2/1/1
Markets 1829-1902 KL/TC2/3/1-3 KL/TC2/1/5-6
Markets: see also Beastmarket
Marsh Cut Fund Expenditure 1877-1895 KL/TC2/1/10-14
Mart Sub-Committee (unprinted minutes only) c.1946-1949 KL/TC2/20/2
Maternity and Child Welfare (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Mayor's Distress Fund 1939-1954 KL/TC2/21/1
Meters 1856, 1858 KL/TC2/1/4-5
Meters' and Wharfingers' Offices 1810 KL/TC2/1/1
Meter's Office, Police Station and 1850 KL/TC2/1/3
Middleton Stop Drain 1856 KL/TC2/1/4
Middleton Stop Drain and Corporation Moat 1855 KL/TC2/1/4
Militia Act 1855 KL/TC2/1/4
Militia, West Norfolk 1853-1854 KL/TC2/1/4
Mill Fleet and River Nar Tramway 1856-1857 KL/TC2/1/4
Municipal Buildings 1894-1896 KL/TC2/1/14-15
Municipal and Territorial Forces Band 1908-1914 KL/TC2/18/1
Museum 1902 KL/TC2/1/17
Museum (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Nar Bridge 1838-1839 KL/TC2/1/3
Nar, River 1842, 1847, 1850 KL/TC2/1/3
Walks, New: see Walks
New Workhouse 1854 KL/TC2/1/4
Night Mail 1859 KL/TC2/1/5
Norfolk Estuary 1846-1868, 1872-1877, 1894 KL/TC2/1/3-10, 14
Nuisances Removal and Prevention of Diseases Act, 1855 1856 KL/TC2/1/4
Ouse Outfall Board Committee 1877-1883 KL/TC2/1/10-12
Paradise Lane Improvement 1857-1858 KL/TC2/1/4-5
Parliamentary (Sub-Committee of Rights Committee) 1877, 1880 KL/TC2/1/10-11
Pauper Lunacy: see Lunacy
Paving Commissioners, Compensation to the late Clerk to 1872 KL/TC2/1/9
Physical Training and Recreation (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Planning: see Town Planning
Police Station and Meter's Office 1850 KL/TC2/1/3
Port and Harbour 1867-1878 KL/TC2/1/7-10
Port and Harbour 1879-1894 KL/TC2/10/1-2
Port and Harbour Conservancy Bill Joint 1897 KL/TC2/1/15
Port and Harbour: see also Conservancy and Harbour
Port Dues: see Shipping
Postal Arrangement 1855, 1866-1867 KL/TC2/1/4, 7
Post Office 1856-1857 KL/TC2/1/4
Post: see also Night Mail
Powers, Adoptive 1895-1897 KL/TC2/1/14-15
Prince of Wales, Celebration of marriage of 1863 KL/TC2/1/5
Property 1861-1899 KL/TC2/1/5-16
Property 1899-1902 KL/TC2/14/1
Property, Corporation, Repairs to 1805-1806 KL/TC2/1/1
Property Revaluation 1841 KL/TC2/1/3
Property, Rights and Burial Board (unprinted minutes only) c. 1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Prosecutions, Expenses of 1850 KL/TC2/1/3
Public Baths and Wash Houses 1853 KL/TC2/1/4
Public Baths: see also Baths
Public Charities 1891 KL/TC2/1/14
Public Health Bill 1856 KL/TC2/1/4
Public Library (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Public Meetings 1802-1924 KL/TC2/2/1-3
Public Walks: see Walks
Purfleet and Reservoir 1857-1858 KL/TC2/1/5
Railway 1844 KL/TC2/1/3
Railway Land Purchase 1851 KL/TC2/1/3
Railways, East Anglian, Bill 1852 KL/TC2/1/4
Railways, Eastern Counties, Amalgamation Bill 1862 KL/TC/2/1/5
Railway Terminals 1866 KL/TC/2/1/7
Rates, Agricultural 1896 KL/TC2/1/15
Rating and Valuation (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC/2/20/1-2
Recreation Grounds 1893-1895 KL/TC/2/1/14
Red Mount 1806 KL/TC/2/1/1
Repairs to Corporation Property 1805-1806 KL/TC/2/1/1
Reservoirs, Fleets and 1857 KL/TC2/1/5
Rights 1861-1899 KL/TC/2/1/5-16
Rights 1899-1901 KL/TC/2/16/1
