Gaywood and Mintlyn Inventory list

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BL/CS 7/14/1-34 Deeds relating to manor of Gaywood, the advowson and a considerable estate in Gaywood and Mintlyn owned by the Thorisby family, mortgaged to Sir Edward Carteret and George Tremaine, 1676, to Rainald Graham, 1679, Henry Frederick Thynne, 1685, etc., and sold to Sir Cyrill Wyche in 1697 File 1489-1690
BL/CS 7/15/15 Counterpart lease for 16 years, Cyrill Wyche to Jacob Birks: farm in Mintlyn with tithes File 7 Nov 1776
BL/CS 7/15/20 Draft of agreement, Edward Billingsley and wife Catherine to Revd Cyrill Clough and wife Mary File 15 Jun 1786
BL/CS 7/15/21 Abstract of Gaywood title File [1697-1782]
BL/CS 7/15/22 Lease for 98 years, William Lock of London and Charles Asgill of London to Cyrill Wyche of Hockwold: manor of Gaywood, etc. File 15 Mar 1737
BL/CS 7/16/3 Fine, William Thorisby to Sir Cyrill Wyche: Haveless manor, Mintlyn and Bawsey churches. File 1697
BL/CS 7/17/1-5 Bargain and sale and covenant to levy a fine, Henry Cuthbert and wife Mary to Philip Case: donative, perpetual curacy or impropriate tithes etc. of Mintlyn, part of estate of Revd Robert Wetherell [his father-in-law] File 20 Mar 1741
BL/CS 7/18/1-24 Deeds of title relating to copyhold property in Gaywood sold by Robert Simpson of Caius College to Philip Case in 1746; the property passed from Robert Ellitt to Humphrey Clarke, 1624, from Clarke to Lane to Richard Clampe, 1676, heirs of Clampe to John Berney, 1703, Berney to Gregory Hinde, 1721, Hide to Rowland Simpson, 1732. File 1624-1726
BL/CS 7/19 Guildhall at Gaywood Sub-sub-series 1717-1736
BL/CS 7/19/2 Draft deed of feoffment in trust, Stephen Smith of North Runcton [crossed out] to Cyrill Wyche, Dr William Browne of King's Lynn, Rowland Simpson of Cambridge, Charles Peast, Edmund Rolfe and Richard Hinde: Guildhall and 2 acres of land in Gaywood. File 10 Jan [1736]
BL/CS 7/15/13 Draft conveyance in fee, Cyrill Wyche to Dr Joseph Tayler: land in Gaywood File 7 Apr 1763
BL/CS 7/15/14 Lease for 21 years, Dean and Chapter to Cyrill Wyche and Robert Clough: Gaywood foldcourse File 4 Jun 1770
BL/CS 7/15/16-18 Draft bond, Philip Case to Edward Billingsley and Revd Cyrill Clough, draft release etc. File Nov 1785
BL/CS 7/15/19 Letters between Edward Billingsley and Philip Case about missing deeds File Mar 1786
BL/CS 7/16 Manor of Haveless in Mintlyn Sub-sub-series 1669-1786
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