Rights: see also Property, Rights etc
River frontages: see Frontages
Rivers: see Gaywood, Nar
Roads, Corporation 1856 KL/TC/2/1/4
St Ann's Fort and Hill 1795, 1805 KL/TC/2/1/1
St Ann's Street Extension 1879-1880 KL/TC/2/1/11
St John's School 1851 KL/TC/2/1/4
St Margaret's Church 1854 KL/TC2/1/4
Sanitary 1858, 1865-1872 KL/TC/2/1/5-9
Sanitary: see also Urban Sanitary
Saturday Market Place, Planting of Trees in 1875 KL/TC/2/1/9
Sayer's Marsh 1901 KL/TC/2/1/17
School Attendance 1877-1902 KL/TC/2/9/1-2
School Prizes 1857 KL/TC/2/1/4
Schools: see also Education, Free School, Grammar School, St John's School
Sea Fisheries 1891 KL/TC2/1/14
Shambles, Fish: see Fish Shambles
Shipping, Port Dues on (Special Committee to hear memorial from ship owners) 1852 KL/TC/2/1/4
Shipping Dues 1853, 1867 KL/TC/2/1/4, 7
Shipping Dues Bill (Local Dues on Shipping Bill, 1856) 1856 KL/TC/2/1/4
Snettisham Cottages 1870 KL/TC/2/1/8
Snettisham Farm 1806 KL/TC/2/1/1
Snettisham Farm 1861 KL/TC/2/1/5
South Gates Improvement 1853 KL/TC/2/1/4
South Lynn Burial Ground 1849-1850 KL/TC2/1/3
Stables in Broad Street, to view 1838 KL/TC/2/1/3
Steam Cranes (Special Committee) 1860 KL/TC/2/1/5
Streets and Buildings 1901-1902 KL/TC/2/8/9
Technical Education 1891-1902 KL/TC/2/11/1-2
Theatre, New 1820, 1833 KL/TC/2/1/1-2
Theatre 1846-1860 KL/TC/2/1/3-5
Theatre Sub-Committee 1893 KL/TC/2/1/14
Theatre (Special Committee; unprinted minutes only) c.1946-1949 KL/TC/2/20/1-2
Toll Booth 1852-1856 KL/TC/2/1/4
Tollbooth: see also Duchy of Cornwall
Tower Field 1842 KL/TC2/1/2
Town Clerk's Bills 1831 KL/TC2/1/2
Town Dues, Arrears of 1801 KL/TC2/1/1
Town Hall Door, Watering Place next 1851 KL/TC2/1/3
Tolls: see Tollbooth, Tuesday Market
Town Planning (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Treasurers's Duties 1858 KL/TC2/1/5
Trees, Planting of, in Saturday Market Place 1875 KL/TC/2/1/9
Tuesday Market Place, Improvements to 1820, KL/TC2/1/1-2
Tuesday Market Place: see also Fish Shambles
Tuesday Market Tolls (Select) 1809-1811 KL/TC2/1/1
Urban Sanitary 1872-1901 KL/PC2/9, KL/TC2/8/1-9
Visiting Committee (unprinted minutes only) c.1946-1949 KL/TC2/20/2
Walk (Committee to confer with Committee of Subscribers for the Relief of the Poor re proposed alteration of the Walk passing through Rope Walk) 1816 KL/TC2/1/1
Walks, New 1853-1857 KL/TC2/1/4-5
Walks, Public 1857-1898 KL/TC2/1/5-16
Wash Level Proprietors, to watch proceedings of 1841 KL/TC2/1/3
Watch 1838-1902 KL/TC2/5/1-3
Watch and Fire Brigade (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
Watering Place next the Town Hall Door 1851 KL/TC2/1/3
Water Rents (Select) 1809-1811 KL/TC2/1/1
Waterworks 1820 KL/TC2/1/1
Waterworks 1829-1902 KL/TC2/4/1-6
Waterworks 1875 KL/TC2/1/9
Waterworks (unprinted minutes only) c.1937-1949 KL/TC2/20/1-2
West Lynn Frontage/Shore (Eaubrink) 1850-1854 KL/TC2/1/3-4
West Norfolk Militia 1853-1854 KL/TC2/1/4
Whole Hall 1822-1843 KL/TC2/1/2-3
Whole Hall 1866-1898 KL/TC2/1/7-16
Whole Hall 1899-1902 KL/TC2/13/1
Workhouse, New 1854 KL/TC2/1/4
Wormegay Navigation and Lynn Docks Bill (Special Committee to watch the progress of) 1847 KL/TC2/1/3

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